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Partners For Transparency issues the third "Corruption Register

Observatory" report
85 corruption incidents in September, and the legislative procedures are
still absent
Partners for Transparency (PFT) continued its observation to corruption, and issues a
monthly reports about what was revealed of these cases, this is the third report has been
issued by the (PFT) foundation, covered the month of September, 2015, the following
month to the corruption case of Agriculture Ministry exposure, September, also,
witnessed some of its consequences, on the political, media and judicial levels.
These consequences have reached that, the government of Eng Ibrahim Mahlab
submitted its resignation, which adds positive indications related to the state's keenness
on the "sovereignty" of fair atmosphere for the electoral process, it also reflected a
reasonable amount of "the political will to combat corruption".
The "Corruption Log Book" report depends, as is the case per month, on observing the
published corruption incidents, booth, disclosed by the media or the concerned
regulatory, administrative and judicial authorities, at the same time it provides
appropriate tool to pursuit the extent of the corruption phenomenon, and the seriousness
of the state in fighting against this phenomenon.
The report includes account of the most important activities, procedures and relevant
legislation to combat corruption that have been observed, also includes a presentation
and classification of corruption incident that have been revealed during the month.

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Legislative and government actions developments to counter the corruption

The month of September, 2015, did not witness any legislative actions to combat
corruption, but it witnessed many governmental announcements about the address and
fight against corruption, a number of seminars, training courses and various meetings in
order to raise awareness about countering the corruption phenomenon . According to
the following:
Wednesday, September 2 :The Committee of administrative corruption at the Kafr
El-Sheikh university, organized a training course for 2000 employees inside the
university, divided into six periodic meetings, for Code of Ethics for employees
administrative system, session addressed the definition of the activation system of
the confrontation plans strategies in the fight against administrative corruption,
and treat its causes and its roots.
Saturday, September 5th: The Ministry of Awqaf decided to reform of the main
committee for the fight against corruption at the Ministry, which aims to
prepare a comprehensive plan to combat corruption, it also, work on the
development of controls that prevent occurrence of corruption in all sectors.
Tuesday, September 8th: Dr. Osama Hamdy Abdel Wahed governor of Kafr elSheikh, announced the formation of a corruption committee by his personal
knowledge, without disclosing its name or its members.
Tuesday, September 8th: Hisham Genena, head of the Central Auditing
Organization, signed a cooperation agreement between French Private
University in Egypt, the high school of Applied Commercial Sciences, and
Central Auditing Organization, in the framework of deploying the culture of
eradication of corruption, and ways to prevent it, and development anti
corruption means .
Saturday, September 12th : Major General Adel Labib, Minister of Local
Development decided to support inspection and supervision sector in the
ministry, with a new elements to activate the sector in the fight against
corruption, and oversight over local units, he also agreed to provide 10
innovative leadership positions at the sector. and granting the Judicial police


status for the rest of the sector members, in coordination with the Ministry of
Tuesday, September 15th: The Ministry of the Environment organized "The
first seminar for civil society organizations" in the framework of conducting "
civil society participation in combat corruption" program, at the cultural
educational center in " "Cairo house ".
Tuesday, September 15th: Maj. Gen. Mustafa Yossry governor of Aswan,
signed an understanding memorandum with the Ministry of Planning, Followup, and administrative reform, to implement the development of citizens'
service centers project, in aim to decline the attempts of administrative and
financial corruption.
Thursday, September 17th: Chancellor Sameh Kamal, Chairman of the
Administrative Prosecution Authority met a French judicial delegation to
discuss the prosecution role in fighting corruption inside state administrative
apparatus, also to discuss ways of training and judicial cooperation between
the administrative prosecution, and the French judiciary, in order to ensure the
development the Authority work system.
Saturday, September 19th : "Engineer Sherif Ismail," the Prime Minister,
stressed that corruption has no place in the new government, pointing out that
the whole board will stand firm against any attempts of corruption.
Sunday, September 20th: The culture body of South Sinai branch, organized
cultural awareness lecture entitled "Corruption and the importance of
combating it", in the framework of cultural plan of South Sinai culture branch
to raise public awareness of the seriousness and the importance of combating
corruption, and building citizens' confidence in the state performance.
Sunday, September 20th: Major General Mahmoud Ashmawi, the governor of
the New Valley, declared that he would not see corruption and keep silent, but
all those involved in corruption cases will be referred to regulatory and judicial
authorities to interrogate them and hold their accountable by law.
Sunday, September 20th: Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, Minister of Local
Development, stressed that. the ministry will fight corruption in localities with

