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Paramedic Classes and Certification Breakdown

Must be
Medic to
What Where Cost When Notes take?

Casper College Distance $75 book + $333 credits + pre-req for some medic
Medical Terminology Learning, online fees = approx $450 June 7th-July 30th schools no
A&P I Anatomy & Physiology I no
A&P II Anatomy & Physiology II no

5 weekends, 2 weeks Nationally certified, city

days + externship of college has cheaper class
Phlebotomy Phlebotomy Technician Bay Area Medical, SF $2500 40 hours, NCCT test with 2 yr wait list no

5 weekends or 2 NOT nationally certificed

EKG Tech Electrocardiogram Technician Bay Area Medical, SF $1250 weeks days but certified in state of CA

ECG/EKG BASIC $250 + book $70 = $320 2 days of 6 hours a

EKG Basic ARRHYTHMIA Fast Response, Berkeley total day 12 CE hours
ECG 12 lead ECG Recognition Fast Response, Berkeley $112 + book $50 = 165 1 day course 6 hours 6 Ces prereq
Pre-Hospital Trauma Life $240 + book of $60 = $300 will help with working on
PHTLS Support SFPA, Berkeley total April 20 & 21st ALS rig
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
ACLS Prep Course Prep SFPA, SF $70 + book $30 = $100 1 day, all day 7 Ces

ACLS Advanced Cardiac Life Support SFPA, SF $230 + book $30 = $260 2 days, all day 14 Ces, good for 2 yrs
PALS Pediatric Advanced Life Support SFPA, SF $230 + book $35 = $265 no

Basic Life Support for

BLS for HCP Healthcare Provider SFPA, SF $60 + book $11 = $70 1 day, 4 hours
AMLS Advanced Medical Life Support SFPA, SF $225 + book $70 = $300 2 days, all day have to pass AMLS pretest
NALS Neonatal advanced life support
Pediatric Education for
PEPP Prehospital Professionals SFPA, SF $185 + book $44 = 230 2 days, all day
ASLS Advanced Stroke Life Support
California EMS Academy,
BTLS aka ITLS? Basic Trauma Life Support Redwood City $250 2 day course 16 hours Ces
International Trauma Life
ITLS aka BTLS? Support

ABLS Advanced Burn Life Support maybe contact St. Francis?

through the American College
of Physicians, see
ATLS Advanced Trauma Life Support SCourseSearch_Result.cfm email to get price
Neonatal Resuscitation
NRP Certification Program Fast Response, Berkeley $195 8 hours 6 Ces, good for 2 yrs
Sugar, Temperature, Airway,
Blood pressure, Lab work, and
STABLE Emotional support
BCCTPC Board for Critical
Critical Care Paramedic Care Transport Paramedic
CCP-C Certified Certification yes!

BCCTPC Board for Critical

Care Transport Paramedic
FP-C Flight Paramedic Certification yes!

Trauma Nursing Course n/a for

TNCC Certified nurses?

Transport Nurses Advanced

TNATC Trauma Course Stanford, Sandy Correia 3 days http://www.flightweb.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=78

C3/IFT Class 3 Interfacility Transport yes

RSI Rapid sequence intubation yes

EVOC Emergency Vehicle Operators no

National Incident Management

NIMS - 100, 200, 700, 800 System FEMA free? can do 100, 200, 700, 800
seems like I don't have to
ILS Intermediate Life Support (??) take it if I do EMT-P
seems like the same as
PPC ??? PALS and PEPP?
NREMT guidelines to
EMT-B Refresher EMT Refresher course SFPA, SF $370 3 days, 24 hours recert, has skills testing no

20 hours, 3 hours a
Neighborhood Emergency day for 6 weeks OR
NERT Response Team SFFD free two day intensive
BCLS Basic Cardiac Life Support same as BLS?

CIC Certified Instructor Coordinator

FF 1 Firefighter 1 CCSF 1 yr, 19.5 credits
FF 2
68W Combat Medic (army) join the army
ER Experience Volunteer or ER Tech
ICU Experience volunteer or get a job in ICU
180 hours - April 1-
June 6th Tues &
Wilderness Emergency Care, $25 for Ces, + $20 for book Thurs nights plus 2
WEMT-B Wilderness EMT through SFPA in Piedmont + $460 for class = $505 Saturdays all days can buy Ces no

EMT can
OEC Outdoor Emergency Care e
pharmacology SFSU or Berkeley
microbiology SFSU or Berkeley
pathophysiology SFSU or Berkeley
IABP Intra-aortic balloon pump
left ventricular assist device/
LVAD and other VADs ventricular assist device
12-lead ECG interpretation
Hemodynamics study of blood circulation
Lab values laboratory data
Various venous access

Arterial lines and PA catheters

Chest tubes

Formulas to anything from gas

laws to gas exchange and acid-
base correction