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Dark horse

By Papageorgiou Alexis


Ladies and Gentlemen Congratulations to FC Bayern, winners of the 2015-2016 Bundesliga!

The moment weve all have been waiting for is finally here. After almost 3 months of breathtaking football,
Guardiola and his boys have clinched another domestic title. Lets welcome them to this stage, and present
them with their 25th shield. After the ceremony, a brief wine and snack party to bid the Champions farewell will
follow, a chance for everyone to get selfies and autographs with the heroes.
Its finished, its over, its done This is a one horse race. Bundesligas curtain has been torn to pieces, before
December got the chance to say hello, and the Bavarian boys should hit the Black beach waves and the
Mojitos. And my personal favorite, if the sun doesnt suddenly rise from the west, Bayern will raise a 4th
German Championship in a row. Indeed, it takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of our own
ignorance. What we seem to easily erase from our football memories, is a simple element, called surprise ...
What Greece taught the whole world a decade ago or Porto that crazy summer. Its unpredictability, the luck or
hunger factor if you like, or moments of individual brilliance that can turn the table and provide discussion
material for the weeks to come. After all, goals like Barcas third versus Villarreal cannot become a weekly
habit, can they? Or a last minute stone skipping past Cuellar, that helped Atletico skip critique, and grasp at the
final of all moments, the deserved 3 points.
This may sound a bit romantic and naive, but actually is born out of proximate observation of statistics and in
game form, produced by various teams in the Bundesliga this season. With the covers reserved by Bayern for
the foreseeable future, few seem to possess the curiosity to turn the page, and see the bright yellow BVB
colors who by the way, is recording the second best second placed team season of all times up to this point of
the campaign, with 18 wins out of 22 and only one defeat, that 5-1 obliteration from Bayern.
First things first
The FC Hollywood nickname, awarded to the Trap 1996-1998 squad, for their yellow press deserving outfield
sublime performances and public outbursts, has run its course, and the sound now played in the Allianz arena,
is bested in addictiveness only by a baby giggling, as theyre gradually becoming a little more dangerous than
Front pages, pundits TV or fans discussions, social media and newspapers can alter many things, like for
example the empty space available in a bin, but certainly not memory. We can all be sure of one thing Even
if the whole world crowns them Champions, Bayern will not rest until they physically touch this 4th consecutive
Bundesliga bling of blings, or mathematically achieve it. This and every other trophy to follow are guarded by
two United thieves, Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. During that magical Camp Nou night back in
1998-1999, when they found themselves lying, face down, in the grass, in a date that was destined to go
horribly wrong.

Carsten Jancker crying

Reaching the promise land simply to find out the volcano has erupted, blooded their history book, but the
lesson learned in 3 minutes time, may prove to be worthier than that lost in action Holy Grail.
Its 5, not 50
Hands down race is not yet the case, and it should be treated as such, since despite Bayerns stellar
performances, the gap in the table resembles nothing more than a 5 point home stretch.
A 5-1 demolition of Dortmund sounds pretty cool for Bayern and Bundesliga over fans, but for those who
watched the reds dominate games, and got more or less the impression of a ball in the hole game, this
thrashing wasnt their best 2015 performance, or second, or third
Up to the 26th minute, one could argue Dortmund was the better team on the field or at least Bayerns equal,
but Muller is no brush aside, and he proved it once more despite the flow of the game, transforming into an
assist, a perfect 80 yards through ball, with the fingerprints of Boateng, stating the case in discussion.
In a 10 minute window, BVBs plan to check, check, check and then pronto all in, backfired twice, with
Thiago front runner of a new counter, hitting the brakes inside the yellow box, a maneuver Mkhitaryan failed to
copy, leaving the ref with a single choice. A task easily accomplished by Muller, who completed his brace from
the spot.
The dark knight initiated the come back, but it was too late for him and his Gotham partners, who master
classed their own destruction. Seconds into the second half, Lewa took full advantage from an indescribable
Burki exit to another Boateng long ball, injecting the necessary oxygen into a struggling Bayern body. With legs
free as a bird, and 11 stunned Dortmund players, an ecstatic Bayern wrapped the game in a handcrafted,
crystals and finest silk Swarovski bag, with another brace from Lewandowski. Like a final touch in an art piece,
Gtze turned from provider to executioner, and frosted the handle.
As much as I like a Center Back fitfully dressing as Xavi, the two Boateng assists point to a problem, Tuchel
failed to address in the 45 minute brake and by adding the penalty to the equation, the many flaws in that BVB
game become transparent.
Kudos though, as Dortmund came instantly out of the coma, wagering across the board securing 12 out of 12
points from Mainz (0-2), Augsburg (5-1), Werder Bremen (1-3) and Schalke in the recent 5 goal derby.
Answering a 5-1 demolition call with all guns blazing, is ok in my book, as long as it doesnt suggest a prior
acknowledgement of an opponents superiority, and therefore a so what mentality to a beating. Bundesliga and
those 81.359 fans including the crazy Yellow Wall ones, need their dark horse to keep clip clapping one more
round after the finish line.

