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The Abuja Computerized Vehicle Testing Service

(ACVTS) is a Nigeria multi-state testing company, is one

of the world leading company in testing, inspection and
certification providing services to many types of
industries. ACVTS is to be operated across 36 states of
the federation starting with the Federal Capital Territory
Abuja with more than 40,000 employee nationwide
making them a truly global company.
Within the automotive division, ACVTS is designed to
operates more than 70 million operation annually.. and
design, implement and manage a wide range of vehicle
inspection services. This ranges from statutory vehicle,
road wordiness and emission program to comprehensive
technology and IT solution as well as providing advice to
government body and private sector customers. ACVTS
automotive have successfully developed innovative
vehicle program providing customer with comprehensive
and multi facilities service covering all types of vehicle
from passenger vehicles, to commercial and heavy duty
vehicle ACVTS service are tailor made to a country
regulatory requirement and local market condition and
utilizes industry best practice. An excellent example of
what ACVTS can do is the statutory vehicle inspection
program in our country which is operated and delivered in

its entirety by ACVTS on behalf of the Nigeria

government. This program which is called the National
car test service (NCTS) is considered one of the best in
class vehicles inspection program whole wide and provide
the highest standard in customer service, quality
management information, test integrate and government
data system interface. As a soul service provider, ACVTS
have fully integrated network of 18 Test lanes across 3
standard accredited inspections center in Abuja.
All staff of ACVTS undergoes an intensive in-house
training program to qualify as ACVTS vehicle inspector;
Testing is computer control and highly automated
providing maximum test security and accuracy, creating a
national car database centre. participate in Federal
Government efforts in reducing accident fatality rate on
Nigeria roads by guarantying the worthiness of cars
thereby ensuring safety.
Using the National vehicle data base created, ACVTS can
contact vehicle owner up to 3 month ahead of the test.

customer who feel eligible can also contact ACVTS form

appointment directly via dedicated web site phone, sms,
Email, fax or post.
ACVTS customer call Centre is designed to handle
booking through a secure web base solution called dash
board annually A+ exceed key performance indicator by
answering 90% of call within. 15sec. All booking and
vehicle information is automatically send to the test
Centre in real time ready for when consumer arrive.
Arriving at the A+ Centre, consumer pant in the dedicated
panting bay and then procered into the consumer
reception area, vehicles documentation is class checked
against record on the System also record driven license of
each presenter, test fee are collected and keys handed
over, the consumer viewing galley allow people to watch
there car going through test while a wall mounted TV
monitor do play. The estimated test completion time. The
vehicles is put through a sequined of complicated and
computerize test inspecting items such asenhoust
emission brake performance fuel headhighten,
suspension, under bonnet inspection body work steering
joint, tyre specification and condition and a fall under
body visual inspection other safety aspect such as the
steering wheel, windshield door operation safety belt and

fuel cap are also inspected checking that all test have
being computed and the result also stored, the vehicle
inspector explainer the vehicle information report to the
customer providing the MCT certificate and high ting any
failure item that must be rectify are everything is rectify
this the customer most return for re inspection within a
specified time frame. All test and customer service data
are store in A+system and remotely accessible by the
Nigeria govt by setting up spefic user account the have
access to real time detail test inspection data and report
allowing them to monitor all aspect of customer service
and testing standard at any test Centre at any time Also
test consistency test are carried out on test equipment
regulating insuring the customer guarantee and acount
and impartial service this is just one example of story