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Scorpio New Moon

Hope this finds everyone doing great and making the most of life.
Had been looking at the November New Moon the Scorpion is a sign people either love most or do not take to the vectors of at all.
Another one of those extremist signs; to some, the free radical of the zodiac?
If you are one of those who thinks that if we just avoided touching the mysterious and dark
and the occult forces and learned to be happy with all the current powers-that-be in their
trustworthiness, all natural disasters would cease and demons would not lurk because nobody read
that strange grimoire and there would be peace on earth everywhere, you probably are dead set
against the Scorpius in all your zodiac thinking processes.
The new moon always being in the sign the sun is in, this Mercurial new moon Scorpio
happens in the very strong framework of Mars & Venus just now with the last 24 hours conjunct.
Technically, this is a warring planet territory, Graha Yuddha in the Vedic astro models which is
hyper efficient and accurate. There are even 4 main types of planetary fighting. I'm not listing all
that here to keep things going as it isn't the main areas explored right now.
So, if you have a notion of planetary conjunctions as holding hands and melding into each
other as a single doubled up power boost for your personal, it's something else. Unlike the new
moon's conjunct perfectly dark moments synced with the sun, the other zodiac powers don't fit and
nest into each other so nicely, but are more like two bright teachers or actors trying to be the one
dominant source of emanation over that specific region. That old saying 'too many cooks spoil the
soup' is perfect. My Irish Grandfather who owned a restaurant loved that saying.
Mars & Venus is the proverbial battle of the sexes, ultimately. Understand I write this on
November 3rd, not the 11th, so they'll come apart some degrees so that they are in different signs with
Venus in native Libra. The fact it happens as the waning moon swings round through from last
quarter in Leo on to touch the also conjunct True Node [Rahu] on the cusp of Virgo and Leo to
become the new in Scorpio is meaningful.
Luna will join the sextile array with Saturn in Sagittarius for a powerful moment on Saturday
, and the Sun/Mercury conjunction in two weeks will be sextile with Jupiter in Virgo. It will be a
huge time span for diagnosing correctly what had been hidden deeply before. All kinds of
frustrating things you could not get your finger on will be glowing and you might find lost keys,
literally and figuratively and of the mind.

People who have been feeling out of it, lacking luster in those, Something is wrong, very
wrong, and I can't even start putting into words what it is, will start being able to sublimate
beautifully with precise visionary efforts.
Use it or lose it, because at the same time the Scorpio Sol+Mercury conjuction lines up to
sextile strong with Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune returns direct. When Neptune - in Pisces especially is retrograde, it is about highest charged psychic and astral gates and frequencies we can
experience, to the point those who already do start feeling the pressures or even headaches; lots of
people become interested and engaging in dimensions that are fresh to them or depths they didn't
care about before. When that happens, risks are thrown in for the usual residents.
The impression I get that it often comes across as based on what I'm looking at with the zodiac;
it often surfaces as those who view all the unlimited astral and psychic matters raw surging
consciousness as a limited supply of allotments. They often will get nervous that people of high
intensity occult power are manifesting from stock pools that belong to all of us...or ought to, and so
I'm going to hold them responsible for correct usage of what they do have that I don't, consciousness
potency. That often describes Saturn and Saturn dominant natal people more than any other
power, too. While Saturn is well in Sagittarius, there was a heavy duty 2015 Saturn retrograde that
took a romp through Scorpio on full blast.
So, the new Moon Scorpio, of course Sol then, too, and then Mercury along with will all be
strongly trine to Chiron in Pisces. What does this mean, or how should/can you use it to your
We will all experience True Node conjunct with Mars in a major compulsion. Find out where
Fortune is in your natal chart, as well as Chiron. For myself, Fortune is right beside Sol/Mars in
Pisces. So, I'm far more likely to want to expect and prepare for Mars at the heart of these warring
planets. If your Fortune is closer to Venus, then Venus is the more powerful feature in your natal
and you should expect and work in that frame for best outcome of being on top of things.
You can always 'defy your rulers' and a way to do that would be with your intent in the
energies you surround yourself with and steep in. A nice little example is: if you are a Taurus or a
Libra, it's recommended to shield yourself from classic Mars. Work in your strengths rather than try
to do constant maintenance during the time, on all things you associate with Mars. You'll then
likely want to work at being directly aware of not letting passions become strong desires, which
while being the usuall territory for an Aries or Scorpio they have learned how to do all the things
great with, it'll just knock you off balance and eat away at you. If you are into sacred stone work, as
most are who are in any metaphysical or occult field, ones like Chrysocolla would be awesome.
Strongly copper based, like Turquoise. Another good one is blue Calcite.