strongly, and will not tolerate in confronting any violator, by law, whatever his
position or his job.
Monday, September 21: The General Directorate for Organization and
Administration organized a lecture on the role of the Finance Ministry
representatives in the fight against corruption, at Asyut university, as part of its
training program in the field of the role of external regulatory bodies in the
fight against corruption.
Thursday, September 24th : Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, Minister of Local
Development, in the upcoming period it will focus on providing better
services to citizens. And raise the level of popular satisfaction with the services
offered in all provinces, adding that, the development plans will be the
implemented, and all forms of corruption will be addressed by immediate
implementation of the law.
Monday, September 28th: The culture of South Sinai branch organized a
cultural awareness seminar entitled "The Phenomenon of Corruption", in the
framework of cultural plan of South Sinai culture to raise public awareness of
the seriousness and the importance of combating corruption .
Monday, September 28th: The Administrative Control Authority, organized a
training session, under the title Preparing Leaders to Enhance their Capacity
in the Field of Prevention and Combating Corruption, with total of 33 training
Its notable on what have been presented from activities and governmental statements
related to anti-corruption, that it was "more intense" this month than ever before, the
main reason for this may be the political and media hype that accompanied the
disclosure of a corruption scandal of the Agriculture Ministry, then changing the prime
minister and a number of his ministers, therefore a large number of officials have
tendency to announce positions seemed militant towards corruption within their sectors.
But at the same time, the legislative solutions still "absent" from the scene, despite its
strong political positions, the most notably was the acceptance of the government
resignation, but the state did not intervene during the month of September by issuing
laws or decisions that can deal with the widespread corruption phenomenon in Egypt.
Moreover, the activities organized by a number of organizations and government bodies
and all ostensibly aims to educate and rehabilitate their staff to engage in anti-corruption

efforts, but these activities practically, lacks coherence, systematic and proper planning,
allowing to measure impact and payback on the behaviors and practices of staff within
those bodies, subsequently.
The general features of the corruption incidents during the month of August
First, the corruption incidents, according to the different sectors

# of incidents


# of incidents

Ministry of ration


Ministry of Electricity



Ministry of

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Antiquities 2

Ministry of health

Banking sector

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Cultural

Ministry of

Civil society

Ministry of

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Justice


Radio and Television


Ministry of

Ministry of Housing




The results in the previous table indicating that the armed Ministry of ration has
obtained the biggest share of the corruption incidents were witnessed this week by 18
corruption incidents, followed by the Localities with 12 corruption incidents, Ministry of
Finance came next by9 incidents, followed by Ministry of Health by 7 incidents, Interior
and Transportation Ministries came next by 3 incidents for each of them, Ministry of
Antiquities, and Ministry of Antiquities and Banking sector followed with2 incidents for
each, and in the last place came the Ministry of Cultural Development, Civil society,
Ministry of Culture, Premiership, Ministry of Environment, and Ministry of Housing
with one incident for each one of them.
The corruption incidents according to the cases position.

# of incidents




On trial





The previous data indicate that the cases under investigation obtaining the first
place among the corruption incidents this month with 60 incidents. Followed by
the cases on trail with 14 incidents, the adjudicated cases cases followed by 7
incidents, Finally the cases that were Not investigated ranked last, with 4 incidents
The corruption incidents in Septemper,2015:

1. Arresting an employee at Ismailia court complex, in charge of swindle. (Veto

gate, 1st of September, 2015).

