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Summary of SML Helpdesk-OTRS Customer and Agent Guide

Part A (For Customer)

1. All SML Users submit the helpdesk request through their own Lotus Notes Client
or the website http://help.sml.com.
To send or select the following email address for request on supporting in different
To Address

Select service under website


General IT Support


AX Support


PDS Support


EP Support


SB General Support

2. Customer must reply or answer ticket after receive a ticket number and for reply
ticket mail under Notes Client which mail subject of ticket number cannot be
amend such as [Ticket#xxxxxxxxxx].
3. Customer may receive different ticket number for the same request subject and
content. It is because the ticket will be submitted to other region or team for
4. Step for creating new ticket under website of help.sml.com
a. Login to the website with input of your portal username and password
b. Click the tab of New Ticket to create a helpdesk ticket
c. Select the To of the destination supporting address, must choose
corresponding Service, input the Subject for issue and under the field
of Text to type in describing the case. Upload any attachment if
d. After confirm all field input, please click the Submit button to generate
e. Wait 5 minutes, a new ticket number will generate under the My Tickets

Part B (For Agent)

1. All registered Agents should use the link http://support.sml.com to reply ticket
between Customers and Agents
2. No Notification mail should receive if the Agent does not login to the new
Helpdesk System in the first time for creating an account.
3. The escalation time is under three threshold(One day, Two days, Three days of
working hours (10:00- 18:00 according to Calendar of Region)
4. Agents will receive notification mail for taking action of their related regional
5. For Split, ticket cannot fix or require help from cross regional team
6. For Move, ticket with Wrong queue or cannot check by Team
If Split ticket occurs, it must select with below default service for each team.
Here the table for the relationship between the Team Queue and the Service:
From Queue


INFRA::<Any Region>

General IT Support

AX::<Any Region>

AX Support

PDS::<Any Region>

PDS Support

EP::<Any Region>

EP Support

SB::<Any Region>

SB General Support

7. Each ticket requires at least ten minutes duration to apply the corresponding
queues of SLA before taking the action of Move/Split.
Here the table for the relationship between the Team Queue and the SLA Service:
From Queue

SLA Service


INFRA <Region> SLA 1_1, SLA 1_2, SLA 1_3

Such as INFRA::HK

Must for INFRA HK SLA 1_x

Such as AX::HK

AX <Region> SLA 1_1, SLA 1_2, SLA 1_3

Must for AX HK SLA 1_x

Such as PDS::HK

PDS <Region> SLA 1_1, SLA 1_2, SLA 1_3

Must for PDS HK SLA 1_x

Such as EP::HK

EP <Region> SLA 1_1, SLA 1_2, SLA 1_3

Must for EP HK SLA 1_x


SB <Region> SLA 1_1, SLA 1_2, SLA 1_3

Such as SB::HK

Must for SB HK SLA 1_x

Supplementary note
1. For Normal ticket flow
For two region users, test2 for HK region into the INFRA HK queue.
Submit mail (for example IT_support@sml.com) to INFRA HK General

(Manually submit to apply SLA)

Wait Ticket No. to generate from SML Helpdesk and receive notification to
INFRA HK General support (test5)
Agent receive mail to click the link access http://support.sml.com with your
Portal username and password
Under the INFRA::HK, select the ticket and Click Owner for taking owner of
the generated ticket as Agent Owner
Agent Must highlight the TYPE of "customer-" , to select "Reply Ticket" under

field of ReplyFill in the message to replace the sentence of <Please input reply content
here> and then click Submit

Customer received reply ticket and send back response in their Notes Client
Wait to receive replied notification mail to notice Agent of ticket Owner
Agent Owner update the ticket content and reply back to user
Customer received reply ticket and confirm update in their Notes Client

Wait to receive replied mail from customer and reply case closed to Agent
If case solved, Agent Owner decide to ask for confirmation to close the ticket
Customer received mail and reply the confirmation to close the ticket in their

Notes Client
Wait to receive replied notification mail to Agent Owner

Agent Owner acknowledge the confirmation from user and click Close to
close the ticket (Solution time reset)

Customer received notification mail of closed ticket. Also Owner and

Responsible both receive the close notification mail.

2. For Split ticket flow

A ticket submitted from user-test3 of region DH into the INFRA DH queue.

The ticket will split to the INFRA HK queue for assistant.

Wait Ticket No. to generate from OTRS and receive notification to INFRA DH

General support (test5) and customer (test3)

Check from INFRA::DH queue with content of the Ticket, must select the
TYPE Customer before split and then click the field Split to create new
ticket for other Region support

After clicked Split button, the screen of Create New Split Ticket Only will

be shown.
Please ensure select the correct To queue and Service such as INFRA::HK
queue, General IT Support service. If choose the INCORRECT queue with

service, the escalation must not process in correct workflow

DO NOT change for fields (CustomerID, Next ticket state and For System Use
Only) and Click Create
The message Ticket ############ created! will be display and it means

that the Split Ticket has been generated to INFRA::HK queue.

Agent can access from INFRA:DH ticket to access split ticket under bottom
page with field of LINKED AS named Child
For the split ticket (child ticket) and original ticket (Parent), both are applying

with separate Escalation time such as Original ticket with INFRA DH SLA 1_x
but the Child ticket with INFRA HK SLA 1_x
Owner and Responsible are both the Agent name of the Original parent

For pick up the split ticket, the Agent requires to click Owner to take
owner for supporting the child ticket.

3. For Move ticket flow

For example, a ticket submitted from user-test2 of region HK into the INFRA
HK queue. But the ticket subject mentioned for issue of PDS HK, therefore
the action of Move to be perform

When Ticket No. has generated from Helpdesk and receive notification to
INFRA HK General support (test5) and customer (test2)

Check from INFRA HK queue with content of the Ticket, Agent has to ensure
that the Service Level Agreement has been applied to corresponding SLA

first such as INFRA HK SLA 1_x

Agent check the content which is not belong to INFRA::HK, click under the
field -Move- to the correct region such as PDS::HK (Important! after
selected the Queue, the ticket will move it directly)
The moved ticket has been allocated into the Queue of PDS::HK and the
escalation will be assigned to the corresponding SLA such as PDS HK SLA 1_x
After moved the ticket, both Customer (Test2) and Agent of the destination
Queue will received the notification mail.