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• 1 Masonic places
o 1.1 City-states
 1.1.1 Vatican City and
 1.1.2 City of London
 1.1.3 District of Columbia
o 1.2 Organization founding
 1.2.1 European Union

 1.2.2 Various organizations

Masonic places

• The Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic network operates mainly out of the following cities (see also:
Masonic cities):
o Vatican City, Rome, Italy. (religious center) (sovereign state since 1929)
o City of London, London, United Kingdom. (economic center) (sovereign state
since 1649, owned by the City of London Corporation)
o District of Columbia (which includes Washington D.C.), United States. (military

Vatican City and Catholicism

• See also:
o Vatican & Jesuits
o Catholic occult Sun symbolism
o "Whore of Babylon Pictures"
o Papal regalia and insignia
• Papal Tiara (triple-crown) represents the Holy Roman Empire's Holy Trinity claim to rule
the earth:
o "Father of kings" ("King of Kings")
o "Governor of the World"
o "Vicar of Christ"
 "At the moment of the coronation (see also: Corona), the new pope was
crowned with the words: Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and
know that thou art Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the world, Vicar of
our Savior Jesus Christ." [8]

• The 2 keys represent:

o The Pope's templar power - The justification to claim to rule all other nations:
King of kings, lord of lords.
o The Pope's spiritual power - The head of the Catholic -universal- Church and
therefore a supposedly God-mediator on earth. Roman-Catholic religious
indoctrination is whats required to believe this.

• Video:
o Vatican and Roman Catholic symbols

To research:

• Jesuit general uses the "IHS" seal - Isis Horus Seb?

• Colors (the spectrum from white to black):
o White - Pope
o Scarlet - Cardinal (new color of the Papacy?)
o Purple - Bishop (old color of the Papacy?)
o Black - Priest (such as the Jesuits)

signing of the EU
Upside down crossed
Papal Tiara and the two crossed keys - constitution (Lisbon
keys on church
Vatican flag representing the Pope's claims for -Treason- Treaty)
building... inverted
temporal and spiritual power. signing by mason
crosses in the keys?
Tony Blair.

(see previous)
Vatican City courtyard
("Saint Peter's Square").
Note the obelisk Note the keyhole
(male/phallic symbol) (see previous) shape of the courtyard
and the round court when seen from
(female symbol) above.

In 1929, under the

premiership of Mussolini,
the Vatican officially Papal cross - actually
Note the eye-in-pyramid in the St. Silvester with the
became an sovereign representing a
background. Papal Cross
state. pyramid?

Vatican Museum
spinning globes (video).
Several aspects are
probably conveyed here:
1) The ancient conspiracy
of secretive world
control, represented by Note the bended crucifix. Does this Why is there an
the 'Hidden Order' within crucifix represent the Catholic inverted cross ("Cross
the globe. perversion/mocking/hijacking of the of St. Peter") on the
2) The theory of a early Christianity-like cultures which Pope's chair?
expanding global the Roman Empire hated and
landmass by which the persecuted?
continents were separated
(see: Expanding Earth
theory and Plasma

Papal Mitre. See also:

Dagon - the (Dogon?)
fish god (images) which
inspired the design of the
Mitre used by the Vatican

City of London

• Various notes:
o Home to the Bank of England (See also: House of Rothschild who are the "Vatican
o Rule the world from the 677-acre, independent sovereign state known as The City
of London or simply ‘The City.’
o See also:
 "Illuminati symbolism in London"

City of London The City of London Heliopolis obelisk, City of

flag Corporation coat of arms. The The Guildhall building, which is London (placed in 1878
Latin motto reads Domine the ceremonial and administrativefrom Alexandria, Egypt)
Dirige Nos, "Lord, guide us". center of the City of London

2007 London transport billboard

(depicting numerous all-seeing-
eyes) about CCTV camera
(see previous) (see previous)
security. The headline reads:
"secure beneath the watchful
Lord Mayor:

The personal flag of the The Mansion House, which is the The annual Lord
(see previous)
Lord Mayor official residence of the Lord Mayor Mayor's show

Financial power:

The Bank of England building.Bank of England logo.

Note: pagan sun-wheel cross shield.

District of Columbia

Washington, D.C. masonic

street plan. See also: [2], [3],
A child’s book showing the 10 by 10 mile
[4], [5] [6] (see previous)
oblong square for the District of Columbia
(see previous)
with the corners facing north, south, east
and west. [1]

Pentagon in an inverted pentagram. Washington Monument obelisk (see previous) (see previous)
District of Columbia flag United States flag , Vatican
flag, and the District of
See: Tristar Columbia flag in Washington

Organization founding

• Various notes:
o Todo: League of Nations / United Nations, etc.
o See also: Masonic bodies

European Union

• Various notes:
o See also: "EU and the Beast"

Whore of Babylon on a
The flag of the
"EU Achievements 2007" report European Currency Unit Whore of Babylon on
European Union. Note
cover. Note: how the arms form the the 12 5-pointed stars. ("Ecu") promotion. Note a European
pyramid base below the eye-in- the 5-pointed stars. Parliament stamp.

Whore of Babylon statue outside the

European Council buildings in Whore of Babylon on Maltese Cross on the Owl on a 2002 Greek
Brussels, Belgium. an Euro coin. Maltese euro coins. euro coin.
The personal flag of Queen Elizabeth
II. See also the UK Royal Standard

Note: The flag sure looks a lot like

the European Union flag. The U.K. is
the only Europen Union member
nation which does not use the Euro
as its national currency. Control from
the start?
Various organizations

Rotary International York Rite Scottish Rite "Valley of Scottish Rite Masons"

National Sojourners "An

York Rite "Grand Ancient Arabic Order of Mystic Order of Veiled
American patriotic organization
Council of Allied the Nobles of the Mystic Prophets of the Enchanted
for Master Masons who served as
Masonic Degrees" Shrine (A.A.O.N.M.S.) Realm ("MOVPER" or
"The Grotto") officers or warrant officers in the
U.S. Armed Forces."
Independent Order of Odd
High Twelve Fellows (IOOF)
International Lions International Circle K International

Knights of the York

Cross of Honour
Order of the Rose and
Knights of Columbus (KYCH) Klu Klux Klan (KKK)
Cross (Rosicrucianism)

Knights of the North

(Est. 1923, Ireland) (KOTN)

The Order of Knight A North American

Masons (TOKM) masonic think-tank
Note: heptagram star
Note: The pentagon logo

• Masonic orders for Women

Order of the International

Order of the Amaranth Daughters of the
Eastern Star Association of Rebekah
Nile Assemblies

Note: the eclipse Note: the eclipse and

and crescent. crescent.

