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Mamdouh Bakkar

Aikido Dojo


As a result of my deep passion for spiritual and physical strength, I
spent my whole life practicing and training on the different martial
arts as well as the energy related therapies.

This strong passion has also led me to help others understand and
practice the appropriate concepts of these arts and therapies, which in
turn made me determined to develop myself with the proper academic

It is a blessing to do what you love and I believe that I found what I was
pursuing in Aikido.



Jeet kune do

Mixed Martial Arts

Fitness Consulting








Athletic Massage Therapy


Bee Venom Therapy

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Work Experience Timeline

Amateur Fitness and Martial Arts Trainer 1977 2001


An athletics player, mainly High Jumping and Spear throwing

Won the 4th place in the State championship for clubs in Athletics
Won the first place in the spear throwing in the Universities
Won the second place in the Schools Championship in Athletics games.
Practiced and trained different kinds of sports; Kung Fu, Karate and

Non Athletic or Martial Arts Related Businesses 1981 2001




Motivating & Encouraging





Founder and Trainer at Gymnast Gym (Body Building and Fitness)

2001 Current


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Internal Constructions Contractor 1981 1986

Started with a certification in decoration from the American University
in Egypt
Introduced new materials to internal constructions market like glass
and cork pasting on walls.
Complex paintings like Washed Lacquered and Doku.
Worked during my university years

Cofounder of Baraka (Fast Food Restaurant) 1986 2001
Cofounder and general manager
One of the first park and eat catering fast food restaurants in Egypt.
Mixed between the western and eastern cuisine.

Profound knowledge in designing of fitness programs and training

routines that boost athletic performance, and concentrate on trainees
goals of weight loss, muscular gain and or rehabilitation
Profound knowledge in designing of nutritional programs and
prevention of abuse of drugs
Coached trainees on appropriate use of gym equipment.
Ability to encourage trainees and assure effective workouts
Maintained trainees progress records and conducted frequent
Profound knowledge of all the fitness and bodybuilding equipment and
Extensive knowledge of standard anatomy, physiology and kinesiology
Profound knowledge in sports medicine and concussion.
Evaluated athletic musculoskeletal problems.
Diagnosed, treated and rehabilitated muscle and bone injuries.
Conducting workshops for the instructors under the syndicate of the
sports professions

Aikido Dojo 2006 Current

! Started my dedication to the art of Aikido from 2006.

! Got my Shodan in 2009 under the supervision of the AIKIKAI
organization, examined by Shihan kumagai.
! Got my Nidan in 2011 under the supervision of the AIKIKAI
organization, examined by Shihan kumagai.
! Got my second Sandan in 2014 under the supervision of the AIKIKAI
organization, examined by Shihan kumagai
! Got introduced to Sensei Simone Chierchini and the International
Aikido Academy by 2011 and since then Ive worked with him on my
first Sandan and my Yondan under his supervision.
! Got my second Yondan from the All Japan Budo Federation, nominated
by Sensei Simone Chierchini
! Got my All Japan Budo Yondan equation from the Egyptian Federation
for Judo, Aikido & Sumo
! Got introduced to Paolo Corallini Shihan president of Takemusu Aikido
Italy, and attended a course under his instruction at Shihan Paolos dojo
at Italy
! Started Aikido instructing since 2008 and qualified more than 50
players to obtain different Dan grades, and hundreds to obtain different
Kyu grades
! Instructed at Shams Sporting Club - one of the three most well-known
clubs in Egypt - since 2012 and till the first quarter of 2015, and
currently instructing at El Zohour Sporting Club
! Instructed at Sheraton Development Center (Youth Center) from 2012
! Introduced 20 of my different Dan graded (Shodan to Sandan) players
are now instructors at the Egyptian Military College and the Technical
Institute of the Armed Forces
! Cofounder and president of the Egyptian Association for Aikido
Instructors from 2011 2013.
! Introduced the Takemusu Aikido for the first time in Egypt in cooperation
with the Egyptian Association for Aikido Instructors, under the
supervision of Sensei Simone Chierchini.
! Vast activities to help in supporting the goals of Aikido and spreading
its culture in Egypt.
! Separated from the Egyptian Association for Aikido Instructors and
founded Bakkar Dojo from 2013 current.
! Founded Bakkar Dojo for the sake of gathering all the players I have
trained throughout the years, in order to support the team spirit, boost
the moralities of Aikido and merge the different styles we introduced in
! Have been selected to be the All Japan Budo Shidoin in Egypt.
! Participated in a vast number of Aikido seminars in Egypt and Italy.
! Instructed the course of preparing and improving Aikido instructors in
the Egyptian Aikido Organization.


24 Aikido Certificates

8 Complementary and
Alternative Medicine

4 International Body Building

4 Jeet Kune Do

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Mamdouh Bakkar
Weight: 112kg
Height: 1.88cm

Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

T: +202 22407677
M: +2010 0090 1613

E: mamdouhbakkar

FB: www.facebook.com/

DOB: 11/10/1957
Nationality: Egyptian

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner 2001

! Studied Cupping and started practicing in 2001.
! Studied Athletics Massage Therapy and shiatsu in the Olympic Academy
in Egypt.
! Completed a course in sports injuries and rehabilitation.
! Completed a course in Acupuncture and Cupping in the Olympic
Academy in Egypt.
! Completed a course in Chiropractic in the Egyptian Academy for
complementary medicine.
! Completed a course in Acupuncture in the Open Academy for
complementary medicine accredited from Cairo University.
! Studied Phlebotomy in the Egyptian Academy for complementary

Education & Certification

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Bachelor of Law
Certificates available upon request.