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Alfonso Ernesto de la Fuente Ruiz, PhD

Doctor of Engineering in Computer Science & Mathematics, MBA in Information Technologies Management
博士,工学者技数学家,高科经理 -工程师研究 (For chinese speakers)
alfonsodelafuenteruiz@yahoo.es | +34 687 432 906 | Skype: alfonsofr

Professional Profile:
Dr. Alfonso de la Fuente is an experienced STEM specialist (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Born in Spain, he has a strong
focus in Management and Optimization; and also is versatile, dedicated, creative and persistent. His career has taken him to work in four
countries with very rich and diverse cultures, in positions related to Information Technology, Mathematics, Education and Consultancy.
With five years of experience in management, three master degrees, and a PhD in his backpack, he can offer a unique mixture of
interdisciplinary technical expertise and soft skills. He is currently in the process of reorienting his career, and seeking a long-term, full-
time position, where to add the most value, grow professionally, and settle down.

· (1999-2001 Spain, Burgos) Traffic Lighting Systems Operator (“Smart City Traffic System” summer interships). Etralux, S. A.
· (2003-2003 U.K., Nottingham) Software Solutions Provider: Software Quality Assurance, e-learning, robotics. BYG Systems Ltd.
· Worked in the development of e-learning courses, web/flash programming (DHTML, JavaScript, Macromedia), and sys-admin support.
· (2003-2008 Spain, Madrid) CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER (Systems Manager – Public Lighting). Urbalux, S. A.
· Urbalux was founded in 1953 with approx. 150 people in staff. As on of the five managers reporting directly to the CEO, was in charge
of company-wide Information Technology operational management, including negotiation of Service Level Agreements, migration of
the Enterprise Resource Planning system, rolling-out of a national Virtual Private Network, revamping of the Computer Aided Design
department, and other Project Management related activities including Budgeting, SCM, DBA, and server administration (AS400,
Windows & Linux). Also added different collaborations in the Public Contracting of airport-borne, and city-wide, electrical installations
and maintenance, across several spanish cities. During his term, the company grew from € 7 million to 11 € million in revenue.
· (2009-2010 Spain, Barcelona) Intellectual Property Manager (Patent review PT). ExperienceOn Ventures
· Was put in charge of the start-up’s I.P. and the technical review of the “Reservation System and Method” patent used by the Bliquo GIS
search product, later to become BeFogg, as applied in the SkyScanner.com website that later acquired it (currently owned by CTrip.com)
· (2010-2010 Spain, Burgos) University Lecturer – Computer Science Technical Engineering (PT). Univ. Burgos
· Started teaching part time several subjects at the local university, including Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, and Java™.
· (2010-2011 Spain, Burgos) Researcher in Applied Computational Intelligence. Univ. Burgos
· Started his PhD and got a scholarship to do research in Multidimensional Visualization techniques (involving SAS and Linux Qt libraries)
· (2010-2012 Spain, Burgos) Industrial Consultant. (bespoke discont., PT, customers: Pepsico, L’Oreal, Nicolás Correa)
· Taught several courses, including: Statistical Quality Control, SAP-related systems, and basic Mandarin Chinese.
· (2012-2013 P. R. China, Shanghai) University Lecturer in CS & Mathematics. Sino-British College - Univ. of Shanghai for Sci. & Tech.
· After studying the chinese language for 3 years, started lecturing in Shanghai to the newest generation of engineers and business leaders.
· (2014-2014 U.A.E. – Dubai) Senior Mathematics K-12 Teacher. SABIS Choueifat International School, Sheikh Zayed-Jumeirah.
· Taught High-School Math in Dubai’s exclusive international school, for most of the year, at all levels, including PISA and TIMMS related
activities, and standardized testing. Afterwards, returned to Spain in order to submit his PhD thesis, which he did very succesfully.

· Scientific baccalaureate (1996, I.E.S. Pintor Luis Sáez, Burgos)
· MEng: Bachelor & Master of Engineering in Computer Science (2002 Universidad de León)
· Specialised in Scientific Visualization and Multimedia Development. With honors in "Knowledge Structuration" (The Semantic Web).
· Thesis: "A Methodology for the Development of Multimedia Software", including the development of two multimedia applications.
· MBA: Master in Business Administration - Information Technologies Management (2007, IDE-CESEM Business Sch.)
· With subjects including: Security Management and Organization, Information & Communication Systems, Project Management & ITIL, e-
Business, Systems Integration, Marketing & Corporate Systems, Human Resources in IT, Business IT Systems, IT Management, Systems
Development, Business Intelligence, ERPs, Operating Accounts, IT Systems Auditing, Decision Support Systems.
· Thesis: “Knowledge Management Systems – Software Factory Sustainable Business Plan”. Presented in Viena, Austria (ESTC2009).
· MSc: Master of Science in Applied Mathematics (2009 – Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
· With subjects including: Applied Statistics in SAS®, SPSS®, Data Mining, Oracle DDBB, Adv. Numerical Methods, Adv. Optimization
Techniques, Dynamical Systems Simulation, Financial Mathematics, Cryptography, Parallel Computing, Stochastic Calculus, Risk
Management, Computer Algebra Systems, Artificial Intelligence in Maple®, Mathematical Programming, MATLAB, R.
· PhD: Doctor of Engineering– (Operations Research., 2016 – Universidad de Burgos)
· Dissertation book: “Multiobjective optimization of detours: Heuristic foundations and novel applications in Artificial Intelligence”.
· Was awarded a prize for its industrial applications (T-CUE Knowledge Transfer). Several scientific conferences given world-wide.
· Spanish (Native - Castillian)
· English (Bilingual competence). Trinity College London meritory certificate.
Standard Chinese (Advanced including read, spoken & written). 5 immersion courses taken (1 x Universidad de Burgos, +3 x Beijing Capital Normal
University, +1 x Shanghai Heavenly Mandarin Academy). Also able of inked traditional calligraphy, whether required.

Various degrees and courses taken:

· Microsoft® official course: Windows Server and Active Directory. · Financial Advisor (Generali insurance group – Seguros La Estrella)
· Statistical Analysis with the SAS® system (official) · Progress and Challenges of Interdisciplinary Mathematics congress
· Microsoft SQL server databases course. (El Escorial - UCM)
· Microsoft Windows server securitization and fortification. · Marketing Mix course.
· Parallel supercomputing in CUDA with nVidia GPUs (FCSCYL · Coaching and Leadership course.
Supercomputing Center) · Illustration, comic-book, and narrative (1 full year, taken at the
· Microcomputing hardware maintenance (technical degree) “Carlos Díez” Arts Academy)

Other details:
Born in Madrid, European Union passport holder, with B1 car driving license (obtained in 1996), currently living in a large and beautiful house in Burgos
(Spain), has worldwide mobility, prefers temperate climates, and always enjoys a walk on the beach.

Gallery of scanned documents at Google Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/waMWGVgNmMzMJXMF8
References, recommendation letters, and other work-related documents are available upon request.

Further information:
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/alfonsofr
LINKEDIN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/alfonsofr
SCRIBD: https://es.scribd.com/user/1417/Alfonso
GOOGLE PLUS: https://plus.google.com/+AlfonsoFR1978?hl=es
RESEARCHGATE https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alfonso_De_La_Fuente_Ruiz

Last reviewed in January 2018.

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