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Common Project Strenghtening Higher Education in BiH III

(Provide module details for students, staff and with the purpose of
quality insurance)
Full module title: Statistics
Module code: 1MAR529
Module level/cycle BiH:

FQ-BiH and Bologna 1st cycle

Length: 15 weeks
Module leader:

(not applicable)

Web page: www.

(not applicable)
Basic course:

Basic module of the 2nd semester

Module status (basic/optional): Basic module of the 2nd semester

Preconditions: Mathematics
Conditions: none
Approach restriction:
Knowledge testing:
Date of semester register:
(not applicable)

8 March 2010


(Provide module details for students, staff and with the purpose of
quality insurance)
Module aims:
1) to introduce students to elements of statistical analysis
2) to prepare students for implementation of statistical methods
3) to introduce students to work processes in which are used statistical
Learning outcomes: upon successful completion of this module a student
will be able/capable to:
1) Perform statistical observations and data collection
2) To make statistical arrangement, processing and data presentation
3) To select and implement appropriate models and methods for
practical problem solving
4) To interprate statistical analysis results
5) To give a critical comment of selected models and to analyze their
6) To test and check a hypothesis
Indicative course content: Statistical researches (plan, processing and
presentation of statistical data), numerical indicators of the
characteristics of a statistical set, statistical structures, variability
concentration distributions, probability and probability distribution,
statistical analysis based on a sample, statistical hypothesis testing,
linear correlation analysis, dynamic phenomenon analysis.
Learning methods:
Ex cathedra lectures
Problem solving
Serminar work
Practical studies case study
Explanation of knowledge testing:
Knowledge testing is continued during semester, monitoring work and
knowledge of students during semester , as well as in final exam.
Criteria of testing:
Weight testing factor: (indicate in % weight testing factor for each
component of testing)
Test 1 25%
Homework - 10%
Test 2 25%
Project surveys / 10%
Participation in discussions 5%
Final exam 25%
Basic literature:
1. Dragovi V., Osnovi statistike, Zavod za
udbenike I nastavna sredstva Istono Sarajevo, 2007.
2. ii M., Lovri M., Pavlii D., Metodi
statistike analize, EF Beograd, 2002.
Intranet web references: www.statsoft.com
Date of semester register:

(not applicable)

of lectures

Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
Lecture 6
Lecture 7
Lecture 8
Lecture 9
Lecture 10
Lecture 11
Lecture 12
Lecture 13
Lecture 14
Lecture 15

Basic statistical terms, research methods and significance of

Statistical system (domestic and international) and publications
Statistical research: plan. plan, processing and presentation of
statistical data
Numerical indicators of the characteristics of a statistical set
(paremeters) - shape of the distribution
Statistical structures and concentration structure
Combinations, probability and probability distribution
Statistical analysis based on a sample
Statistical hypothesis testing
Analysis af variance
Non-parametrical testing
Regression and correlation analysis: linear and nonlinear
regression and correlation
Multiple linear regression and correlation and partial correlation
Dynamic analysis
Trend: linear, parabolic, exponential
Cyclical and seasonal variation

8 March 2010