White Shrine of Order of True Order of Women

Social Order of Beauceant
Jerusalem Kindred Freemasons

Logo of the British Federation of The

Order of the GoldenInternational Order of Co-Freemasonry Le
Chain Droit Humain. The British Federation was
founded by Annie Besant in 1902. [7]

• Children and young adults (boys)

Boy Scouts Order of DeMolay International

• Children and young adults (girls)

International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
Job's Daughters International (JDI)

• Businesses

Circle K gas stations.


• 1 Gestures
o 1.1 Hand signs
 1.1.1 As above, so below sign
 1.1.2 Homage salute
 1.1.3 Claw hand
 1.1.4 Hand on chest
 1.1.5 Hidden hand
 1700's
 1800's
 1900 - present
 Other hidden hands
 1.1.6 Triad sign
 1200's
 1300's
 1400's
 1500's
 1600's
 1700's
 1800's
 1900 - present
 1.1.7 Triad-claw sign
 1.1.8 Horned hand
 1.1.9 Cosmos signal
 1.1.10 V sign
 1.1.11 Handshake
 Normal handshake
 Masonic
 1.1.12 Duegards and passgrips

 1.1.13 Other hand signs

Hand signs

• Various notes:
o Important note: In photographs, the position/positioning of a given individual’s
hand is debatable. However, in paintings and portraits the individual being
portrayed is usually posing for the artist. Therefore, these renditions are much
less debatable as to what the hand sign is conveying.
o "hand-gestures commonly used by Masons posing for portraits. A common one is
known as the "Hidden Hand", whereby the right hand is placed partially or fully
within one's shirt/jacket. Masonic kings, presidents, prime ministers, and media
personalities have been photographed posing the Hidden Hand. Another common
one is the "Claw", right hand at chest bending all knuckles into a claw." [55]
o "Horned Hand": "The sign of recognition between those in the Occult. When
pointed at someone it is meant to place a curse. Note the thumb over the fingers
and given by the left hand." [56]
o "Horned God": "Represents the horned god of witchcraft. Pan or Cernunnos. Note
the thumb under the fingers and given by the right hand." [57]
o Hand-kissing (see also: Kiss Hands)
o ...
o See also:
 "Secret Masonic Handshakes, Passwords, Grips"
 video: "Hand Signs and Handshakes Ron Paul"

As above, so below sign

"As above, so below"

Dagon The Greek goddess Buddha statue on Lantau phrase illustrated using
Athena Island, Hong Kong, China. horned handsigns [1]
Note: Compare this
handsign with the one in
this image from here). See
also: Saturn symbolism.

In this rendition of the devil-

Detail of Hans goat God Baphomet, a light
Detail of the "Last Memling's "Day of and dark crescent are seen.
Judgement" panel painting Judgement" (1467- (upper right, lower left)
(1387 or 1395) by Fra 1471). [3]
Angelico. [2] Note: the two pointing fingers
handsign, pentagram, torch,
and crescent.

Homage salute

• Various notes:
o Alternative names: "Sign of Admiration and Astonishment", Roman salute,
Catholic-Christian "Sign of Praise", Hitler salute (Nazi salute)

• Two arms:
(see Detail of a crucification painting by Fra
Egyptian salute (todo: refind source)
previous) Angelico (1395–1455). [4]

George Washington (Mason and 1st Pope

president of the United States) Ratzinger

• One arm:

Depiction of the Roman

salute in "The Oath of Illustration of Honore Pledge of
the Horatii" (1784) by de Balzac's (1799– George Washington statue (1865), Union Allegiance to the
Jacques-Louis David. [5] 1850) work ... Square, NYC [6]
US flag.

(see previous) Nazi salute

(see previous) Council of Foreign Relations logo
(founded in 1921, New York)

The logo depicts a naked man riding a

wild horse, while giving the Sign of
Admiration and Astonishment. The fingers
of the hand are pointing towards the
Hidden Master in the Stars, the Prince of
the Power of the Air (Lucifer). The
cryptic Latin inscription, "ubique", means

(see previous)
(see previous) (see previous)
Adolf Hitler at a Nazi (see previous)
party rally in
Benito Mussolini
Nuremberg, Germany, in

Islamic meeting
Klu Klux Klan (see previous) (Palestinian
(see previous) military)

(see previous) Christian meeting (see previous) Tiananmen square

statue, China

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Claw hand

• The "claw hand" (or "pooth") in ancient Egyptian culture:

Egyptian Pharaoh Netjerykhet Pharaoh Khufu of Ancient Egypt's Old

Djoser. Egyptian High Kingdom.
(see previous)
(c. 2650 – c. 2575 bc) Second priest Kal (c. 2589 - c. 2566) Khufu was the second
king of the 3rd dynasty [7] pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty.

Prince Wep-em-nefret, Fourth Amenhotep III Unknown
Dynasty, reign of Khufu (c. 1386 - c. Egyptian statue

• The "claw hand" in modern times:

Sir Francis Dashwood In 1883, after 8 years as (see previous) John Wilkes Booth
(b. 1708 - d. 1781) Commander in-chief of the (b. 1838 - d. 1865)
U.S. Army, Freemason and
Founder of the infamous and General George Washington Freemason and
notorious Hellfire Club in bid sad farewell to his brothers American stage actor
England. Quite possibly a in arms at New York City's who assassinated U.S.
Jacobite secret agent. Rumored
to have also been involved in
the Rosicrucian movement and
president Abraham
The Hellfire Club was a secret Fraunces Tavern. Lincoln.
society which engaged in Wilkes is seen here
depraved sexual orgies, Note: the sun light giving the claw hand,
drunkenness, Satanism, and symbolism. while posing for the
held Black Masses. photo.
Members included prominent
men of the British aristocracy,
and the most influential
politicians of the day.