2. The referral of head of taxes office of Azbakeya, and the director of examination
affairs, in charge of taking bribe from the business owners to reduce their taxes.
(Veto gate, 1st of September, 2015).

3. Seizing 12 cars violated and smuggled of customs, in Suez, Dostor news, (2nd of
4. Seizing 2 tons of unknown source meat and liver before selling them on
markets, in Menofiya governorate. (September,2015).


5. Seizing 5 tons of subsidized flour before being sold on the black market, in
Beheira governorate. (September,2015).

6. A ministry deputy and 7 photographers at Radio and Television Union, were

punished, their taking money amounts unrightfully, was approve.(2nd

7. Seizing 90 butane gas and tons of agricultural fertilizer, before being sold in the
black market, (2nd of September,2015).

8. Seizing 12 smuggled and violating to customs vehicles in Suez . ( Aldostor, 2nd

of September 2015).

9. Extending the detention for two engineers at Monshaet Nasser district

authority, 15 days on charges of seizing a land owned by the district. (Veto gate,
2nd of September,2015).

10. Seizing 304 cases of tax evasion, Where transactions totaled 2,561,520,434
E.P. the (Seventh day news paper,2nd of September,2015).

11. Referring 93 doctors and 34 administrative employees at Samanoud general

hospital, to investigation.( 5th September, 2015)

12. Thwart smuggling of 16 tons of flour on the black market in Gharbia

governorate. (Veto gate, 7th September, 2015)

13. Seizing the Hamdi El Fakarany, head of the anti-corruption assembly on

charge of receiving a bribe of 3.5 million pounds. (Al Arabia News, 7th
14. Seizing 243 package of corrupt veterinary medicines, in Sharkia
governorate.(Veto gate September 8th , 2015 ).

15. exclusion and the dismissal the head of ration local unit of Al-Fardan village,
affiliated to the ration administrative, Ismailia center, because of the
manipulation of the review and update of the ration cards data forms. (Seventh
day news paper, 8th of September,2015).

16. An officer at passports administrative was imprisoned, on charges of

obtaining money in exchange for the renewal of Syrian refugees' residence.
(Veto gate September 8th , 2015 ).

17. The imprisonment of former head of the Investigation of Dar el Salaam

Center, pending investigation, for possession of five guns without a license
within his own rest house. (Al Watan, September 8th , 2015 ).

18. The referral of three officials of the executive body leaders of El Obour
market, to trial, on charges of committing serious financial and administrative
irregularities. (Veto gate September 9th , 2015 ).
19. Ration police seized two million liters of subsidized diesel and 300 butane
gas. (the seventh day, September 9th , 2015 ).
20. The Deputy of Local Development Ministry was punished, after his
committing serious administrative irregularities during his presidency of the
local unit of Qena center and city , were approved. (Veto gate September 9th ,
2015 ).

21. Seizing 23 cases of tax evasion supported by documents, includes various

trade and professional activities, where the total transaction amounted 81
million pounds. (the seventh day, September 9th , 2015 ).

22. Referral of the employees at Engineering management in Magaga center and

city, to investigation, because of the failure to take legal action against
violations and violators. (the seventh day, September 9th , 2015 ).

23. General Secretary of the Arab Union to combat money laundering was
punished by imprisonment two years and two months, on charges of defrauding
citizens, falsification of official record. (Veto gate September 9th , 2015 ).
24. The release of an employee at Aboud Traffic Office, on bail two thousand
pounds, and a driver on bail 500 pounds, they were charged with bribe for
changing the car data. (Veto gate September 9th , 2015 ).

25. The electricity police seized six thousand case of electricity current theft .
(the seventh day, September 9th , 2015 ).

