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Time and Comprehension

When we begin to believe to see, then what we see over time becomes so
much more clear and like a photograph that starts out being blurry and out
of focus and over time by spiritual discernment and growing faith and divine
revelation, the picture becomes more clear daily. As the focus comes so
does the understanding, as the understanding brings in the focus.

In the beginning we see God commanding Light to shine forth from the
darkness. It even says in Genesis 1 that He called the Light Day and the
Darkness He called Night. So we see right here He is already using the
contrast of these two, working them together and the first thing that
happens is, time is created. The time of Day and Night. A division.
Contrast causes a division. Light inserting itself into the equation of creation
has caused a division, yet in this dividing we find comprehension is formed
and time is become existent.

However it is not till later we find the Lord creates the lights in the
firmaments, which we call the Sun to rule the day and the moon to rule the
night. So it is clear it was not Him creating the Sun as supposed by many
when He said, let there be Light. It is very clear the ONLY Light He could
have been referring to was and is the Light of Understanding. He had to
bring forth Light, and by doing so it would automatically contrast the
darkness and by this instant contrasting that would take place it
immediately created or began the process of Comprehension.
Because when Comprehension is made known then the first thing you must
have for comprehension to work, or the atmosphere it must have to dwell
in, then we see it must be Time.

Comprehension is on this wise, for something that is not known to come

from the realm of the known and reveal itself to what is called the unknown.
A moving of sorts has to take place. Eternity just is. No time there. All is as it
has always been. If we say for an example there is an eternal rock sitting in
the eternal world, then that rock has always been there, unmoved and

unchanged. If this rock was subjected to time, then it would be not eternal
in that sense as to be in the realm of time makes it a created object and
thus not an eternal one.
Remember eternal means no beginning and no end. So if this rock were in
the realm of time, then it is in this world, we know as Creation and thus is
subject to time and elements and can be moved and chipped and changed
by forces of water, air, heat, calamity etc.

So we see that which is eternal is unchanging. The Word tells us that God
never changes and also that Jesus Christ is the same forever. The Word is
also Eternal. This makes the Word that became Flesh Eternal. When you are
born again you have become the Word made Flesh all over again and thus
you are now eternal. Your Spirit, Soul, and Body or Flesh are One and they
are eternal.

So Light in this sense being mixed somewhat with the darkness, has created
a temporal place of existence. Existence has now come into view. We say
Existence has come into existence. What this means is, it can now be
comprehended. Comprehension is key. For without comprehension, nothing
exist. Now I want you think about that simple statement and ponder it
slowly and deeply, without comprehension, nothing exist.
We go back to the tree falling in the forest and if no one hears it fall did it
fall. See again this centers around the existence of comprehension. Now let
me drop a point in to you on this that will help us understand better.

Out of all of creation, Mankind is the ONLY creature that has the ability to
think in the realms of Comprehension. Though other animals have some
forms of instincts as to a nature that is God given to them, not one of them
have the ability to comprehend as Man does. Man in this sense compared to
Animalistic instinct is a God to them. Now remember that. Man is the only
creature that has the ability to comprehend, reason, and understand. Now if
we erased mankind or He had never come into existence, then there would
be no comprehension. Thus nothing would exist. You say well it would exist,

it would just be that mankind is not here to comprehend it. However you say
that based upon the fact that you do exist and you have a comprehension
right now that Creation does exist. However if mankind never existed and
comprehension was never brought forth, then there is no knowledge of
existence or Creation. We say Creation is now aware within itself that it even
exist. So we see without comprehension, there is certainly no existence

So we see that even though, we say Creation has existed, we find without
Light to reveal it or unless it is comprehended as such, it does not exist at
all. We as human are always pushing ourselves to become what is called
Self Aware. We want to reveal ourselves to ourselves so we are more
aware of WHO we are and WHAT we are. God would have robbed us if He
had not put that in us. For something to become aware of its own existence
is without a doubt one of the most powerful epiphanies one could ever have.
Becoming aware of Who you are. The Revelation of Jesus Christ, was the
Moment He became Aware of Who He was. Now this does not mean as to
the human man side, Here it means Who He was as to the God Side. Who
He was in the eternal Mind of God. His Eternal Self so to speak. Him
becoming one with the Father through the translating, transforming,
transfigurating process of the Divine Supernatural Revelation God gave to

