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March 7,2010

Lending Collector Breaks His Leg

By Quirico M. Gorpido, Jr.
Maasin City, Southern Leyte-A lending collector who was on his way to Macrohon t
o collect money from loaners of the place broke his right leg when his motorcycl
e rammed against a concrete wall in brgy. Ibarra. here.Macrohon is about 15 kilo
meters away from Maasin’s city proper.
The collector-victim was identified as Junrey Consigna Cerro, 24 years old, s
ingle.He was a resident of brgy. Combado here and an employee of the Orange Groo
ve, a lending agency located in the same barangay.Aside from his fractured leg,
he has also some bruises.
In an interview the victim said that he was on his way to Macrohon to collect
money from the lenders of the place. He said he would proceed to Padre Burgos a
fter all the scheduled payment collections in Macrohon would be finished.
However, as he drove his motorcycle towards Macrohon he had overtaken a motor
cab passenger upon reaching brgy. Ibarra, he said. But a Pajero with a combinati
on of dark blue and gray color suddenly maneuvered a U-turn. Trying to avoid a c
ollision, he said, he swerved to the left side and his motorcycle hit on the rig
ht side light at the rare wheel of the vehicle.
Losing control of his motorcycle it rammed against a concrete wall and he was
thrown away. He said his leg was struck on a nearby jackfruit tree and could har
dly move because of severe pain. His motorcycle was damaged.
He said a not-for-hire truck that happened to pass by had picked him up aboard
and he was brought to the provincial hospital for emergency treatment.
Nevertheless, Traffic Officer Donato Cervantes clarified that based on the wit
nesses’ statements at the accident site, it was not a Pajero as he victim claime
d but a van-type vehicle which the victim-collector had evaded.
According to the police officer the witnesses said that Cerro was avoiding a
collision with the van by driving back his motorcycle. He instead hit a stone th
e police said, and rammed his motorcycle upon a concrete wall and was thrown awa
When asked for some documents relative to the possession of his motorcycle, C
ervantes said, the victim-collector could not present anything, not even a licen
se to drive.”Ang drayber nga walay licensya mapilde gyud sa kaso kung maagrabiya
do ang tagtungod.Mas maayo nga ayha kita momaniho og unsa man nga sakyanan,moluk
at gyud ta og licensya”,he said in Cebuano.(A driver who has no license would be
defeated in any accident case by a concerned individual involved. It’s better t
hat before we intend to drive a motorcycle or any type of vehicle we must get a
X-ray result showed that the victim’s right leg has a fractured bone above th
e knee.Dr.Elpidio Sibud, an Orthopedic Surgeon who was the physician on-duty whe
n the victim-collector arrived at the provincial hospital’s emergency room has o
perated on his fractured leg.
A stainless steel was screwed on his fractured bone as support base, it was l
earned, which would be detached years after the broken bone would be reconnected
to its original form thru the body’s natural healing process.
The victim further informed that it was his employer who shouldered for his m
edical and operation expenses.
As of this writing the victim’s fractured leg was still swollen. He has taken
some medication for his swell and pain together with injectable and dextrose-mi
xable vitamins to recover his strength.(Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.)