Known mason Pat

A portrait showing a member
Robertson on the
of the Independent Order of
(see previous) February 17th, 1986 (see previous)
Odd Fellows (IOOF) giving
cover of TIME
the craw hand sign.

Annie Besant. Noted for being

a 33rd degree Co-mason,
Billy Graham on the cover of occultist, Theosophist,
(see previous) (see previous)
his book "The Challenge". Marxist, secularist, women's
rights activist, writer and
Hand on chest

A Master Mason (center) with Wardens.

Aleister CrowleyBoris Yeltsin

Hidden hand

• Various notes:
o The "hidden hand" sign, is the sign of Jah-buh-lun (Jahbuhlun), the sacred God of
Masonry. Jahbuhlun is known to the Masons as the "The Lost Name of God"
o When the Mason learns of the "The Lost Name of God", it is in receiving the 13th
degree in the Scottish Rite or the 7th degree for the York Rite (known as the
Mason of the Secret, or the Royal Arch degree [58]). This name of the Masonic
God is so sacred it takes three Royal Arch Masons to be able to speak it.

The "three times three" position, which is assumed by the three Masons preforming the ritual of the Royal
Arch Degree, in which they utter the name of the Masonic God - Jah-buh-lun.

• Masonic notes:
o Jahbuhlun is Masonry's "Grand Omnific" word, the name of their
omnipotent deity. The name Jahbuhlun has nine letters and is made up of three
syllables, Jah, buh, lun. In the ritual for the Royal Arch Degree, the three Royal
Arch Masons pronounce the name three times each, therefore, twenty-seven
syllables are pronounced. This represents the twenty-seven days it takes the
moon to pass through the circle of zodiacal signs.
o The name Jahbuhlun has three syllables representing a composite God made up of
three subordinate deities. The Masonic material identifies the three as Yah (or
Yahweh), Baal, and Osiris or On (spelled Un in the name Jahbuhlun). On was a
city in Egypt where the worship of the sun God, Osiris, is alleged to have begun.
Logically, the name should be spelled Yah-Baal-On, but Duncan's Masonic Ritual
and Monitor admits that over the years the spelling has been "corrupted" by
Freemasonry until it reached its current form.
o The three Masons grip hands high and low and chant, "Jah-buh-lun, Jah-buh-lun,
Jah-buh-lun , Je-hov-ah". These three Masons pronouncing the name of Jahbuhlun
are said to have come from Babylon. The candidate is told that these three
"Masters" or "Sojourners" have come from Babylon to instruct him on how to
symbolically build the Royal Arch. (Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem). According to
Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor, the candidate presents the hidden hand of
Jahbuhlun when he is approached by the three "Sojourners" from Babylon.
o The three Masons preforming the ritual, are in a position known as "three times
three". They have their three right feet forming a triangle, three left hands
forming a triangle, and three right hands forming a triangle. It is while in this
position each repeats the name of Jahbuhlun.
o The official Masonic explanation for hidden hand sign of Jah-buh-lun, is that it
comes from a passage from the fourth chapter of Exodus in the Bible:
 "And the Lord said unto Moses, put now thine hand into thy bosom; and he
put his hand into his bosom; and when he took it out, behold his hand was
leprous as snow."

• For additional information, about the hand sign of Jahbuhlun and the ritual of the Royal
Arch Degree, go here.

• The sign of Jahbuhlun in masonic literature and symbology:

Illustration showing the "Sign of the

Master of the Second Veil" (seventh Symbology of the Royal Arch Degree inscribed
degree mason) from the 1866 book with the words Je-ho-vah on the outer circle, Jah-
Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor. (see previous) bul-on on each edge of the triangle, and three
[8] Hebrew letters at each point of the triangle.

Note: the masonic foot pattern.


(Ordered by date of birth)

(see previous)
Paul Whitehead
Throughout his career,
George Washington Washington visited several
(1732-1799) lodges and attended many
English satiric poet and (see previous)
Masonic functions. His
prominent member of the
Freemason and 1st correspondence has many
infamous Hellfire Club. Washington served as
President of the United references to Freemasonry.
Grand Master of Lodge
Founded by Sir Francis No. 39 of Alexandria,
Washington was initiated In a 1791 letter to members
Dashwood, the Hellfire Club Virgina (later Alexandria
on November 4th, 1752 in of St. David's Lodge in
was a secret society that Lodge No. 22) for 20
the lodge at Newport, Rhode Island,
operated in England from months in 1788-1790.
Fredericksburg, Virgina. Washington stated: "..I
1749 to the late 1760's. The [10]
[9] shall always be happy to
Hellfire Club, which
advance the interests of the
included members of the Washington's Masonic
After the war, Society, and to be
British aristocracy and high- apron was embroidered by
Washington also considered by them as a
ranking politicians, engaged Marie Adrienne Francoise
belonged to and headed deserving Brother."
in all forms of sexual de Noailles, wife of fellow
the exclusive secret
depravity, drunkenness, Freemason and personal
society known as the And in a 1798, letter to the
Satanism, ad held Black friend, Lafayette - the
Society of the Cincinnati Grand Lodge of Maryland;
Masses. French military officer
(also called the Order of "So far as I am acquainted
and American
the Cincinnati). with the doctrines and
It was Whitehead who wrote Revolutionary War
principles of Freemasonry,
about the activities of the general. [11]
The members of this I conceive them to be
society. Before his death,
society comprised of the founded in benevolence,
Whitehead himself burned Note: Feet
richest and most elite men and to be exercised only for
these documents, in order to
of Washington's day. the good of mankind. I
prevent any revealing of the
cannot, therefore, upon this
society to the outside world.
ground, withdraw my
approbation from it." [12]
John Jay

