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World Within My Mind

I was holding a wand and anger was bubbling inside me.

My Chemistry teacher was standing in front of me. She
had punished me for a wrong reason and now I had a
chance for my revenge. Just then the scene shifted. I was
standing in front of Professor Dumbledore. Behind his
half-moon spectacles, I could feel the dark brown eyes of
my father scanning me. I heard my fathers voice say
She is your teacher and deserves respect. Think before
you act. Just then a sharp shout snapped me out of my
imaginary world.
I was standing outside the classroom, being reprimanded
for a crime which I hadnt committed. Prior to my visit
to my imaginary world, I would have shouted back at my
teacher. But now I was more enlightened. I apologized to
her and promised her that I would not be a part of any
such activity in future. I was granted entry to the
classroom. Later I went and clarified myself to the
My imaginary world affects my decisions and has shaped
my personality. Since my ninth birthday, when I received
Famous Five as a gift, I have been extremely fond of
books. Naturally, this world of mine has been shaped by
books. On one visit, I may be Harry Potter walking in J.K.
Rowlings London and in another visit, I may be Artemis
Fowl engaged in the faery world of Eoin Colfer. My
imaginary world is my conscience. It is the place where I
am most contended.

The best part of having an imaginary world is that in my

world I can be any person I like - a historical figure, a
genius, a spy or even a villain. I can fill up the shoes of
some favorite characters or some great personalities.
Looking through the eyes of these people, I am able to
realize my interests. I become aware of myself. This
brings a sense of contentment.
Once I had visited my imaginary world as Dr. Stanton
Gabriel, the protagonist of Dustin Thomasons 12-21.
During this visit, I realized that I was fascinated by prions,
which are infective proteins and were a part of 12-21. It
sparked my interest in molecular biology. I started
spending time looking at blood cells through my
grandfathers microscope. I even visited the Regional
Medical Research Centre (RMRC) in my town to know
more about cell biology and the like from the scientists
working there.
On another visit, I had been Ensei Tankado, a brilliant
programmer from Dan Browns The Digital Fortress. It
felt great to be able to design programs and software like
Tankado. I had always loved computers (mainly because
of games). But after this visit, I became more serious
about computers. I started learning HTML, designed a
blog and developed simple word games.
Visiting my world makes me feel contended. There I can
express my anger without actually harming anyone. I get
to know about the repercussions of my actions and can
undo them. In my world, I can actually converse with my
conscience, which often speaks to me in my fathers

voice. It enables me to take better decisions. I become

sure that whatever decisions I take will not upset my
parents and will not have any regrettable consequences.
This gives me internal satisfaction. It also gives me the
courage to carry out my decisions without doubt or fear.
Whenever I am upset or angry, I visit my world. It calms
me down. Even when I am ecstatic, I visit my imaginary
world to celebrate. When confused, I achieve clarity by
interacting with my conscience in my world. This world
within my mind has made me realize the meaning of John
Lennons words - Reality leaves a lot to imagination. My
imaginary world has shaped my real personality.

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