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Motivation Letter

Badri Narayana Patro

M.Tech, EE, IIT Bombay
T (+91) 9076237295
B patrobadri.iitb@gmail.com

I, Badri Narayana Patro, am currently working as a Lead Engineer in Samsung Research and
Development Institute, Delhi, India. In June 2012, I pursued my Master of Technology degrees in
the field of Communication and Signal Processing (CSP)stream from the department of Electrical
Engineering of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India. During my last 3 years of
Master degree I joined a research group and participated in different research projects under this
research line. Through my years of studying, I became fascinated by the research field in real
time Computational Target Tracking algorithms and by the way how these techniques are applied
practicality to the utility of the work National Security like to track a terrorist, to find a lost child in
the crowd, to identify and track an unauthorized person in our crowd campus. Between the projects
I worked in this research group, the most significant for me was my Master thesis titled "Real-Time
Video and Image Processing for Object Tracking using DaVinci Processor(TMS320DM6437)" with
which I got an excellent average CGPA of 9.0/10 and therefore a Meritorious qualification.
During last 5 years of my Industrial tenure, I have been a part of various R&D projects at Samsung
R&D, Harman International and L&T EmSys. I enhanced my skills in the area of Audio Processing,
Image & Video Processing and Multimedia streaming by working on Various R&D Projects. Currently,
I am working on designing and developing Audio Description feature for Visual Impaired people on
Tizen OS for IPTV at Multimedia lab of Samsung RD Institute. Also, I was involved on Switching
Normal Audio to Dolby Digital Audio, designing 5.1 2.1 sub-surround sound Audio channel Home
Theater effects, Audio Codec Switching, Audio Language changes. I have designed and developed
DVB subtitle language switching feature, Hard hearing subtitle, TTX subtitle language switching,
DVB to TTX Language switches for Hearing Impaired people in Live Channels of D2TV.
My work experience has increased my interest in Medical Image Processing, Audio and Video
Processing. Human sensory and signal processing systems provide the natural means for the
exchange of information among individuals. This leads me to design and develop a communication
system between Brain and sensory organs for aiding Visual impaired, Hearing impaired and Speech
Impaired person. This can be achieved with the help of optimal design of computer-mediated
brain-to-brain (B2B) communication. The knowledge I gained from my research and work experience
would help me to resolve design and implementation issues in Brain communication System. I wish
to explore the paradigm of Computation Neuroscience with Computer Vision algorithms in my PhD.
By giving back to the people, I hope that I can inspire more to research in this field.
I would like to be selected for this PhD position because I think this project gives me the opportunity
to develop and improve in a research field that is part of my professional goals. I think this PhD
position offers to me the possibility of receiving a complete training in Signal Processing (Audio,
Image, Speech, Video) and Computational Neuroscience applied to biological systems as well as the
opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary environment, of a highly qualified academic level. I am
aware of the dedication and perseverance that is needed to achieve the best results in this field and
I believe that my experience will allow me to get it. I think that it is a great opportunity for me to
demonstrate my abilities and acquire new skills.