Co-wrote the Federalist

Papers, first Chief Justice
of the U.S. Supreme
William Dawes
There is no direct proof
Abraham Whipple
that Jay was a Freemason.
(1733-1819) Freemason [14] and one
However, in a letter to
of the three men who Seth Read
George Washington on
Freemason and American alerted colonial (1746-1797)
April 21st, 1779 he wrote
Revolutionary War naval minutemen of the
the following text which
commander. approach of British army The man Instrumental in
appears to have Masonic
troops prior to the Battle putting the Latin motto and
significance: "The
Initiated and passed in St.of Lexington and popular Masonic phrase: "E
dissolution of our
Johns Lodge No. 1, Concord. PLURIBUS UNUM" (Out
governments threw us into
Providence, Rode Island on of Many, One) on U.S.
a political chaos. Time,
June 4, 1761. [13] British POWs from the coins.
Wisdom and
Battle of Saratoga
Perseverance will reduce
Note: Feet complained to Parliament
it into Form, and give it
that he gave them short
Strength, Order and
Harmony. In this work
you are (in the style of
your professions) a
Master Builder, and God
grant that you may long
continue a Free and
Accepted one.” [15]

Baron von Knigge Anonymous portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Marquis de Lafayette

(1752-1796) the child Wolfgang Mozart (1757-1834)
Amadeus Mozart, (1756-1791)
Freemason and member of possibly by Pietro 33° Freemason [19] and
the Bavarian Illuminati. Antonio Lorenzoni; Freemason and Austrian French military officer who
painted in 1763 on composer. Poisoned, died was a general in the
commission from at age 35. Mozart's American Revolutionary
Leopold Mozart. [16] involvement in War and a leader of the
Garde Nationale during the
Freemasonry may have
bloody French Revolution.
played a role in his death.
Lafayette was also made an
honorary Grand
Initiated in Austrian lodge
Commander of Supreme
Zur Wohltatigkeit on Dec.
Council of New York. [20]
14th 1784. [17]
More than 75 Masonic
Painting c. 1777.
bodies in the U.S. have
been named after him,
Note: Mozart's father
including 39 lodges, 18
Leopold Mozart, was also
chapters, 4 councils, 4
a Freemason and
commanderies, and 7
composer. [18]
Scottish rite bodies. [21]

Maximilien Robespierre Napoleon I (see previous) Salomon Rothschild (1774-

(1758-1794) (1769-1821) 1855) - Vatican treasury
Those who were chosen banker
One of the best-known Freemason and Emperor by Napoleon for high
figures of the bloody French of France, 1805-14. honor and office in the Wealthy Jewish(?) founder
Revolution. Involved in state were usually and overseer of the Vienna,
perpetuating the Reign of Napoleon's four brothers - Freemason's. Of the six, Austria branch of the
Terror (1793-1794). Joseph, Lucian, Louis, who, with the emperor Rothschild clan.
and Jerome, as well as his himself, formed the Grand
On July 28th 1794, stepson, Eugene Council of the Empire, Salomon Rothschild was
Robespierre was executed by Beauharnais, his brother- five were certainly quite possibly the paternal
guillotine, without trial in in-law Murat, and Freemasons, including grandfather of Adolf Hitler.
the Place de la Révolution. nephew, Jerome, were all Arch Chancellor Prince Hitler's father's mother was
(according to legend, the Freemason's. Most of Jean Jacques Regis a maid in Salomon
only man to be guillotined them held high Masonic Cambaceres, an Rothschild mansion, and
face-up). rank. [22] enthusiastic and active Salomon was a well-known
Mason. womanizer. After she had
Of the nine lesser imperial become pregnant, she was
officers of state, six at abruptly dismissed.
least were active Masons. Interestingly, since this
Of the marshals of France would have made Hitler
who served under part Jewish, investigating
Napoleon, at least 22 of Hitler's family tree was
the first 30 were illegal in Nazi Germany on
Freemasons. [23]
pain of death.
Note: the prominent use
of the color red.

Simón Bolívar

Freemason. Known as the

"George Washington of
South America" Bolívar
used genocidal terror
tactics to achieve his
aims. He joined
Freemasonry in Cadiz,
Spain and received the
Scottish Rite degrees in
Paris and was knighted in
Thomas Cochrane a Commandery of
(1775-1860) Knights Templar in
France in 1807.
Royal Navy officer and
radical politician. Bolívar founded and
served as master of
Protectora de las Vertudes
Lodge No. 1 in

The country of Bolivia is

named after him. Bolívar
also served as the
president of Columbia,
Peru, and Bolivia in the
1820's. Belonged to the
Order and Liberty Lodge
No. 2, Peru. [24]

Victor Hugo
(b. 1802 - d. 1885)
Robert Anderson
French poet, playwright, and
(b. 1805 - d. 1875)
novelist. Hugo was also
deeply involved in the occult
Freemason and Major
and mysticism.
Franklin Pierce General in the U.S.
(b. 1804 - d. 1869) Army during the
Hugo's demented mind
American Civil War.
wrote L'Homme qui rit (The
14th President of the Anderson was in
Man Who Laughs), a story (see previous)
United States command of Sumter at
about a boy whose face had
the time of the
been horribly shaped into a Note: Feet
Photo circa. 1855 Confederate attack.
permanent smile by fiendish
cosmetic butchers.
Possible Freemason. Raised in Mercer Lodge
This grotesque tale was the
(unconfirmed) No. 50, Trenton, N.J.
basis for Batman's "Joker"
May 27, 1858. He was
character. It has been alleged
also an honorary member
that Hugo was not only a
of Pacific Lodge No. 233
Rosicrucian but was also
of New York City. [25]
Grand Master of the occultic
order known as the Priory of

Giacomo Antonelli Napoléon III Andrew Johnson William Ewart Gladstone

(b. 1806 - d. 1876) (b. 1808 - d. 1873) (b. 1808 - d. 1875) (b. 1809 - d. 1898)

Powerful and influential Freemason and Emperor of 32° Freemason [28] and British Liberal Party
Cardinal and Secretary of France, 1852-70. 17th President of the statesman and four times
the Papal States under Pope United States. Prime Minister of the
Pius IX. Antonelli was Member of the Ancient and Johnson pardoned 3 of United Kingdom (1868–74,
involved in the 1865 plot to Accepted Scottish Rite of the 8 men charged in the 1880–85, 1886 and 1892–
Lincoln assassination
assassinate U.S. President Initiated May 5th, 1851
Abraham Lincoln. in the Greeneville Lodge
No.119, Greeneville,
Antonelli also hid a Tennessee. [29]
France. [27]
murderous associate of
assassin John Wilkes Booth First U.S. President to be 94).
Note: also known as Louis-
in the Vatican State, where impeached.
Napoléon Bonaparte
he had fled, to protect him His close association
from execution by American with Freemasonry was
authorities who sought his one of the factors that led
extradition. [26] to his impeachment trial.

