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In-house Acquaintance Repository

To design and develop a typical in-house information repository which enables overall development of
the various users in a typical organization.

1. Title of the project: In-house Acquaintance Repository.

2. Abstract:
Learning is a continuous process. In order to be in sync with the real world, every one should
always update their knowledge and skills. This is very much possible for a typical student, where as for
an employee continuous learning process is a difficult task as there will be organizational
responsibilities which need to be fulfilled as first priority. Now a day for the employees every
organization is providing necessary resources and infrastructure to upgrade their acquaintance levels in
sync with the current technology trends.

The Acquaintance repository provides a range of practices used by a typical organization in

order to identify, create and reuse information for reuse, awareness and learning across the
organization. It will help the resources in an organization to acquire and possess similar skills along with
the other resources, bridging the skill gap effectively. It leads to enhanced intelligence, rejuvenated
performance at higher levels of innovation.

It’s an intranet application which can be accessed by different layers of users in a typical
organization based on the respective users’ roles and responsibilities. Students as well as associates
will be able to upload categorized information which can be useful to others and also they can
download the information available in the repository for their reference.

3. Features of the project:

• Administrator will be able to create new categories into which users will be able to upload/download
• The documents owners will be able to edit/ delete the documents which are placed by them.
• Accessing the documents upon searching the appropriate categories can be done
• Advanced search criteria also can be used to search the documents by using various search keys.
• The users who view the documents can give ratings, which will be helpful in improving the
documents for the document owners.

4. Modules:
Current application is differentiated into the following modules which are closely integrated to each
• Administration
• Users
• Documents management
• Rating/Comments

5. Requirements:

• Hardware requirements:

Content Description
HDD 20 GB Min
40 GB Recommended
RAM 1 GB Min
2 GB Recommended

• Software requirements:

Content Description
OS Windows XP with SP2 or Windows Vista
Database MS-SQL server 2005
Language ASP.Net with C#.Net
IDE Ms-Visual Studio .Net 2008
Browser IE