Lepidolite is ultra Libra and is the ultimate soothing force to combat inflaming and agitating
presences all up in your zone.
Adversely, if you are like myself and have Mars galore, you will get easily drained and feel
that Saturnine management and criticism over your love of high velocity rocket powered stuff 'n
things. Since or if the Saturn people don't have that quality, they take it you played them or some
neat little trick to get the energy unit allotments in the sector, and know it is at least the
responsibility of the blessings in their allotted experience powers and steadfastness to make you a
responsible person in how you mete out that vast warehouse of dangerously nuclear combustibility
that is 'youness' foisted upon the otherwise serene planes of mind. How much are they right?
Depends case to case between you and them because both Mars and Saturn are malefic powers, the
latter being the greater malefic of the two. Both are capable of apathetic lows. I do love Saturn,
even with all my Mars. Saturn is directly in opposition to my Sol. It is a powerful magnetic storm of
love/hate and for better or worse, being one with and a quantum flux of qualities attributed to
squares, trines, sextiles, and quincuxes making the perfect storm... awesome and terrifying.
Saturn is essentially Osiris, and we all love Osiris. So, many just see the large beasty Titan
devouring his own children. Saturn [also Pluto/Scorpion very much] is so much of the Gede,
notorious New World spirits that just received tons of love in the Day of Dead festivals.
If you are strong in Mars, keep these things in mind and in your workings. To avoid being
drained and sectioned off or micromanaged, include Red Jasper especially in everything else you
do. Pyrite is the fire stone, but more than other fire signs seems to get given over to Leo. Jaspers
again, brecciated, leopardskin, mookaite. Have at it. Red Carnelian is something I have tons of with
my meditation to keep in my personal zone. Very high passionate energies and a #1 mineral source
to keep from being drained. Another agate is Botswana, which is powerful Scorpio sexual energy
but also work with the crown and filters for your subtle light body, and is known to sever those who
try to extend their psionic grip to manage your life or even karmically infect you beyond your will
to be involved in their stuff. HUGE....
Crossover; Fuchsite and Apache Tears used together. Anyone can use these both as these
archetypes fight for your light, so to speak.
Apache tears are for major changes and potential stress or grief during trials or perfect for
November and crossing the threshold to the dead months a more amiable or understanding
warmth of the obsidian [volcanic glass] . If you wanna up that intensity of the dark divination into
unsettling truths; gold sheen obsidian.