Stephen A. Douglas
(b. 1813 - d. 1861)

Freemason and U.S. Senator

from Illinois, who gained
Mikhail Katkov
fame by his debates with
Richard Wagner (b. 1818 - d. 1880)
Abraham Lincoln. Initiated
(b. 1813 - d. 1883)
on June 11th, 1840
Russian occult publisher of
Springfield Lodge No. 4,
Anti-Semitic German Moscow Gazette.
Springfield Illinois.
composer, conductor,
Upon his death, Douglas was (see previous)
theater director, and Katkov brought Hindu and
buried Masonically, per his
essayist. Theosophy teachings to
Russia. He also published
Wagner was greatly some books of the Russian
A monument was dedicated
admired by Adolf Hitler. occultist and mystic,
to him Masonically in
Helena Blavatsky
Chicago on Sept. 6th, 1866.
Fellow Freemason and then -
U.S. President Andrew
Johnson attended the
ceremony. [31]
William Tecumseh
Karl Marx John Ruskin Rutherford B. Hayes
(b. 1818 – d. 1883) (b. 1819 - d. 1900) (b. 1822 - d. 1893)
(b. 1820 - d.1891)
German - Jewish Tutor to illuminated Freemason and 19th
Ruthless American Civil
revolutionary and students such as Cecil President of the United
War Union general. His
communist icon. Rhodes. Advocated a world States.
total war polices of
empire. Spent his later
"scorched earth" against
Marx authored The years in an insane asylum. Only president whose
the South, have earned
Communist Manifesto in Rumored to have been a election was decided by a
him the reputation as the
1848. pedophile. congressional commission.
first 'modern general'.

George B. McClellan James A. Garfield Ignatius L. Donnelly Edwin Booth

(b. 1826 - d. 1885) (b. 1831 - d. 1881) (b. 1831 - d. 1901) (b. 1833 - d. 1893)

Freemason and Major 14° Freemason [33] and U.S. Congressman, Freemason, Shakespearean
General during the American 20th President of the populist, and writer. actor, and older brother of
Civil War. McClellan was United States. American stage actor and
the Democratic nominee (assassinated) In 1882, Donnelly assassin, John Wilkes
opposing Lincoln in the published Atlantis: The Booth.
1864 presidential election. Initiated in Magnolia Antediluvian World, Initiated in New York
Received all three degrees of Lodge No. 20 of which detailed his Lodge No. 330 on Sept
Freemasonry Dec. 9th, 1853, Columbus, Ohio, Nov. theories concerning the 11th, 1857. [35]
in Willamette Lodge No. 2, 22nd, 1861. The third mythical lost continent
Portland, Oregon. [32] degree was conferred to of Atlantis. Edwin once declared, "...to
him by Columbus Lodge be Worshipful Master and
No. 30, Nov. 22nd, 1864. Donnelly is credited with to throw my whole soul in
Garfield received the 4-14° initiating the Atlantis that work, with the
ASSR (Southern mania that became such candidate for my audience,
Jurisdiction) on Jan. 2nd, a feature of popular and the lodge for my stage,
1872 from Albert Pike, in literature in the 20th would be greater personal
Washington D.C. century and contributed distinction than to receive
At his funeral, nearly all
the officers of the Grand
to the emergence of
Commandery of Ohio, 14 the plaudits of the people in
Mayanism. (non-codified
commanderies of that state, the theaters of the world."
eclectic collection of
and 8 commanderies from [36]
New Age beliefs)
adjacent jurisdictions were
present and participated in
the funeral cortege. [34]

John Wilkes Booth

(see previous)
(b. 1838 - d. 1865)
Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi
Edwin Booth (center) with
Freemason and American
brothers John Wilkes Booth (b. 1834 - d. 1904) (see previous)
stage actor who
(left) and Junius Brutus
assassinated U.S. president
Booth, Jr (right). Freemason and designer Bartholdi was one of the
Abraham Lincoln.
and sculptor of the Statue early members of Lodge
The brothers are shown here of Liberty in New York Alsace-Lorraine, Paris
Younger brother of Edwin
acting in Shakespeare’s harbor. (Oct. 14, 1875) which
Booth, also a Freemason
Julius Caesar in 1864. The Statue of Liberty is was composed of
and stage actor.
actually a representation of prominent intellectuals,
Edwin is seen giving the the Goddess Columbia and writers and government
Note: Because of Wilkes'
hidden hand sign, even is coded full of secret representatives. [37]
notoriety, the Freemasons
though he is in costume. society meanings and
have quietly removed his
occult symbolism.
name from their
membership records.