So we see in a broader view that as eternal light is spilled purposely into the
darkness, that the Light we say will forever be filling the darkness. The
darkness is eternal, thus the Light is eternal, thus it is an eternal revelation.
However what the purpose of eternal light is, is to transform the caterpillar
into the eternal butterfly. So once the God side of you is made aware, or you
have the Born Again Experience, then that eternal light within you begins
using that darkness of what remains as to your carnal intellect to further
define that which remains yet unchanged. We say the Body. Though it be in
an unredeemed state, yet our inner man is now eternal.

The same as it is in the Mind of Man, as the dangerous part of when He

becomes Aware thus He takes on Knowledge. Then He is accountable.
Before Light came He was in Darkness, so He was not accountable. Now
once He partakes of Light or Knowledge, He is accountable. He has partaken
of something eternal. Whether that eternal light be a true shining light or a
reflected light, for even reflected light has to have a true source of light.
This is why babies, no matter when they die they go to heaven, because
they have never left heaven as to come to a state of accountability. So
Creation in this sense was also put in a dangerous place by the emerging of
this spiritual light. For this spiritual light would strike the object of creation
and would also do the unintended yet evident anomaly and create or cast a
shadow. So we find in this realm of what is now a twilight we find a
temporal seemingly unending world of existence and twilight of light and
darkness coexisting and forming a realm of good and evil. This is the
birthplace of the Gods. This is in one sense the realm of where Light and
Darkness are likened unto a Hammer and an Anvil as they beat upon the
sword, this is where Light and Darkness rage battles as the Man and Woman
do in their secret relations to one another to produce the Child or
Knowledge. We find Understanding of Light revealing itself within the
Ignorance of the Darkness birthing a Child of Knowledge that understands
both Light and Darkness and Good and Evil. God said, They have become
as one of us, to know good and evil.

So we see the realm of the knowledge of good and evil has come into
existence, for a time, for the purpose of reproduction. Till God has
thoroughly furnished His Kingdom. Once He has done His Pleasure, then He
brings the finishing of the Mysteries and births the eternal mind of Christ in
its entirety and thus ends temporal existence. How does this happen? By
divine comprehension. The same way the temporal world was spoken into
existence, it can be spoken out of existence. However the world that is
come and now is, is the world of the eternal. It cannot be moved, changed,
or shaken. Once it is established in the heart, then it remains.

The Midnight Hour, The Open Door into Heaven. No day nor night, just One
Eternity. God who took the eternal unknown and which we say was the
lowest of existence, and sent forth Light into that existence, has raised up

that existence by divine revelation and faith from the lowly creature and
translated it into the highest of existence. The Unknown God, becoming
Self Aware and hath revealed to Himself, through the means of
contrasting of Darkness and Light, via divine comprehension hath verily
spoken Himself into existence. By divine revelation and comprehension of
Him own Self, he hath created Himself anew! Jesus Christ, the beginning of
the Creation of God. God the eternal unknown, the greatest of us all, hath
subjected Himself to the least of Himself as to the darkness of Himself,
being made subject to the glorious Light of Himself, hath established by the
existence of the film of recording in the Man Christ Jesus, He hath eternally
established Himself as now eternally existent. God hath created God. He has
always been God, yet it was truly not God as God did not know He existed.
He had not become Aware of Himself! By His eternal power and greatness,
He hath called forth the highest of Himself to descend to the Lowest or
Least of Himself and revealed Himself to Himself and thus created the
Highest form of Himself which is now no longer the darkness, but the Light
which is become the Christ or the True God which is the Comprehension of
Himself. The Knowledge of His own existence! That is Light. God knowing
that He eternally is and was and forever shall be, is the Christ, the Great
Light of Him Knowing Who and What He is. By this Light, it hath and does
substantuate BOTH the eternal existence of Light and the Creation itself
from which it was born, or begun. So we see what had a beginning was
Comprehension. Light and Darkness had no beginning nor ending. Thus
for comprehension to have a beginning, then it meant Time had to have a
beginning. Thus for those 3 things to exist together they must exist in but
one place. Just One. In the Creature. Gods highest form of creation which
walked among the Stones of Fire. Man. Man was the Lucifer God needed to
begin the recording of comprehension. He soul was the film needed to begin
the process of recording. The recording of comprehension. Thus we see Man
did not become existent in His Mind as to His own self awareness, until He

