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Bunnings Great North Rd Landscape Context for Resource Consent April 2015 - Arch Hill Community response



Community Response
The site is a significant transport and living space corridor. Community considers greening of the
building to be essential to soften industrial nature regardless of amenity changes as well as absorption
of noise and pollutants created by the massive increase in adjacent traffic this development brings to
the community

Subject Site


Site Context

Greenspace viability - maintenance and renewal plans

Proposed 400mm bed width is insufficient - we suggest min 1200mm and up to 1.5m deep for long
term viability of plants and trees. Developing root balls have nowhere to grow to gain sustenance. Is
there an irrigation network proposed as a condition of consent? Is there a 5 yr. maintenance schedule
with yearly review and replacement as required? Rubbish removal daily along all frontages we
consider is mandatory or removal of ground cover plants

Great North Rd / Northern Boundary

Street frontage

In conjunction with AK Council increase number of street trees along Great Nth Road with 10m
spacing. What is planned other than existing trees? What maintenance schedule is proposed incl.
footpath root damage?

Northern Elevation

J/I/H/G Grisellinia hedge

Failing around Auckland where there is no irrigation esp. during summer droughts - irrigate or look at
other species of hedge plant

Northern Elevation

O/N/M/L Dietes Grandiflora

400mm garden bed is too narrow and depth is important. Diates Grandiflora tends to flop if not in
raised planters. Main attraction are flowers so trimming is not good option. While visual connection
with street from Caf is important noise impact is an issue given frequent public transport / truck
noise. Suggest as underplant to palms or Australian Frangipani

King St / Eastern Boundary

Green Shroud

What maintenance is required?

Dietes Grandiflora / Star Jasmine

See above / Star Jasmine good choice as adds perfume as 3rd element to colour and form

I/J/K Boston Ivy

While colourful in autumn - at leaf fall leaves everywhere as deciduous and doesn't fulfil absorption
requirements (sound / pollution) when there are no leaves - suggest something evergreen despite
potential of accelerated wall deterioration

L/M/N/O - Lancewood

Unsubstantial when mature. Consideration of continuing Titoki or other tree along Dean St up to 6m

D/E/F/G/H/I/J -Phormium Purple Haze

Doesn't like shade. Ensure foliage away from footpath edge as a trip hazard -removal of dead leaves
and rubbish imperative

L/M/N/O - Pittosporum

Needs sun but will need irrigation and maintenance so not to get leggy. Other variants may be better

L/M/N/O - Pseudopanax

Good option but should be 1-1.5m centres - needs to be well maintained - typical ground cover will
be a rubbish magnet unless regularly cleaned

D/E/F/G/H/I/J - Titoki

Cheap option and doesn't add value. Consider variety including other larger trees to 6 metres plus consider trees when mature that will reflect residential / mature character of area

Dean St / Southern Boundary