Elisha Hunt Rhodes Friedrich Nietzsche Paul von Hindenburg Samuel Liddell MacGregor
(b. 1842 - d. 1917) (b. 1844 - d. 1900) (b. 1847 - d. 1934) Mathers
(b. 1854 - d. 1918)
Freemason and famous Civil German philosopher and Prussia-German field
War Union Army
atheist. Nietzsche's concept
Lieutenant. Rhodes was a
of the Übermensch Freemason and one of the
Member and Worshipful
(superman) later served as most influential figures in
Master of Harmony Lodge,
an inspiration to Adolf marshal and statesman modern Occultism.
#9, in Cranston, Rhode
Hitler and the teachings of (German President). One of the founders of the
Island. He was also the
the Nazi Party. Hermetic Order of the
Grand Master of the Grand
Golden Dawn.
Lodge of Rhode Island in
Note: Feet

Joseph Stalin
(b. 1878 - d. 1953)
George Ivanovich Gurdjieff Vladimir Lenin
(b. 1866? - d. 1949) (b. 1870 - d. 1924) Leader of the Soviet
Union from 1922 to
(see previous)
Greek-Armenian mystic, Harbinger of the bloody 1953.
teacher of sacred dances, and1917 Communist Russian
a spiritual teacher. Revolution. Responsible for the
deaths of untold millions
of his own countrymen.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

(b. 1881 - d. 1938)

Atatürk at the Sivas

Congress (held from
(see previous) September 4 to September
11, 1919).

See also: "The History of

Freemasonry in Turkey",
Young Turks.

1900 - present
Aleksandar Karađorđević Silvio Todd Palin
Four early Soviet-era Gulag-camp (b. 1945 - ) Berlusconi (b. 1964 - )
commandants giving the hidden (b. 1936 - )
hand sign for the cameraman. [38] Born Crown Prince Alexander of Husband of 2008 vice-
Yugoslavia, Karađorđević is Current Prime presidential candidate
claimant to the throne of Serbia. Minister of Italy. Sarah Palin

Other hidden hands

In this painting depicting the

This painting depicts Appearing with two
signing of the United States
George Washington taking other men fully
Declaration of Independence This painting shows
the oath of president of the dressed in Masonic
on July 4th 1776, the man in Freemason George
United States on April
the center of the painting can Washington meeting French regalia, the man on the
30th, 1789. The man just to
clearly be seen giving the Freemason Lafayette for the far left of this Mid-
his right is seen giving a
hidden hand gesture. first time. The man at the 19th Century photo is
hidden hand sign. seen giving the hidden
far left of the painting is
Note: At least 9 Freemasons seen giving a hidden hand hand sign.
Note: Washington swore (he is presumed to be a
are known to have signed the gesture.
the oath on a masonic Mason)
Declaration of Independence.
Exact date of photo

Mikhail Levandovsky (center),

gives the hidden hand for the
photo. Flanked by Sergei
Kirov (left) and Konstantin
Mekhonoshin (right). These
three men were deeply
involved the bloody 1917
Communist Russian

• Bonesmen (Skull & Bones):

In this photo of Skull & Bones secret society members, the man at the far left of the photo
is seen displaying the hidden hand sign. Exact date of photo unknown, appears to be around
the mid-1800's. (see previous)

The order of Skull & Bones was established in 1832 at Yale University.
Triad sign

• Various notes:
o Todo: get the real name of this hand sign.
 The hand sign might have something to do with this:
 Awen sign (3 converging lines: /|\, M) and the Reverse Awen sign (3
dispersing lines: \|/, W)
 See also:
 Hebrew letter shin (‫)ש‬
 Trident - a three-pronged spear. Tridents feature widely
in mythical, historical and modern culture. The trident
is also depicted as Satan's weapon.

• The Triad hand sign, as displayed by individuals. Ordered by date of birth.

Roger Bacon
(b. 1214 - d. 1294)

English philosopher and Franciscan




Martin Luther
Christopher (b. 1483 - d. 1546)
Ignatius of Loyola (b. 1491 - d. 1556), Columbus
founder and 1st Superior General of the (b. 1451 - d. (see previous)
Note: a suspected Rosecrucian
Jesuit Order ("Society of Jesus"). 1506) agent to control the Reformation


Mary Queen of Scots King James I

Sir Philip Sidney (b. 1566 - d. 1625)
(b. 1542 - d. 1587) (see
(b. 1554 - d. 1586) previous)
Mother of King James I Son of Mary Queen of Scots
Robert Fludd
(b. 1574 - d. 1637)
Unknown 1500's woman, Adriaen van de Venne
possibly Anne of Denmark (b. (b. 1589 - d. 1662)
(Also known as Robertus de
1574 - d. 1619)
Dutch Baroque painter of
Note: Her 8-pointed Chaos Star allegories, genre subjects and
English astrologer, mystic, and
necklace. portraits.
occultist. Quite possibly a
member of Rosicrucians.


Prince Rupert of the Rhine Gaspar Fagel Isaac Newton

(b. 1619 - d. 1682) (b. 1634 - d. (b. 1643 - d. (see previous)
1688) 1727)
Grand-nephew of King James I


George III Alexander Hamilton

(b. 1738 - d. (see previous)
1820) (b. 1755 - d. 1804)

Adolf Hitler
(b. 1889 - d. (see previous)

1900 - present

Dianne Feinstein
Pope Benedict XVI (1933) Dalia Itzik (1952) Michelle Obama
(1927) (1964)
Triad-claw sign

• What is the real name of this hand gesture?

o See also: Triad sign (and its relation to the symbol of Satan)

• Tri-claws in nature:
o See also: Archosaur (which includes: dinosaurs, reptiles and birds)
o What about the mythical dragon?

Kiwi bird foot. [39](see previous)

• Tri-claws in Human culture:

Spock - a figure from the Star Trek TV series.

Note: the pointed ears - reminiscent of devil depiction.

Rock band Limp
"The Bizkit
Note: that this series has many references to socialism, fascism, militarism,
freemasonry (eg. the mention of "A. Pike" - as in Albert Pike - described by
William Cooper), and has gathered a large cult following.

See also: video: "Leonard Nimoy on the Spock "Star Trek" Vulcan Salute"
Horned hand

• Various notes:
o See also: "Masonic handshakes of the Christian elite"

Georges Darboy (1813-

1871), French Catholic Pope Benedict XVI
"As above, so below" priest, later bishop of Nancy, (see previous)
phrase illustrated using and then archbishop of Paris. Note:: the Amenita
horned handsigns [40] [41] muscaria entheogen
mushroom / Saturn
Note: the X symbolism from symbolism.
the crossed arms.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
Nicolas Sarkozy, current (see previous) (see previous)
current President of Iran.
President of France.