Fuchsite helps also to amplify and is like a great subtle body anti-virus from those who want
to imprint on you with heavy duty responsibilities or expectations because of their own either
apathy or just thinking you got some innate ability by playing tricks and again it is their job to hold
you accountable and keep you on the level.
Be patient as it will at some point even your spirit guides, be someone's task to make sure
you dot i's 'n cross t's and do not become a raging horse's ass with mountains and oceans of abilities
and willingness to push limits, as it will eventually take a bit of the Fool to engage risk at all to
extent that leads to breakthroughs....
There is no consciousness shift without risks for major breakthroughs that pull people into the
vortex of major change and transformation and tantric ideals of 'giving up the ghost'.
You will pull through! You will go beyond just making it and conscientiously thrive.
A lot of people will drop off from you who intentionally do not want to have to go raising the
bar with you, and even project you are hostile because you are passionate in doing so.
The New Moon is the quintessential time of the 'ghost' being given up...
The last quarter moon in waning in Leo for the Day of Dead brought about past comforts that
were not at all nostalgia, but very much alive in the now. I was comforted in the regions many find
unsettling, the dead and dying months of the mysteries of the wheel of the year.
I am in a universe participation that where many want expensive 'things' to feel lavish, I am
equivalent yet opposite in finding my luxurious palace in the psychic and spirit realms, those 'other
dimensions'. That Day of Dead Moon in Leo was directly charging up to make the magic we often
say is in the air, not wait for it. Not by angel, totem, planetary alignment, or any other incoming
feature. It will compound to the Scorpio New Moon; occult swank. Occult Swank...
That is the major, major theme here. Occult, f.y.i., I need to remind people is not the stereotype
of the evil sorcerer wrecking the innocent smurf village because we would all have stayed happy if
we just relied upon the Demiurgic trustworthiness to handle our big cosmic affairs so we can focus
on good times in the status quo and no natural disasters. It infers simply the labyrinth of the
unknown of the mind, which if you are doing the former, has snowballed into a haunted Fangorn or
Mirkwood, if I can use a nice geek culture reference. Some cob webs when you do inevitable have
to face it have given way to Peter Jacksons vision of wights, spiders, maybe a Dol Guldur is even up
in there because you assumed it was taken care of. Scorpio New Moon wants you to feel that not
only should you not assume, but it can be a festive palace of Day of Dead ancestors if you would
only grow a pair and leave the Shire.

I see that because of the quincunx of Uranus in Aries, retrograde till about Christmas?
The energy is that the rebellious sky power cerebral innovator is introverting to amplify a
machination in the lives of those who don't break free. If you wanna view that as the Zodiac
pushing the Followers out of the nest to brave new world adventures....
Mars also powers Scorpio traditionally, so will be present charging the sex-everything sign; a
recommendation I feel; yeah, you are supposed to really feel this spin of the wheel of the year, feel
the descent, feel your ancestors, feel the radical transformation and rite of passage. I avoid those
who again I'm strong Mars make fun of, chastise, and blame warrior energy stuff at all.
Especially spiritual warrior stuff along the lines of 'astral bro' psychic jock fodder.
Okay, so..I'm fine with being the psychic jock archetype of World Tribe. Again, Chiron is the
Shaman of the Tribe. Great Wounded Healer. If you were never armed and active, you have the
truest reason behind why you were never wounded. A never wounded occult lecturer is a marriage
counselor who was never even dating steady yet.
Finally, the Scorpion graphic I made is diamond-skin, luminous from within themselves.
Having their own internal heat source or astral/etheric phosphorescence.
They create themselves to be the light where all other lights fail.
A last geek reference, because that's my thing that I do...

My best to you in your cosmic journeys.

Album art inspired in some of the themes of this scribe material.

Hxan Danse [EP] - Dark shamanic underworld journey techno

It took the outlooks here to switch to Nuada Drakala from J M K 9000.

A sense of direction and confidence, and being fine with that it is a fringe art that I have.
If one can manage to not hold anything against themselves based in the perceptions of what
others will criticize or even want to hate them for being or doing, you are already no longer hung up
on their expectations of a 'good' society or behavior or art or anything else. All this work sets up a
transformation of the deepest sacred meaning in death; being unfixed to and unclinging to
anything or entity in turn.
You can work in the given subject matters have now or will shortly move on from the
motivation of endlessly coining a mantra that Everything Will Be Okay to the Infinite Power and
crafting directly who you will be when everything is definitely not...
The better you get, the less you hold things against yourselves, and so the less you allow
others to manipulate you into attaching them to yourself by holding stuff against them.
That is a powerful 'secret' of all who has transformed drastically and known the realms of
those who are most alive of all, and by the rest of the buzzing surface dwellers labeled as 'dead'...
That takes a rite of passage; enter New Moon Scorpio... you can do all of it anytime, but this is
the peak in terms of all things working in your favor. Everything lines up to your greater resonance
and growing, all this material is extending from mind to paper since somebody decided to explore
an unknown region and partake in the Danse.

I may return with some great new material for the next full moon in Gemini.

Auf Wiedersehen

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