26. Administrative Prosecution investigating the incident of neglecting in the

treatment of -year and a half year old girl, in Mahala general hospital. (Veto gate
September 10th , 2015 ).

27. The investigation in 217 cases of corruption at the Ministry of Agriculture,

beside, the case currently investigated by the High State Security Prosecution,
the former Minister of Agriculture is the accused of it.( Al Watan , September 10
th ,2015 )
28. Investigation with the defendants in the theft 50 kilograms of gold incident,
from the Currency body of Ministry of Finance. (the seventh day, September
11th , 2015 ).

29. Seizing 6 thousand and 892 cases of electric current thefts, through illegal
connections, and seizing 28 violations of the contracts conditions.( Al Masry El
Youm,11th September, 2015).
30. Mr. Mostafa Sayed, a worker, was cut red-handed stealing properties of
railway body. (Veto gate September 12th , 2015 ).

31. 9 administrative corruption cases, were seized, for trading in the ration
shares, and sell over priced in Cairo. (Veto gate September 12th , 2015 ).

Seizing 3247 electricity current thefts cases, and 13 violations for contracts
terms, implementation of 392 misdemeanor imprisonment. (the seventh day,
September 13th , 2015 ).

33. Referring head of the public body for Port Saied Ports, his canceller, and 5 of
the heads of Contracting and Petroleum companies. (the seventh day,
September 13th , 2015 ).
34. Referring the former interior minister" Habeb El Adly" and 12 oficials in the
ministry, to the criminal court, on charges of taking one billion and 800 million
pounds of public money, and harming it. (Veto gate September 12th , 2015 ).

35. Investigating with the head of Al Zaher police station, and the head of
detectives of the police department. They were faced by the charges against them,
in the gold bullion case, charges of laxity. ( first day gate, 13th of September, 2015).


36. Imprison a storekeeper responsible for 3 antiques stores, and am antique

inspector at Misr Al Kadema area, pending investigations, in charge of seizing
antiques and harm the public money, steeling statuses, selling and copy them.
(the seventh day, September 14th , 2015 ).

37. The imprisonment of six accused, pending investigations, accused of stealing

gold bullion from the currency body affiliated to Ministry of Finance. (Veto gate
September 14th , 2015 ).

38. The officials of protecting lands, Agricultural association, the head of the
association, and owner of buildings in Enshas El Ramml, in Belbas center, were
referred to the public prosecution. (the seventh day, September 14th , 2015 ).

39. The punishment of the director of public relationships at the regional

channels sector of the Radio and Television Union, after it was approved that
they committed serious financial and administrative irregularities, (Veto gate
September 15th , 2015 ).

40. The head of Gamasah city, the general director in Dakahlia governorate
office, and three other officials were referred to trail after it was approved that
they committed serious financial and administrative irregularities. (Veto gate
September 15th , 2015 ).

41. Arresting an accountant in Naser Institute, red handed with bribe, by a

citizen, after he bargained the citizen in exchange to facilitate the procedures of
finish the treatment forms for the citizen's son infected with cancer. (the
seventh day, September 15th , 2015 ).

42. Seizing huge pips threw sewages in the course of the Nile River at Sharkia
governorate. ( Dostour, 15th September, 2015).

43. Seizing 2 tons of anonymous beans in Beheira governorate, in order to sell

them on the black market. ( Dostour, 15th September, 2015).

44. Seizing a stolen car driven by a prosecution secretary, during a traffic check
point at Bialla center. ( Dostour, 15th September, 2015).

45. Ration minister deputy and 6 other officials, in Asyut, were referred to trail,
after it was approved that they failing to supervise and control the work of Bani


Uday mill, at Manfalout, to commit serious financial and administrative

irregularities. (Veto gate September 16th , 2015 ).