Abdullah II of Jordan Barack Hussein Obama II

(with Vladimir Putin) Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton

Sarah Palin (Governor of

(see previous) Alaska, 2008 vice- Ron Paul (US congress
presidential nominee with member and 2008
(see previous) controlled-opposition
John McCain)
presidential candidate)

Tommy Franks (United Ari Fleischer (G.W. Bush's

States Army General) and Dan Quayle (a former first press secretary and Alternative media disinfo
George H. W. Bush Senator and 44th US Vice- member of the Kappa agent Alex Jones
President under George H. Delta Rho fraternity)
W. Bush)

Tom Ridge, 1st Secretary

of the Department of Televangelist Pat Robertson Benny Hinn a well-known ?? MacDonalds execs?
Homeland Security. tele-evangelist fraudster
President George Bush

Perhaps these people are (see previous)

(see previous) (see previous)
all 'big fans' of the Texas
Longhorns American
football team?

(see previous) Laura Bush and G.W.

(see previous) Bush
(see previous)

(see previous)
Laura Bush on the White
(see previous) House lawn. Note: also her Prince William
left hand.

Thaksin Shinawatra,
former Prime Minister of A Satanist girl flashes the
Thailand. horned hand. (see previous)

In film/TV:
The main anchor of the mass hypnotizing
television network "ICS - a scene from
Actor Paul Hogan hypnotizes the dystopian movie "Running Man"
a bull into submission in the (1987), starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, (see previous) (see previous)
film "Crocodile Dundee"
(1986). Note: that this film also shows capstoned
pyramids and other occult symbolism.
Cosmos signal

• Various notes:
o Alternative names: "Dragon symbol of the Cosmos", "Cosmos signal", "Throwing
the Cosmos".
o To process: [59]
o "Remember if we take a side on look at this Dragon symbol of Cosmos, we find
it looks like a six. The six of Saturn the Masculine Dragon, otherwise known as El
or the Anti-Christos 666 Beast. The very enemies of the 888 Jesus Christ. We can
see this Cosmos signal as a 66 which itself is Idol Worship. Something
forbidden by God Adonai in the real ten commandments. The anti-Christos
Catholic continuation of Rome and Nimrod removed that second commandment.
They then split the tenth into two in order to make up the ten commandments.
This all reminds me of this a-okay symbol which is in fact the 666. If we take
the Cosmos signal again but this time separate the two vertical fingers into a
Astarte 'V' what do we have? We have the occult symbolism for the masonic 'Law
of Five' veiled in profane nonsense such as victory. Note how with one same hand
signal we can have both the six and the five? The masculine and feminine energy
of El and Astarte in one. Just like the circle from the Goddess Circe, the upper half
feminine, the lower half is masculine. If we add these two numbers together we
get the eleven of Boaz and Jachin (two pillars) and Judgement! Now if we just have
a six and five next to one another we have the number for water representing the
currency of Yarikh and Astarte the feminine. If we reverse this to five and six then
we have the number of Yarikh herself." - Craig Oxley

• Cosmos signal with 2 pointing fingers:

In this rendition of the The Hierophant which in (see previous) 17th century painting of
devil-goat God Baphomet,
a light and dark crescent are Geoffrey Chaucer
seen. (upper right, lower some Tarot card decks (1343–1400?)
left) named "The Pope", is the
fifth trump or Major Arcana He was an English
From Crowley's tarot deck
Note: the pentagram, torch, card in most traditional Tarot author, poet,
crescent, and the "As decks. philosopher, bureaucrat,
above, as below" phrase courtier and diplomat.

Pope Adrian VI (1459–

1523, Pope from 1522 to Pope Pius XII wearing the
1523) traditional 1877 Papal
Pope Urban VIII (1568– Tiara, is carried through St
Note: He was Pope for just 1644, Pope from 1623 to Peter's Basilica on a sedia Pope Pius XII
18 months (until his death) 1644) gestatoria (circa 1955).
and was the last non-Italian
pope until John Paul II, 456
years later!

Statue of Pope
Giovanni Battista
Pope John Paul I
Montini (Pope Paul VI)
Pope John XXIII Pope John Paul II in Sacromonte, Spain.
Note: Pope for 33 days only!

Vatican statue

Statue of St. Peter at the (see previous) Papal statue at the

Vatican. Vatican.

Annie Besant
Vatican Triclinum mosaic. (b. 1847 - d. 1933) "Secret San Grail of the
Nazi oath ritual
Noted 33rd degree Co-
Note: the sun symbolism.

(see previous) (see previous) "9/11 truth" disinfo agent

David Ray Griffin

• Cosmos signal with 3 pointing fingers ("666"):

In the 1967 TV series "The Prisoner" this handsignal is used by

some people to say goodbye - often accompanied by the phrase:
"be seeing you!". US pop-musician
Michael Jackson Lady Gaga
showing various
Note: that this TV series is highly esoteric. The story is a
masonic symbolism.
metaphor for the various subversive information-gathering and
mind-control techniques applied by some organizations in
V sign

• Various notes:
o Profane meaning: "Victory" and/or "Peace" (but for who? The Vatican? The
o "If we take the Cosmos signal (two pointing fingers) again but this time separate
the two vertical fingers into a Astarte 'V' what do we have? We have the occult
symbolism for the masonic "Law of Five" veiled in profane nonsense such as
victory. Note how with one same hand signal we can have both the six
and the five? The masculine and feminine energy of El and Astarte in
one. Just like the circle from the Goddess Circe, the upper half feminine, the lower
half is masculine. If we add these two numbers together we get the eleven
of Boaz and Jachin (two pillars) and Judgement! Now if we just have a six
and five next to one another we have the number for water representing the
currency of Yarikh and Astarte the feminine. If we reverse this to five and six then
we have the number of Yarikh herself." - Craig Oxley
 Todo:
 research the "5 points of fellowship". Does the "V-sign" represent one
of the 5 arms of the pentagram? Or perhaps two pillars?
o Ancient gesture of benediction, the shadow of which represents Satan.
o See also: more images

(see previous)
Illustration from Maurice
Bessy's Pictorial History Of Frederick V of Denmark Winston Churchill
Magic And The Supernatural, (b. 1723 - d. 1766) (b. 1874 - d. 1965)
depicts the ancient gesture of
benediction, the shadow of Churchill used the "V"
which represents Satan. That sign extensively
shadow, according to Satanists, throughout WWII as his
is the symbol of malediction. trademark "V for
It should be noted that
Churchill was a
Freemason, inductee into
the Ancient Order of
Druids, and was, by some
accounts also a Cryptic

See also: "Brother

Winston", "Winston
Churchill & The Ancient
Order of Druids".

