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Larry Boyd, Chief of Police

Christina Anguiano, Police Records Clerk,Technical Services Division
September 17, 2015
Encounter with Ahmed Mohamed

On the date of September 14, 2015 between the hours of 4:00-5:00pm, Rose Dickson, Police Records
Clerk called me on my extension and asked me if I could come up and help them with a citizen's
background check. I went up front counter and assisted Karina Perla, Police Records Clerk with the
background check. Karina finished with the citizen and we continued to discuss the background check.
At that moment Officer Taylor escorted Ahmed Mohamed to the Community Services section. As
Officer Taylor opened the door, we could hear Ahmed's father yelling that "HE WAS NOT TAKING HIS
SON UNLESS WE DROPPED ALL CHARGES". With the door still open; Sgt. Mitchell told Officer Taylor not
to remove the handcuffs yet because his father wasnt going to take him home unless we dropped all
the charges. The door then shut to the Community Services section. We could still hear Ahmed's father
yelling. Several minutes later, Ahmed and his family walked out of Community Services, through the
Records lobby and out the double doors to the main lobby. Ahmed and his family turned around and
came back to the Records lobby. Ahmed then approached Karina's window (I was still standing behind
her). Ahmed told Karina that he wanted his devices back. Karina responded back "your devices"?
Ahmed replied, " Yeah my clock and my tablet". Karina then pulled up the report and saw that the
property was listed as evidence and told him that it could not be released to him because it was listed as
evidence and that he would need to speak with the person in charge of his case. Ahmed proceeded to
tell her again that he wanted his devices back. I then left from behind Karina and went to Community
Services section to inform Sgt. Mitchell and Officer Taylor that Ahmed and his family had returned and
were requesting his devices back. Sgt. Mitchell told me," tell them that it is evidence and will not be
released until the case is closed". I then walked back to the Records section and stood beside Karina
and told Ahmed that we cannot release it to him since it is being held as evidence. Ahmed then began
to yell and slammed his hand on the counter and yelled "EVIDENCE FOR WHAT, I'M BEING RELEASED". I
then told him not to get an attitde with us, that we were telling him what the officers were telling us to
say. Maria Diaz,Police Dispatcher who was also at the front counter at the time of the incident left her
desk and went to inform Sgt. Mitchell that Ahmed and his family were getting irate. Ahmed continued
to yell at Karina, that he has rights and he knows his rights and that we are violating them. Officer
Howman then walked through the door from the property area and was headed to the Community
Services section and asked "what's the problem here". Ahmed then Walked awy from

Karina's window and began speaking with Officer Howman. Ahmed then told Officer Howman that he
wanted his things back. Ahmed told her that we violated his rights by taking it without his permission.
Sgt. Mitchell and Officer Taylor then came out from the Community Services section and stood there
while Ahmed was talking to Officer Howman. Ahmed's father turned his attention to Sgt. Mitchell and
Officer Taylor and began speaking with them. I couldn't hear what Ahmed's father was saying to Sgt.
Mitchell. Ahmed then turned around facing Officer Taylor and Sgt. Mitchell and he was yelling at them
then told Sgt. Mitchell that, he knows his rights. Sgt. Mitchell then told Ahmed and his family that they
would not get the property back until we were finished with the case. Ahmed's sister began yelling in
father was still yelling at Sgt. Mitchell about the property . Sgt. Mitchell told Ahmed's father that he
would eventually get the property back but not until the case is over. Ahmed's mother and sister were
saying things in their native language and Ahmed was yelling that he has rights and we violated them.
Ahmed and his father were still yelling at Sgt. Mitchell. Ahmed's father then asked to speak to the
supervisor and Sgt. Mitchell told him "I am the supervisor". Ahmed's sister then yelled "LET'S GO; THEY
ARE BEING RACIST TO US BECAUSE WE ARE MUSLIM". Ahmed's father was still yelling at Sgt. Mitchell.
Sgt. Mitchell told them " Why don't you all take your son and leave before we criminally trespass you
from the police department". Ahmed's sister and mom continued saying things in their native language
and they all walked out of the station. Sgt. Mitchell, Officer Taylor and Officer Howan remained in the
Records Deparment lobby until they were completely out of the station.

Reviewed and forwarded 09/21/15. - Capt. Samuel Hall #775

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