46. Hamdi Hassan, director of South Menoufia area was transferred to the postal
area in Suez, with Al Sadat post office deputy for legal affair, because of the
postal account of Ahmed Ezz, which was used by Ezz himself to register his
candidacy forms for the parliamentary elections.( ONA agency, 16th September,

47. A police man from the force of Mahala second police department, named
Ahmed, M,A,D
in charge of impersonating an officer of public funds
investigation recipe, and planed with four criminals to storm a citizen's house
under pretext that it he is required to investigate and bargaining him to pay 11
thousand pounds. to arrange to release him. (the seventh day, September 16th ,
2015 ).

48. Arresting an employee in ration ministry, and his brother, in kerdasa in

charge of managing and recycling oils used in the manufacture of chips. (the
seventh day, September 16th , 2015 ).

49. Seizing an owner of a ration grocery shop for selling food commodities
outside the system in El Sayeda Zeinab. (Veto gate September 16th , 2015 ).

50. Referring the General Director of Cairo governorate office, and 7 other
officials of Dar El Salam district; for trial on charges of serious financial and
administrative irregularities. (Veto gate September 17th , 2015 ).

51. Seizing two workers, one of them from Al Basateen district, police station,
and the other a sweeper at Sidi Gaber Railway Station, while they were selling
tickets on the Upper trains lounge, outside the ticket area, and by more than
scheduled their price. (El Bawaba News, September 18th , 2015).

52. Arresting Kafr Hashad's post Office deputy, resident at Kom Hamada center
department, in Beheira governorate in charge of manipulating the savings
accounts. (El Bawaba News, September 18th , 2015).

53. referring an official at the Egyptian real estate bank, to court after the
verification of committing Embezzlement from customer funds under false
documents. (Veto gate September 18th , 2015 ).


54. Two owners of two gas station cars were accused of compiling large
quantities of petroleum products "80 petrol and diesel". (El Bawaba News,
September 18th , 2015).

55. The treasury official at Marsa Matrouh city council, was Referred to public
prosecution; to investigate into the embezzlement of 250 thousand pounds.
(Veto gate September 18th , 2015 ).

56. Investigating with Chancellor Ahmed Macki, former Minister of Justice, in the
charges against him to obtain sums of money, in form of monthly bonuses, after
the end of his work as a minister, unjustly. (Veto gate September 19th , 2015 ).

57. 8 officials of Tanta health department were referred to disciplinary trial for
negligence in the case of " vaccines corruption". (Al-Ahram Gate- 20 Septemper2015).

58. The municipality seized corrupted meat, unfit for human consumption, in
many of the massacres in Minya. (Al-Ahram Gate- 20 Septemper-2015).

59. Investigation in accusing 4employees from the civil department of North

Cairo court, for rigging judicial decisions, bribery, illegal earn and copying
judges signature. ( Veto gate,20th September,2015).

60. A storekeeper of Cairo sorting Engineering workshops, the storekeeper of

Abu Zaabal Housing stores for railway body , and driver of railway body, were
arrested in charge of stealing some equipment were transferred from sorting
Engineering workshops to Abu Zaabal Housing stores. ( Veto gate,20th

61. Seizing 6.5 tons of cheese with worms inside a factory before selling them to
consumers in Zefta. ( Dostor news paper, 21th September,2015).

62. A report of the increasing rate of fertile agricultural land infringements up to

a million and 383 thousand cases, on a space of 60 thousand and 789 acres of
fertile land. (the seventh day, September 21th , 2015 ).
Investigation in the memo submitted by general Hisham Al Sakka, project
manager of Damanhur internal transport project, which contains major
irregularities.( Baladna EL youm, September 121th , 2015 ).


64. A lawyer of center management for Legal Affairs at Radio and Television
Union, was referred to trial, after verification of committing a fraud crime.( Veto
gate,22th September,2015).

65. Cancellation of the Minister of Health decision to recompense the general

manager of ambulance, in Middle Upper Egypt region, after the verifying that
accusation were directed to him by the administrative prosecution were false.(
Veto gate,22th September,2015).

