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Lawrence Police officer Mike McAtee corruptly operates as a Federal agent

crossing state lines to interrogate and harass people for federal Prosecutor
Terra Morehead

Following a mistrial in Federal court, Lawrence Kansas Police officer Mike McAtee traveled
across state lines into Florida acting in the capacity of a Federal agent to investigate, and harass
family members of Johnnie Williams, Zachary Williams and Terry McIntyre, for Federal
Prosecutor Terra D. Morehead. This took place after these three defendants already were forced
by Prosecutor Morehead to spend 2 years in segregation (because they refused to accept a plea
deal) while incarcerated in Leavenworth. Before finally going to the first trial which ended in a
mistrial, second trial was postponed, and a circuit Judge called in, and the original and second
sentencing dates have been postponed.

Attached are hand written notarized letters from five family members living In the State of
Florida, Lucinda Stallworth Zachary & Johnnie Williams mother, Elizabeth K. Richardson
Grandmother of Terry McIntyre, Johnnie Williams and Zachary W., Reina Mejia Zachary
Williams girl friend, and Devon Edwards Lucinda's sister and Terry McIntyre's mother.

These family members were interrogated by Lawrence Kansas Police Detective Mike McAtee
(operating outside of his local jurisdiction), acting in the capacity of a Federal Agent crossing
state lines, in a Federal Investigation under the direction of Federal Prosecutor Terra Morehead
prosecuting the Federal case involving Johnnie Williams, Terry McIntyre and Zachary Williams.
Questioning the appropriation of funds for travel expenses for a Lawrence Kansas Police officer,
conducting a Federal investigation outside of his agencies Jurisdiction and across state lines?

Typically Federal Investigations brought before Federal Prosecutors for prosecution are handled
by a Federal Agency.
That is not the case for the Federal Prosecutors Marietta Parker & Terra Morehead in the Kansas
Department of Justice.

Protocol would be police Detective that works for one State, that needs to investigate matters in
another State would typically contact the police in that States to handle the investigation and then
compare notes. Or when the case crosses state lines the FBI would typically become involved in
the case.

In a pattern of conspiracy and cover-up between Federal prosecutors and Lawrence Kansas City

1. Federal Prosecutor Terra Morehead sent Lawrence Police officer Mike McAtee across state
lines to the State of Florida, to investigate with the Jurisdictions of a Federal agent.

2. Lawrence Kansas Police officers Jay Bialek and Micky Rantz pose as FBI agents while
conducting Federal investigations for Marietta Parker and Terra Morehead in the Yellow House
case, to cover-up for missing evidence, search warrant & chain of custody violations and the lack
of FBI involvement in the case.

3. Kansas City FBI agent Walter Schaefer, poses as FBI agent Bob Shaefer, to conduct fake FBI
investigations outside of his agencies jurisdictions to cover-up for Federal Prosecutor Marietta
Parker, who is conspiring to cover-up police misconduct.

4. In a case lacking merit or probable cause. Federal Prosecutor Terra Morehead has the Yellow
House owners Guy and Carrie Neighbors falsely arrested 3 times, repeatedly searched, and
incarcerated in Leavenworth Federal prison for 12 days on charges involving a state
investigation without merit.

5. Federal Prosecutors Terra Morehead & Marietta Parker in an abuse of power control defense
attorneys by forcing public defenders to sign her contract to not allow their clients access to their
own discovery, and cause "conflicts of interest" that lead to withdraw or mistrial by showing the
defendants attorneys secret Grand Jury information. They also threaten to pull paid defense
attorneys banking records, and they threaten them with money laundering charges if they do not

Where is the oversight of Government spending and Constitutional law that would allow Federal
Prosecutors in an abuse of power spend millions of tax dollars investigating and prosecuting
meritless cases, using defense attorneys and law enforcement as their own personal pawns,
operating outside of their agencies jurisdictions and the law, crossing state lines, City officers
acting as Federal Investigators, repeatedly violating citizens Constitutional rights without
Now we are hearing rumor of a sex scandal involving high ranking officials, the same officials
who are the allege violator of human rights. Please we need a complete investigation into these
two prosecutors and the cases they have prosecuted.

P.S. The last two pdf files will show a pattern of abuse by the Lawrence police officers. The PDF
file of Jessica is her statement that officer Jay Bialek and Officer Mickey Rantz impersonated
FBI agents during their investigation of the yellow house store.
The last PDF file is a change of venue motion filed in the yellow house case and if you will take
a look at the last 5-pages you will see the formal complaints the inmates named in this letter filed
in their cases. These complaint will show a pattern of abuse.
The only bad mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.