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Lesson Plans

~Name:Evelyn Cortez ~Theme:Seasons ~Curriculum Area: Creative Math ~DRDP Domain: COG-Cognition, including Math and Science ~DRDP Measure:COG # 5: Number Sense of Quanity: Child shows developing understanding of number and quanity. ~Documentation Method: Anecdotal Notes This record will help me record their questions,statements,and actions

toward the activity.As in I will right down if they are able to recognize the number and see if they could place it in the right feather. It is also the best way to capture their levels of understanding and abilities. By writing down my observations of the child it will becomes easier to measure where they fall according to the DRDP rating scale.

~Example of Behavior:

-Later Exploring: Child will probably know his/her numbers verbally but not quite so being able to recognize them. In that case the child will say the number he/she believes it is but not be correct.Will

communicate"One,five,three,and six while pointing at the feathers. -Earlier Building: In this level the child will be able to identify the numbers on the feather by counting them and will be able to place them on the feather with the correct number on the turkey. The child will probably count the dots on the feather and tell me how much he/she has and will possiblhy ask me how many dots my feather has. -Middle Building: At this point the child will start to count his numbers

once he/she sees that the activity has to do with number sense. He/she might count out loud and point out that they go in order if they see that their is a numerical pattern.(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) - Later Exploring: In this level I will be asking the students how many total feathers the turkey has and how many dots does each feather have in total in order for it to be a grown turkey. He/she will basically show an understanding that the last number on the feather they counted is the total of number of dots the turkey has. -Intergrating: In this level the child will count on his/her fingers to determine how many dots each feather has in order to become a grown/full turkey.

~Activity Description:

-Anticipatory Set: To engage the children, I will have everything set out for them to see the activity of a turkey. I will ask them if they know what a turkey looks like.If the children are not familiar what it looks like I will show them one of my examples.I'm going to be laying out a turkey picture with feathers that have the numbers one to seven and I'm going to have them count out the dots on their feathers and have them place them in the correct number. -Questions:

~How many dots are in the yellow feather?(different color feathers) ~How many dots are in total to make your turkey complete?

~Does the red feather have more or less dots than the brown feather? ~Can you tell me what number is bigger one or five? ~Postitive Comments:

-You did an amazing job counting the dots. -Great job in knowing your colors on the feathers. -Guided Practice: I want this activity to be done by the children on their own for example them counting by themselves and placing the feathers on the correct number. If needed help then I will come into help -Independent Practice:I will give each student a cut out of the turkey

and hand them seven different color feathers.I explain what they have to do for example I will tell them that they have to put the feathers on their turkey but they have count how many dots each feather has and that they have to place them on the number according to the dots.After that they are done I will let them take it with them.

~Diagram/ Illustration:

-List of Materials:

~Construction Paper for the feathers(Blue, brown, white, red, green, orange, and yellow) ~

Turkey cut-out

~Glue ~Pencils for their name -Step-by Step:I will print out some turkey, and will cut them out so the kids wont have to use the scissors. I will myself make some feathers and cut them out and will draw some dots from the number one to seven. The feathers will be different colors so the children could also distingush the colors. I will then have the kids count each dot and have them glue it where ever the

number of dots on the feather combines with the number on the turkey.