So for existence to become existed it had to be revealed by Light. Light had

to come forth from the darkness and yet shine into the darkness. Thus for it
to reveal it had to have a recording of what it would find so to speak a place
to store what it would find. Light like an explorer would go forth into the
eternal darkness and explore and needed a place of recording as to what it

would find. Thus it need a soul and that soul needed a Body that would be
relative to the darkness of creation, yet be relative to the revealing of Light.
A birthplace or a stable for Comprehension to be born. See glorious Light
coming and descending to the lowest place of the darkness to begin the
process of Comprehension. This makes the One who would become a
Living Soul a very complex creature. For in it would be the eternal darkness,
as well as the eternal Light, as well as the Object of Creation and the film
that would be needed for the recording! So inside or within this MAN. We
find all things.

God being all things that exist, yet none existent without comprehension,
then we can easily see How Jesus Christ was the beginning of the Creation
of God. He was the only man to fully Comprehend God. He was the Author
of that divine Light of revelation and comprehension, and He was the
finisher of the same! When one comprehends, then one understands and
when one understands, then truth hath been established. A Knowing hath
been established! Thus Christ hath brought forth God out of the darkness of
creation and hath translated Him into the eternal realms of eternal knowing
or awareness! He has brought Him forth from an Image of Darkness unto
an Image of Light! He hath translated, transformed and transfigured God. BY

He hath taken the dark film of the negative, rent the veil of that darkness,
processed it by the red light of comprehension and produced the eternal
positive picture of the eternal God. This is why He had to become the
darkness and the Light and the Object of the Negative Film so that He could
become and produce the Positive of the Picture. He truly was all things to all
men. So we see the first man Adam was the needed darkness of creation as
to the negative film. The second man Adam had to be the positive picture
made from the film.
This explains why Jesus the Christ is all things. Why He is the Good and the
Evil, Why He is the Light and the Darkness. Why He was the Negative of Sin
and Shame at the Cross and Why He was the Positive Picture of the True

Image of God upon His Glorious Resurrection! Unless you are willing to
become the darkness, you can never be the light. Unless you see the
negative film in the darkness of your own soul, you can never apply the red
blood light of Calvary to it and produce the Positive Image of God or Christ
in your life.

We see how Christ was truly all things concerning God. He was the
beginning of comprehension. He was the film it was recorded on. He was the
red blood of processing. He was the outcome or the Picture. We see the
highest of Light, had to descend to the lowest of the darkness to begin
comprehension of objects. We find Christ the highest of heaven had to
descend to the lowest of men even to a stable. We find He that would be
greatest among you, should first become the least of all. This is why Great
Faith only comes by Great Humility.
The carnal mind is but the rock used for the object to strike to produce the
spark that begins the fire that brings light and warmth and life to creation.
Once we have that Life, we do not need the rock anymore, we make it a

All of the afore mentioned things happen right inside of you as a human
being from the time of your birth till your death. It all happened within Christ
Jesus, it all happens in you. You are God in the negative or the fallen image,
working out your own salvation according to your own divine will. Inside of
you is eternal light and eternal darkness and you are the object without
form and void and darkness of ignorance is upon your deep and the Light
within that deep is calling forth unto that darkness of that deep to Let there
be Comprehension.

In the beginning of time and comprehension, God said Let there Be. And
there was. Creation existed but there was no comprehension it existed.
Comprehension of its existence is just as paramount as to the creation itself
existing. Once Comprehension comes then it forms the void and darkness
into the image of God. Once Creation was darkness and unknown and non
existent. Then comprehension came by the Light and recorded the Object of

Creation as being existent then, through the process of comprehension it

changed that Creation from being Creation as to a rock or a star or a leaf on
a tree, it changed it all into glorious Light and brought that Object of
Creation and the God within that Creation back together as One! All is now
God. God is now all. He hath seen and declared Himself within all things!
This being done through the Mind of Christ, hath made Christ the only Door
to enter Heaven. No man comes to the Father except through Me.

God Bless You!

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