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Since its inception in 2010, Nauroz is moving towards achieving its goals and objectives. The
details of its achievements are as follows:
Nauroz Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profitable, non-political and non-partisan
organization. Nauroz Foundation's aim is to guide and serve the uneducated, underprivileged and
deprived population of rural areas of Pakistan through provision of quality health care,
education, relief, rehabilitation services and to create employment opportunities which should be
accessible and cost effective to the population residing in rural area of disadvantaged social
groups such as low wage earners who are facing lot of educational, health and employment
problems due to high inflation. Community development, poverty alleviation, social
development and education are interlinked processes which require sustained contribution of the
government, civil society and local community. Thats why Nauroz Foundation focuses on
creating opportunities for the unemployed poor, weak, vulnerable and disadvantaged section by
providing employment opportunities and by arranging means to better and respectable earning.
Nauroz Foundation is firmly committed to improve the living standard and quality of life for the
poor and under-privileged section of the society.
Organizations Aim, Vision & Mission:
Nauroz aims to give every citizen of Pakistan a chance of transforming his or her life through
education and equal opportunities.
Nauroz envisions a world in which every child is educated, protected, valued and grows up to
turn the tide of poverty.
To promote sustainable development in Pakistan through community participation to reduce
poverty by education and providing employment.
Key Objectives
Nauroz specically aims to:

Develop the undeveloped human capital.

Create opportunities for gender equality.
Strengthen the community through self reliance activities.
Mobilize disadvantageous social groups and poor people for their empowerment.
Facilitate to increase social infrastructure (health, education. water, roads) through
participatory interventions.
Engage in research and advocacy for sustainable development, women empowerment and
poverty alleviation.
Promote democracy, human rights and rule of law.
Work towards environmental sustainability.

Beneciaries of Nauroz Foundation Programs:

Our programs benefit deprived marginalized and excluded communities across Pakistan.
These programs are particularly directed at two highly vulnerable groups - women and children.

Children who don't attend school because of poverty

Children who attend school but don't get proper education
Degree-awarded, unemployed youth
Poor and helpless women who are looking for job to fulll their basic needs.
Individuals in disaster areas
Lack off poor health facilities
Displaced people due to terrorism, war, natural disasters etc.

Activities/ Programs:
Primary Goals
Education & Literacy
Secondary Goals

Social Development
Water Purification
Rural Development
Sports Promotion
Disaster Management
Awareness of social issues
Community Mobilization & Empowerment
Reconciliation for terrorism affected families

We consider cooperation as necessary tool for development processes. Therefore, we maintain
partnerships with different stakeholders, being aware of the importance of every single pillar:
local communities, authorities, other organizations.
The aim of the project:
Strengthen the networking and communication
Raise the awareness of selected civil society
Share and learn from the best practices
Nauroz foundation is commencing efforts for reducing unemployment rate from our society.
Unemployment directly relates to the poverty, it is also a major cause of dangerously increasing
rate of crimes in our society. The youth of Pakistan is spoiling their lives, became desperate with
their financial situations and eventually either give their lives in the hand of criminal minds or
commit suicides.

Nauroz Job House was founded, mainly to assist the youth in getting the right compensation of
their efforts and to support them in maintaining their confidence level. At Nauroz Job House we
help candidates first
How to prepare professional Curriculum Vita.

Make attitude as a complete professional.

b. Body language
c. Communication
d. Dress up
e. Presentation
f. Describe about the particular job
Nauroz also help candidates to apply for right job. Some time we recomend the candidates to
employers as well.
Skill Development Program
Pakistan is gradually becoming economically failure estate day by day. There are so many factors
behind to put our country in this dilemma. Due to worst financial conditions and rapid increase
in inflation it is almost impossible for a person to enhance his/her skills according to the change
Women Empowerment
Nauroz Foundation is working for the progress of Women to help them in getting their basic
rights. To support & educate Women of local areas. Nauroz started a vocational training centre
for Women in village bhagwal, chakwal (PK). Nauroz Vocational training centre has been
established for the benefit of women. After getting training in it women can easily earn for their
selves & for their family. It also brings out their hidden talent & they get confidence in Nation
This institute is offering

Sewing Techniques

Hand & Machine Embroidery

Dress Designing

Beautician Course


School Supplies
Nauroz Foundation gives out school supplies to underprivileged students. There are a large
number of poor students in Pakistan, particularly in remote rural and slum areas. The school

supplies which Nauroz Foundation distributes among deserving children include Stationery,
school bags, uniforms, shoes, sweaters, school furniture and other objects.
In order to achieve its objectives, Nauroz foundation gives equal importance to advocacy for
raising awareness about different issues. Nauroz foundation keeps on arranging seminars and
workshops on regular basis. Most of the advocacy events are need based, arranged to sensitize
and educate various groups of people working in different capacities.

Distribution of Eid Gifts among the poor and needy people.
Recreational Trip
Nauroz took the poor and needy children to zoo on recreation and entertainment Trip.
Iftari FiSabiLilah
Nauroz arranged free iftari for the poor people in the month of the Holy Ramadan
Adda Work Project
Nauroz Foundation has completed the project of Adda work in association with AHAN which is
funded by UKaid and Punjab skill development fund. This project was for 4 months and 45
women were trained to earn better by saying at home to improve their life standard and remove
Stationery for schools
Medical relief
Sports equipment
Clothes of all kinds
Water purification plant
Stationary for school children
School furniture
Uniform, shoes, books and school bags
Employment opportunities for deserving candidates of rural areas
Sewing machines
Used items for needy people
President Message:
I had a vision, and a will to serve the un-served people of Pakistan especially rural areas. My
dream is that every citizen of Pakistan is well educated and having all basic necessities of life. To
fulfill this dream I established this platform of NAUROZ Foundation to start my all efforts in an
organized and well planned manner. Nauroz Foundation has been established and is being run
with the aid of common people like you for the less privileged. It was you who provided me the

means; if it was not your support my resolve might have been weaned. Our cherished dream
stands as a testament to your compassion towards poor people of unreached and neglected rural
areas. Contribution from men and women, young and old from all over the world has helped us
turn this dream into an incredible reality. I extend my heartiest facilitation to you for your
continued support for this magnanimous cause and seek your continued patronage. I remain
indebted and assured of your trust and unflinching support with Nauroz Foundation which will
continue to serve the people of unreached areas of Pakistan, giving a ray of light to those who
have otherwise lost all hope.
Faisal Nawaz