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How I want MY INDIA to be!

India, largest democratic country, multilingual, multicultural,

second most populated country and fastest developing country
of the world. She is a country with many entities like many
languages, castes, religions, cultures and local histories but it is
rich in unity in diversity.
We described our country in essay on My Country in school
days. But now we are matured enough to really think and act
upon the adjectives of our country. Does it not astonish that
after 69 years of World War-II, Japan is a developed country and
after 67 years of Independence, India is still a developing
country! What went wrong in India?
In my opinion, we the Indians are not Desperate for our work.
Before independence, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Sekhar Azad,
Mahatma Gandhi etc were all desperate for independence and
therefore today we are independent. But after independence
because of our casual approach we are still fighting for real
independence. This is a question for each and every Indian-Are
we really independent? Rapes, crimes, murders, scams,
corruption, etc show the level of our independence.
Our country is the second largest populated in world and more
than 50% of our population consists of youth. Still politicians
say that we have lack of man-power! I dont want to change
India but I want that Indians should change attitude towards
their work. I want my youth friends to have positive desperate
attitude towards their work. Even today if a child wants to be an
athlete, his/her parents restrict the child saying there is no
future of athletics in India. Few years before if Viswanathan
Anands parents would have said the same things or Anand
himself would not have believed his dream, India today would
not be in No.1 spot of Chess tournament. What I want is the
child who has been denied by his/her parents to be an athlete
should believe his passion for sports and prove his/her parents
and world that will-power and hard work are the only mantras
for success. I am not saying to disrespect our parents but we

should respect our dreams and play hard to achieve it. Today
girls are not at all feeling safe to make a journey within their
own country. A girl from our institute has been selected for IAS
summer Internship at University of Hyderabad. But now her
parents are not allowing her to attend internship because of
unsafe reasons. Now if she is really passionate about her
research she should go and prove her parents that she is strong
enough to tackle such problems. I want my Indian parents to
respect their children dream and allow them to live on it. I want
that parents to show right path and encourage them to do hard
work to achieve their dreams. I want MY INDIA to be in No. 1
Spot in each and every category Human Development Index,
developed countries, Olympic medal table, ICC ranking,
literacy rate, employment rate, healthy and wealthy country
etc. But writing these sentences and dreaming about t will not
take India to No.1 Spot. We need to do hard work and should
have dedication for our own work and try our label best to
make our own dreams come true. There is no point of writing
on How I want my India to be unless and until the approach of
each and every Indians towards their work or dream will not
change. In India more than 20% youth are trying to fulfil their
parents dream in which they would never be perfect and I
belong to one of them. But now I am trying to make my dream
come true.
People who want to join politics- go and join it. Dont bother
about anything. Do your work honestly and with full dedication
& hard work. Then no one in world can say that politics is a bad
profession. Similarly I want individuals to join Defence, Business
Sector, Sports, Academics, Research, technical sector etc. and
work with full dedication and hard work. If each and every
Indian will do his/her own work honestly and with dedication, no
one can stop him/her from achieving success. A successful
Indian means successful India. Successful India implies
corruption free, no crimes, no rapes, no scams, etc.
I want Indians to make their dream reality not others dream
reality. There is a famous saying- if you are not where you are,

if you are not where you want to be, if you dont have what you
want to have, then there is no point of blaming the system but
there is everything in past that you did not sacrificed anything
to make your dream come true. There is another famous
saying- when you die leave no dream left behind, leave no
opportunity left behind. We have many Indians who have
changed India in a manner they want to. Mahatma Gandhi,
athletes like Milkha Singh, P T Usha, etc., scientists like Dr. C. V.
Raman, Dr. Homi. J. Bhaba, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, cricketers like
Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev etc. , industrialists like Ratan Tata,
Dhirubhai Ambani etc are some of the Indians who make world
believe the power of India. I just want that Indians should
change their approach towards their work and India will
automatically change. It is rightly said by Bill Gates if you are
born poor its not your mistake, but if you die poor its your
mistake. Abraham Lincoln also said- Always bear in mind that
your own resolution to succeed is more important than any

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