66. Tow employees in Al Omranyah post office were arrested for embezzling 56
thousand pounds. ( Veto gate,22th September,2015).
67. A report issued by the Central Auditing Organization for wasting public
money in Qena specialized hospital, about cashing salaries and incentives for a
number of physicians and nursing staff and crews, five years ago, despite the
end of their terms of office, or transfer them to other places. ( Veto gate,22th

68. (S.M.S) the head of removal unit at first El Montazah district, and (A.Z.M)
representatives of the finance directorate for legal affairs, were referred to
administrative prosecution, for taking an immediate fine without extracting
payment receipt. (the seventh day, September 24th , 2015 ).

69. Number of irregularities inside the Health directorate of Gharbia province,

represented in disbursement thousands of pounds from private funds, in
violation of the law, and disbursement more than 300 thousand pounds,
unjustly, for two senior leaders of the Gharbia Health Directorate.( El Badeel,
September 26th , 2015 ).

70. Release a storekeeper of mintage body, for five thousand pounds bail, after
he was accused of stealing gold bullions incident.( Veto gate,28th

71. Trial of 5 employees Arab Bank, in the incident of embezzlement of bank

clients' funds, and the seizure of three million pounds, by falsifying some
documents, in the deliberation room. ( Veto gate,28th September,2015).


72. Investigation in the incident of wasting nearly 2 billion pounds by minister of

civilization development and the slums, on projects he did not disclose.
(Mobtadaa, 28th September,2015).

73. Chairman of Bassioun city, Taha Shams "director of state property", and"
Ibrahim Berbesh "architect of state property" working at engineering
management , were accused of wasting public money, and causing in loss state
land. (Egypt Country News, September 28th ,2 015).

74. Waste of public money in building a wall of deportations station in Mahalla,

At length of 521 meters, at a cost of 730 thousand pounds, at the end of 2014.(
el Shrouk, September 28th , 2015).

75. The innocence of the general director of Al Saha artistic band,at the Theater
House, after verified that the accusation of wasting public money were fales.( El
Bedayah, September 28th , 2015).
76. The general director of the Agricultural Research center was punished after
the verification of committing serious financial and administrative
irregularities.(El Bawaba News, September 29th , 2015).
77. The general manager of contracts and purchasing department, and an
employee, at Public Transportation Authority in Cairo, were referred to trail
after the verification of committing serious financial and administrative
irregularities. ( Veto gate,29th September,2015).

78. Postpone the trial of 37 accused to seize amounts of 30 thousand pounds,

from the funds of Care Council of invalids and families of the martyrs of January
revolution, by falsifying medical reports about their injury during the revolution
(Veto gate,29th September,2015).

79. A Storekeeper responsible for 3 stores for antiques, and antiques inspector
of ancient Egypt district, were jailed in charge of seizing antiques, damage to
public money, theft and trafficking of statues and replicating them. ( Veto
gate,29th September,2015).
80. Arresting the director of Dae El Salam ration office, for seizing 280 ration
card from citizens, and seizing the support allocated to them, for more than a
year. (the seventh day, September 29th , 2015 ).


81. Four officials of leaders of the General Authority for Investment and Free
Zones in Port Said, were punished after verification of wasting 6.8 millions of
public money. ( Veto gate,30th September,2015).

82. Seizing 10 tons of subsidized flour before being sold on the black market, in
Qaliubiya. (the seventh day, September 30th , 2015 ).

83. The referral of head of Balteem city to trial, for committing serious financial
and administrative irregularities, and manipulation in the process of selling
state land, resulting in a waste of public money. ( Veto gate,30th

84. Seizing 360 variety ration cases, including many of the illicit trafficking and
exploitation of petroleum products and butane gas cases. (the seventh day,
September 30th , 2015 ).

85. Reveling of the presence of fake committees to steal public money at

sewerage projects.( Anaba',30th September, 2015).