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3. The most significant line in The Sun Goes Down on Summer is I want to be ready.

The last
line in the poem, and while this isnt true in all poems, is often the culmination of all prior
thoughts and events in the poem. The line is significant, as by this point the narrator has fully
gone through their revelations and has developed an entirely new mentality opposed to the one
that he/she started with. The line explains how they feel and their new intention.
4. Some of the most powerful words in The Sun Goes Down on Summer are cold, warm,
gentle, rich, wonder, law, risk, and opportunity. Phrases such as cold/empty spot,
warm, silent sea, gentle water, and rich blues create very contrasting imagery and adds
much depth to the poem. Water and the contrast between warmth/cold is a recurring theme in the
poem, and multiple references are about said topics.
5. The authors primary message in The Sun Goes Down on Summer seems to be one of selfdiscovery and courage to be yourself in the face of judgment. Its certainly a very relatable theme
to all high school students. High school, and school in general, puts pressures on students in far
more ways than just work quotas. The most significant of which is probably the anxiety of being
judged for who you are. Its a struggle, and the author did an excellent job at putting it into words
in their poem.
6. The Sun Goes Down on Summer breaks conventional rules of grammar, like most poems.
There are sudden breaks in lines, specially used punctuation, and unusual sentence structure. The
effect of breaking conventional rules of grammar is directed emphasis on certain words, phrases,
or lines. Poets create art with words, and as a sculptors medium is marble a poet must work with
words and present them in an unusual and interesting way. Thats how poets get you to think.
10. Almost all of the imagery in The Sun Goes Down on Summer, while there are examples of all
other senses except for smell, is visual. Descriptions such as golden days and rich blues
create powerful images in the readers head and pulls them into the world of the poem. Strong
imagery helps readers relate to the view of the author, and helps them see what the author
intended them to see and feel what the author intended them to feel.
17. I believe every student can relate to The Sun Goes Down on Summer. Personally, I relate to

the anxiety of being yourself in the face of judgment most. The social turmoil of school is a
bloated monster fueled by past prejudice and those who perpetrate it, and as long as there are
people who still think nerds arent cool or that jocks are entitled to the world on a plate or that
being a nice person is weird, then a lot of us will always be scared of being ourselves. However,
just like the author, Im determined to find myself and have the courage to be myself this
upcoming year.
I want to be ready.

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