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I find that the value of theater is in the quality of the production.

I think t
hat a high quality theatrical production has the ability to take the audience me
mbers outside of their own world and bring them to a new place, where the cultur
e is different, the location is new, and the characters are unfamiliar at first.
Theater s value comes in the form of taking people outside of their realm of comfo
rt and helping them explore something new. It takes them out of the worries of
their everyday lives and brings them some kind of outside feeling.
Theater always has been and will continue to be important in my pers
onal life. I grew up doing theater; the first time I was in a professional prod
uction I was 7 years old. I continued to perform throughout high school, but ha
d to take a break when I came to college because of the time commitment that com
es with being in a theatrical production. However, I still attend at least 4 or
5 performances each year. It is something that I am passionate about and enjoy
spending my time doing.
I believe that most people enjoy some sort of theater. Theater can
be experienced in many different forms; it isn t limited to the experiences that you
see on the stage. For example, someone experiences theater when they are watch
ing the nightly news report, television shows, sports broadcasters, street perfo
rmers, etc. Theater is embedded into many different aspects of life. Some peop
le may not be willing to pay money to see a live production, but are willing to
pay for a monthly cable package so that they can see their favorite sitcom, talk
show, or sports event.
Theater impacts society by increasing the standard of living for man
y people. Theater can bring joy to the people who experience it. With happier
individuals, society as a whole becomes happier. Theater has brought society th
rough historically significant events, such as the great depression, by taking t
hem away from their daily struggles and bringing the audience to the utopia of t
he performance. Theater can lift the spirits of the people enjoying the show, a
nd that can have a positive impact on society.
I believe theater has an impact on many different aspects of my life
. Within my major specifically, theater has helped my get through many differen
t speeches and presentations that I have given during my classes and internships
. My theater experience has allowed me to have confidence while speaking in fro
nt of others and be able to effectively communicate my intended message. Additi
onally, theater has helped me master the art of tonal inflection as well as moti
ons, to enhance the impact of my message.
Hey Sarah!
The first point is pretty insightful, I must say. The ability of any form of art
to absorb and engage with the audience is directly proportional to it's quality
. This many a time is a very refreshing experience. It's amazing that you have b
een involved with theatre in your school and college life! It's my goal to atten
d alteast a production in a month or two from this moment on! Could you please e
laborate how you believe the things people see on TV are a representation of the
atre? I would love to know your point of view. I disagree to a certain extend th
at theatre can provide value to society solely by making people happier. It does
help the economy by boosting local business and creating paid jobs for actors,
but I don't see how everyday theatre it affects societies in great ways. It must
certaily be true that theatre imporoves one's expression and confidence, both c
ritical to succeed in any field in today's world.

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