Richard Nixon giving the

sign after being forced
from the office of the Michael Jackson
Hillary Clinton flashing
(see previous) presidency. Nixon used the "V" sign showing various
this hand sign more than masonic symbolism.

The lead vocalist of the

American nu metal
Bono, the lead signer for the (see previous) band Slipknot is often
Irish rock band U2, can often be (see previous) pictured/shown giving
seen giving the "V" sign the "V" sign

John Paul Jones, bass

guitarist for the English
Beatles lead signer John
rock band Led Zeppelin
(see previous) Lennon flashes the "V"
gives the "V" sign in this
sign in front of the Statue
German magazine photo.
of Liberty (Goddess
Note: His personal
Triquetra sigil

Normal handshake
• The handshake as a symbol is often found in the occult.

John Mccain, (SMOM cardinal)

Normal handshake. A normal-appearing Edward_Egan, Barack_Obama The handshake depicted on
this 2004 U.S "Louisiana
handshake is seen in this during the 2008 Al Smith
dinner. Purchase" commemorative
masonic renditioning.
nickel coin

First National Bank

of Florida The International Brotherhood
of Magicians
Note: the 5 five-
1934 Nazi rally
pointed stars Note: the greek deity Hermes Kentucky State Seal
with his Caduceus, and the Oak
leaf (which represents

Masonic handshake

• Various notes:
o There are several different types of masonic handshakes, they are often changed
and/or updated to keep them secret
o video: "The Masonic Handshake That Bind"

Masonic handshake.

Note: the position of the

thumb close to the knuckles. Cardinal Francis
This illustration shows the Logo of the Socialist Spellman and ex-
Potsdam Conference meeting with
"grip of a most excellent prime-minister (and
Unity Party of the other Allied leaders (read:
master" (6th degree mason). Germany (SED) mason) Winston
Jesuit-Masonic controlled
politicians!): Winston Churchill,
Harry Truman (33rd degree Mason
This Marxist-Leninist and 33rd President of the United
From Duncan's Masonic party was the States between 1945–1953) and
Ritual and Monitor, circa governing body of the Joseph Stalin, in Potsdam, Churchill in 1946 [44]
1866 [42]. German Democratic Germany, from July 17 to August
Republic from 1949- 2, 1945. [43] Just 4 days after
1990 that conference the atomic
bombing of Hiroshima followed!

with Muammar Abu

Pope ratzinger and Tony Minyar al-Gaddafi
Blair. (Libya) (see previous) President Bush with
controlled artist Bono

Ronald Regan and

Former President Ronald John McCain in 1987
Regan greets fellow insider
John McCain in this 1980's Note: McCain's left
photo hand moving in to
"cover" the shake

Duegards and passgrips

• Duegard of an "Entered Apprentice":


• Dueguard of the "Fellow Craft" (2°):

"Former President Jimmy Carter in Havana, Cuba, with communist dictator Fidel Castro. Castro
gives a sign showing he is a member of the Odd Fellows, a Masonic affliated secret order popular in
[46] Cuba. Meanwhile, Carter presents the Dueguard of the Fellow Craft (2°). (Photo: USA Today
newspaper, May 16, 2002, p. 11A)" [47]

• Duegard of a "Past Master":

Seinfeld actor "Kramer" Michael A. Richards on the cover of a masonic

Duegard and step of a "Past magazine. [49]
Master" [48]
Note: He is a "Master Mason" and also holds 33° in the Scottish Rite. [50]
Other hand signs

• Miscellaneous:
Picture of a chapter of the
Skull & Bones society? George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton possibly
Jesuit Superior General Peter acknowledging each other with a peculiar finger
Photo c. 1917 Hans Kolvenbach shows a greeting of the Masonic "Craft".
weaved handsign.

• Sign of Distress

Raise the hands as represented in the cut, and drop them with spirit. Repeat this three times.

The words accompanying this sign in the night, or dark, when the sign cannot be seen, are, viz.: "O Lord my
God! is there no help for the widow's son?" This sign is given by the Master, at the grave of our "Grand
Master Hiram Abiff."[51]

• Thumb and forefinger under/on chin:

Benjamin Franklin Sir Francis Dashwood Paul Revere Ozzy Osbourne

(b. 1706 - d. 1790) (b. 1708 - d. 1781) (b. 1734 - d. 1818) (b. 1948 - )

Freemason and Hellfire Founder of the infamous and Freemason, metal-smith and Lead signer of
Club member. notorious Hellfire Club in England. American Revolutionary the English heavy
Quite possibly a Jacobite secret War patriot. Initiated at St. metal band Black
Initiated into Freemasonry agent. Rumored to have also been Andrews Lodge, Boston, Sabbath.
on February, 1731 at St. involved in the Rosicrucian Massachusetts in 1760.
John's Lodge in movement and Freemasonry. Revere made seals and
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
[52] The Hellfire Club was a secret jewels for several Masonic
Franklin was a very active society which engaged in depraved lodges. [53]
Mason and attended various sexual orgies, drunkenness,
lodges during his travels Satanism, and held Black Masses. Revere was Grand Master
including lodges in Members included prominent men of St. Andrews Lodge in
Scotland, England, and of the British aristocracy, and the 1770 and again in 1777-79,
France. most influential politicians of the and from 1780-82. [54]

• Clasped hands

Gerhard Schröder, Chancellor of Germany from 1998 to (see previous) Boys and Girls Club (U.S.)