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April Me-an P.




November 10, 2015

Cebu Educational Plant Tour Reflection Paper

The whole activity of our industry visit in Cebu gives me more knowledge with
applied managerial and engineering principles and exposed me to machines,
equipment, tools produced by high technology in this generation. In our first day, we
have gone to Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. as our first plant to visit in Cebu,
followed by Magic Melt Foods Inc., and International Pharmaceuticals Inc. as the last
plant to visit on the day. In Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. though their whole
production processes involves industrial machines to produces varieties of baked
products, believing that since they are producing a food product it must have a direct
contact with human hands yet they are still hiring people to supervise their
production and to support and feed the machines with the materials needed to
produced breads. The same with Magic Melt Foods Inc. they also used machines to
produce their products as well. And if there are plants for food production in Cebu,
there is also company there that produces alcohol, soap, and many products for
hygiene purposes just like International Pharmaceuticals Inc. Each product has an
assigned department producing the item to maintain the quality and standards of
different varieties of products they produce. In our second day, we have gone to
Profood International Corp. and Cebu Mitsumi, Inc. In Profood International Corp.
they are producing dried food products for an eighty percent (80%) export purposes
and twenty percent (20%) for local market distribution. Mostly during production they
are more of manual work than machine work, which means in their company they
can hire thousands of people in manufacturing their product. While Cebu Mitsumi, is

into cell phones connectors and car accessories. In fact, we are given chance to go
inside their production workplace, seeing their machines and products both design
by their local engineers, and was a given a privilege to ask informations about things
we wanted to learn from them.
The whole three day plant tour was surprising and amazing. Im looking
forward to have another plant tour of different industrial company. It has
reinforcement and engagement, in which all our instructors have taught us during
class is being applied by the company which help us see, understand and love our
course better. It also have socialization and exposures to new things, new working
environment, new processes wherein we were able to talked with our classmates
with regards the new thing we have seen and learned. And it has retention that helps
us retain the information for the rest of our lives.

It is a different way or style of learning. Hoping to have more plant tours like
that in which we could have fun while learning something different. Because
according to one of the great philosophers Confucius, he said that I hear and I
know, I see and remember, I do and I understand, which means that as students we
should limit ourselves from hearing and knowing something new learnings from our
teachers, we also need to see and expose ourselves, to better understand,
remember and do things accordingly in the real world.