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Nature and Significance of Management

Q1. Name the intangible force which creates productive
relationships among resources of an organization?
Q2. What is meant by effectiveness in management?
Q3. What is meant by management of people?
Q4. Why is profit essential as an organizational objective of
Q5. One of the objectives of management is consistently create
economic value for various constituents of the society. Give two
examples of this objective?
Q6. Bhuvan argues that management is required in all kind of
organization where as piyush feels that management is not required
in non- business organizations such as school, club, hospitals etc.
Who is correct & why?
Q7. Amit enterprise uses environment friendly techniques of
production. Identify the objective it is trying to achieve?
Q8. Successful organizations do not achieve their goals by chance,
but by following a process. What is the name of the process?
Q9. ITC has been contributing large amount of funds to enable the
farmers to use local resources effectively. What type of objective is
ITC trying to accomplish?
Q10. How is effectiveness different from efficiency?
Q11. The task of management is to make people work towards
achieving the organizations goal by making their strengths effective
& their weaknesses irrelevant. Name the dimension of management
Q12. An organization is a collection of diverse individuals with
different needs. Which feature of management is highlighted in the
statement .

Q13. A manager applies the various theories of management in his

unique personalized way. Which aspect of nature of management
does this statement indicate? Explain.
Q14. There is no restriction on anyone being appointed or
designated as a manager of any business enterprise. What aspect of
management as a profession does this statement indicate?
Q15. Name the levels of management engaged in

Introducing a new product line & deciding the capital

structure of the company.
Recruitment of casual labourers.
Devise a suitable advertising campaign to sell a new
product/service company is launching?

Q16. Shreya is a branch manager at Zara a popular brand of

designer clothes. She performs several different task in a single day.
Sometimes she spends more time in planning a future exhibition and
sometimes in sorting an employees problem. At what level of
management she work? Which characteristics of management is
highlighted in the above paragraph. Explain.
Q17. Which level act as a link between the two other levels of
Q18. Which level of management has the power to decide about the
opening of new branches of a business?
Q19. How does management helps in development of the society?
Q20. It provides the requisite amount, quality, timing and sequence
of efforts which ensures planned objectives are achieved with a
minimum conflict. Identify it & explain its features.
Q21. A factory manager concentrates on producing goods by cutting
down cost but fails to achieve the production target as per schedule.
Is he both effective and efficient?
Q22. Harish a production manager of ABC limited, has directed his
employees to put/throw different types of waste like paper, plastic
and chemicals in the
respective marked dustbins. By this which value he wants to
inculcate among his employees?

Q23. Is planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling

applied in organizations such as schools, club, hospitals etc. If yes
which feature of management does it signify?
Q24. Success of Dabbawallas (who carries tiffins to offices) of
Mumbai is an example of which aspect of management?
Q25. Like thread in a garland, what function of management can be
said to be as central as thread in a garland?
Q26. Harshal joined a multi-national company after completing his
MBA. To prove his efficiency he increased the target production from
10000 units per month to 15000 units per month. For this he
increased the number of working hours of workers and also
shortened their break intervals. Do you agree with Harshals
decision as it is increasing the production of the company. What
value do you think Harshal is lacking?
Q27. Neha passed her MBBS examination in the first division in
2008. Later on in the year 2011 she passed her MS examination as
an eye surgeon. After completing her studies she joined a big
hospital as an eye surgeon. She is performing five operations
successfully everyday. Now tell, which aspect of her experience is
science & what aspect is art?
Q28. Mr Chirag is working as a foreman in a garment manufacturing
unit & he supervises 8 employees under him & makes the day-today production plan and other activities. Aaat which level of
management he is working. Also state any three functions
performed by him at this level.
Q29. A consumer goods company, manufacturing electrical goods,
has been facing a lot of problems for the last one year. Its margins
are under pressure and its profits and market share are declining.
For this state of affairs, the production department blames the
marketing department for not meeting sales target and the
marketing department blames the production department for
producing goods which are not of good quality. The finance
department blames both the production and the marketing
department for declining return on investment and bad marketing.
What steps should be taken to bring the company on track.
Q30. Why is management considered a multi-faceted concept?

Q31. In the absence of management, the productive resources will

remain resources and shall never become production. Explain the
importance of management in the light of this statement.