The momentum couldnt be better, or could it? Dortmund is producing some free flow football with 7 straight
wins in all competitions, and on the cards, they do look like that dark horse, more than qualified to give Bayern,
a run for the money.
Batman is on fire with 14 goals in 12 Bundesliga matches this season and 22 in all competitions, but if you take
2015 in total, he ranks 5th in the world with 41 goals. No surprise several high profile scouts have reserved a
fixed spot with an open telephone connection inside the Westfalenstadion.
Top scorers 2015:

Cristiano Ronaldo: 45
Lionel Messi: 45
Lewandowski: 43
Neymar: 42
Aubameyang: 41

Sometimes I think to myself: Fuck, Im really good batman stated in a recent LEquipe interview, and
who can argue with that when the goals are popping up like girls in front of Hugh Hefners door. Self-belief is
vital, especially for a striker with the heavy task of adding value to the impressive work rate of the whole BVB
squad at the moment.
Work rate and team spirit reinvented and summarized in the performances of the runner up, in last years
competition of worst player in the Bundesliga. Matthias Ginter was the best surprise party present, Tuchel got
for his 42nd birthday. Introduced for the first time in his professional career to the RB position at half time during
that shocking mid-August clash with Odds BK, when the yellow turned black in 22 minutes, a time frame in
which the Norwegians managed to score 3 with disturbing ease, Ginter threw the rock and never looked back.
Three days later he grabbed the Ingolstadt dragon by the horns and slayed it with a goal and an assist,
securing his spot in Tuchels XI. The youngster created 13 chances in the first 10 matches, trailing only
Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Reus and Kagawa, and he managed to get 10 assists in all competitions, a silver
medal deserving stat bettered only by Mkhitaryan.

Three goals of significant value, including one in the recent derby with Schalke, sum up the youngsters
impressive form, a welcomed staging by everyone in the camp and one they will certainly hope he can keep up
and even improve.
M.G: Yeah its fantastic, I am absolutely delighted. But I am much happier about the teams victory
than I am about my own performance. Generally I only ever want to help the team, put in a good
performance and get the three points.
Even Piszczek, a regular starter at RB, recognizes the 21year olds recent superiority and rise since the flop
tag, publicly stating that Ginter will keep his spot, as long as he keeps his form. That sounded a bit like a threat
didnt it, but a competitive atmosphere with all the pros that come with it, is the way to get back in business and
reach Klopp heights.
In that 4-0 annihilation of Qabala and progress to the last 32 knockout stage, BVBs nu 10, the Armenian
maestro served twice the platter, and scored a stunner in the 70th minute but the culmination came 1 minute to
the final whistle, when he got up after slipping, and sprinted back to win possession once more, demonstrating
with an idyllic manner his flawless work ethic, notwithstanding mission accomplished.
The prolific performances by Bruce Wayne have been halted though by an injury that cost Gabon the match,
and the advantage going into Saturdays second leg:
Suffering from elongation, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is out for tonights game against Mozambique.
More information on the coming hours.
Gotham is facing an epidemic, with Robin also sidelined for two weeks with torn muscle fibres, but the
international break offers a dear chance for recovery.
It seems like BVBs sporting director, Michael Zorc, has given up the Bayern race, or for the incredulous, a
mind/hypnosis game has been launched towards the Allianz arena general area.
With our 29 points wed actually top the leagues in Spain, England and Italy, but Bayern Munich dont
play there. They win every match. Thats our problem this year.
Subconsciously injecting the win every match proviso, Zorc also comes out pretty positive in his teams ability
to tick that box in question, under the surface hoping for a Bayern slip up similar or worse the one versus
Frankfurt. In the fact that the second half of the season also works in his favor, Zorc may see something the
rest still dont. After all, Bayern is fighting on all fronts, where BVB will be set across notably lesser opposition
in the Europa league, with everything that comes with it in terms of fatigue and injuries hopefully on the plus
Superman vs Batman 1-0

Mind games or not, BVB is no running mate with solely mission to motivate Bayern in keeping this grand form
going. Theyre the dark horse, and theyll keep running till the end, anxiously waiting for the front runners to
slip, like they did against them in Munich. Inside their fans cluster, the home game is destined to be played in
the pits of hell, and perhaps there lies the perfect moment for overtake.
After the first round, Clark Lewandowski leads the superheroes race, but Bruce Aubameyang has a lot of
gadgets at his disposal, still unused. With only one Deutsche Meisterschale to be won, the war between
Gotham and Metropolis will rage for the months to come. Unless of course Joker and Lex Luthor decide to
manifest themselves and spice things up a little.