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CCCNJ Weekly Prayer Requests

3/24/ 10
Scripture: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and
discipline. Listen, my son, to your father's instruction and do not forsake your mother's teaching.
They will be a garland to grace your head and a chain to adorn your neck. (Proverbs 1: 7-9)

Weekly Theme: “Ministry of Youth”

1. Pray for the youth ministry led by pastors Manny Low and Chris Chu.
2. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead our church members to build up a family altar to praise and
worship God together as a family; Pray that the parents’ serving God at church can set up good
examples for their children, and bring blessings to their children.
3. Pray God to lead the youth away from temptation and evildoing; Pray God to draw the youth closer
to Him; Pray for our younger generation to honor and obey parents in the Lord.
4. Pray God that parents teach and nourish their children according to God's words because children
are the previous heritage from God.
5. Pray God to lift up more spirit-filled, faithful and wise brothers and sisters to serve in the youth
6. Pray for the Mission organizations﹕ CASA; Missionaries﹕ Joe & Joyce Lee, and Seminary
student Becky Pigott (Columbia International U.); also pray for the peace and safety of those
brothers and sisters who are on overseas short-term missions.

---English and Youth Ministry: Please pray for

1. Elder T.Y. Lee and Paul Shen as they preach and chair this coming Sunday.
2. FEAST to have an impact on the attendees and newcomers will join them.
3. College students that are graduating: to find God’s will in their next step (job or school).
4. Youth involvement in domestic mission trip this summer.
5. Pray for Youth MS Friday girl program
6. Pray for parents to be willing to serve in the Youth MS girl program.
--- Children Ministry:
1. Please pray for two-year-old Sunday School teacher: Veronica Hsiao; assistant: Haili Wu and three-year-old
Sunday school teacher: Katy Hsieh; assistant: Terry Xu. Pray that the Lord give them strength as they plant
the seeds in children’s faith.
2. Please pray for all parents as they build good characters in their children, the Lord will give them wisdom and
--- People: Please pray for
1. Healing for: Dennis, Mauro Mordini, Elder Lee, Tim Chia
2. Amy Yuey’s family situation: dad’s in nursing home (Alzheimer’s) and mom’s living with sister during the
week; having great unexpected joy.
3. Baptismal candidates: 1 adult, 1 college, 3 youths.
4. Cary & Candy Lee: Pray (1) for Candy’s siblings (older brother & younger sister) to receive God’s
blessing; and Cathy. (2) for Candy’s health (hypertension) and safety when traveling. (3) for Gary to have
strength and wisdom to support Candy.
5. Janas & Esther Caruncho: Pray (1) for Janas to finish his seminary studies and graduate in late May. For
his ministry as an assistant pastor in CCCNJ. (2) for them to sell the townhouse and buy a house near
CCCNJ. (3) For Esther’s work and commute to Piscataway everyday. (4) for Johannes’ “pink eye” (4th time
this winter).
--- Men’s Ministry: Please pray for
1. Pray for the planning and coordination for this new ministry: first meeting on March 27 with guest speaker:
Pastor Jim Om; survey to men in congregation to be collected and evaluated.