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Academic Advising & Career Centre, UTSC

What Can I Do with My Degree In

Sometimes your program seems of utmost importance when making career decisions. However, there are other factors that can have equal if not greater influence. These include your
paid and volunteer work, your extracurricular experiences, hobbies and those careers to which
you have been exposed in your life. All of these factors influence our interests, skills, personality and values, and these lead us to our career decisions.
When considering your career possibilities, look at what you are good at, what you enjoy, what
suits your personality and what will give you the satisfaction in life you want, not just Frenchrelated careers. Approaching career planning in this way helps you explore all the options
available to you and helps you make the most beneficial and satisfying decision.

What Do Graduates of French Do?

Many different career options are available. Here is a sample list of the positions that graduates have attained, some of them through the Career Centre On-line website (www.utsc.
utoronto.ca/~career/). Some of these positions may require additional study or experience. Of
course, there are many more options; each person must decide on the option that is best for

Translator / Interpreter
Foreign Service Officer
Hotel Manager
International Education Specialist
Import/Export Specialist
Customs Inspector
Customer Service Specialist
Linguist / Analyst
French Teacher / Professor
Human Resources Manager
Freelance Writer

Editor of Bilingual Publications

Corporate Trainer
Coordinator, Cultural Arts Center
Publisher, French Books
Social Worker
Project Manager, International
Travel Agent / Tour Guide
Flight Attendant
Market Analyst
Advertising Copywriter

Some Employers of Students in French Program

Non-Governmental Organizations
Language Schools
Boards of Education
Universities and Colleges

Translation / Interpretation Service
Travel Agencies/ Tour Companies /
Airlines and Airports
Broadcasting Companies
Cultural Organizations

Skills Developed Through the Study of French

Speak, Read, and Write in French

Communicating between cultures
Understanding historical language c
Comparing translations/interpretations
Reading critically

Reading for content and structure

Organizing materials/information
Summarizing ideas
Understanding cultural diversity
Clarifying ideas

For bibliography, see resources listed on reverse.

Academic Advising & Career Centre, UTSC



Career Centre Resources

As mentioned on the reverse side, the Career Centre has a library full of materials to help students
choose their career, look for employment and learn more about different industries and educational
opportunities. The following are some resources that may help students in the area of French.
PLEASE NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of our resources, nor does it reflect the only type
of work that people in this academic area can do upon graduation. Students uncertain of their career
options should attend the Choosing Your Career workshop.
Occupational Information (on reserve, except where noted)
Career Descriptions include Teacher, Professor, Writer, Librarian, Translator, Interpreter,
Government Officer, Technical Salesperson, Market Researcher, Journalist, Public Relations, Lawyer
plus many more on shelf

Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors (Discover 1.221)

Great Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors (Discover 1.221)

Career Planner for International Business (Occupation 112) - on shelf

What You Can Do With an Arts Degree (Discover 1.22)

Making It in the Media Profession (Occupation 512)

100 Best Careers for the 21st Century (Identify 2.22)

100 Jobs in Technology (Occupation 210)

High Tech Careers for Low Tech People (Occupational 210)

Career Cruising; Website featuring over 400 different CareersTo access, ask at the Front Desk.

Employer Information on reserve

Whos Hiring 2003 (Identify 2.4)

The Canadian Writers Guide (Occupation 512)

Ontario KWIC Index to Services (Identify 2.462)

Provincial and Federal Government Information (Market 3.6) -on shelf

The 2003 Canadian Student Employment Guide (Identify 2.4)

The Career Directory 2003 (Identify 2.4)

Employment Search Information on reserve

High Impact Resumes and Cover Letters (Market 3.6)

The Global Resume and CV (Market 3.61)

Knock Em Dead with Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions (Market 3.7)

Interview Power (Market 3.7)

The Career Portfolio (Market 3.61)

Educational Directories on reserve

Canadian Professional School Factsheets (Discover 1.3)
Directory of Canadian Universities (Discover 1.3)
Guide to Graduate Management Programmes in Canada (Occupational 112)
Petersons Guides Graduate Programmes (Discover 1.4)
Interesting Web sites:
Links to Careers for your Major:

Link to Canadian Grad Schools: