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Perancangan Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Termal

Perancangan Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Uap 2x600 MW

Tahun Comissioning : 2020
Jenis Pembangkit:
Jumlah Unit
Ukuran Pembangkit: 2 x 600 MW Net
50 Hz, 3000 rpm
Steam Turbine Type:
Single reheat condensing (3000+3000, 3000+3000, 3000)
Boiler feed pump:
Electric motor
Feed water heater:
Number of FWH : 7
Boiler feed pump position (setelah 4 LPH)
FWH option
o Contact Heater
o Flash back heater with drain cooler
o Flash back heater
o Pump forward heater
o Eksternal drain cooler-flash type
o Eksternal drain cooler-liquid phase
Specification Mode
o Feedwater exit temperature dictated
o Feedwater exit temperaturelimited
o Source pressure set by feedwater exit temperature
Site Condition:

Ambient temperature : 31oC

Altitute : 16 m/ 52 ft
Ambient pressure : 1 atm
Ambient relative humidity : 60
Ambient wet bulb temperature
Makeup water temperature :
Site cooling water temperature : 26,1

Site allowable cooling water temperature rise (lihat UU lingkungan ttg limbah


PT Bukit Asam
Perusahaan ini menghasilkan berbagai produk batubara dengan kualitas konten

Jenis Fuel yang di pilih :

Coal Brand = BA 70 HS
Heating value/Calorific Value= 7.000 kcal/kg

ultimate analaysis =
Proximate analysis =
Other property (HGI) = 55
Ash Analysis =
Ash Characteristic =

Cooling system type:

Water cooling with natural draft cooling tower (no stack)
Other auxiliaries: (many)
Steam jet air ejector

Desuperheating source for process steam

Piping loss assumption (many:HPT inlet Cold Reheat, hot reheat, LP cold/hot reheat,
SAHTR (steam air heater) heating pipe, dll.)
Pressure (%)
Enthalpy (kJ/kg)
Miscellaneous assumption:
Miscellaneous plant auxiliary load (% of gross power)
Constant plant auxiliary load (kW)
Power transformer loss (% generator power)
Site charcteritic:
Climate (tropical, cold,)
Length pipe (to cooling tower, to water source, makeup water, dll)
Soil classification
Stack: concrete , tinggi : 195 m
Regional Cost
Cooling condenser:
fresh water
vacuum 0,0832 bar abs
tube material and type
seam welded
non condensable removal
steam jet air ejector
Hotwell condensate storage requirement
Head loss in cooling water piping
Cooling water pipe material
Inlet Cooling water Temp
26,1 0C
Outlet Cooling water Temp
33,1 0C
Circulating water flow
1,780 m3/min
Number of tubes
Tube Surface area
27,523 m2
Steam turbine input and port
Type : 3 phase synchronous gen. totally enclosed
Stator Wind. Cool. : Direct water cooled

Stator Core Cooling : Hydrogen cooled

Rotor Wind. Cool. : Direct hydrogen cooled
Excitation System : Static excitation with thyristor rectifier
Active Power : 721.8 MW
Apparent Power: 802 MVA
Power Factor 0.9 (lag) 0.95 (lead)
Voltage 22.8 kV
Speed Rotation: 3,000 rpm
Frequency : 50 Hz
Rated H2 Pressure: 4.12 bar
Generator Transformer
Rated power : 786 MVA at 65 oC winding temp.
Phase : 3
Voltage : 22.8/525 kV
Vector Groups : YNd11
Cooling : ODAF
Tap Changer : NO-LOAD, + 5 %, 5 steps
Steam leak
FWH Pump
Temperatur : 571 oC
Tekanan : 25,5 MPa
Water plant and WWTP option


WWTP option


Fire protection

Neutralize &
pretreated tank

Environtment (ESP, FGD)