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Provide Engineering support to resolve operations and technical integrity issues, perform troubleshooting

and root cause failure analysis and plant optimization to maximize plant availability and reliability.

Develop effective technical solutions to the assigned Engineering Queries (EQ) and action within the
allocated time, take ownership of their implementation through EQ, eMOC, DSP to ensure the completeness
and compliance with BP, industry and government standards.

Application of Continuous Improvement to identify opportunities for improvement and risk reduction within
the domain of process and process safety engineering and work to resolve them.

Accountable to identify and mitigate safety risks and production vulnerabilities.

Lead or participate in risk assessments, HAZIDs, HAZOPs, HSSE reviews as an operations process
engineering representative and ensure closeout of process related technical recommendations.

Maintain facility risk register and support facility risk assessments including MAR, LOPA, ORA, QRA, etc.
Support specialty risk studies (e.g. FMEA, FMECA, dropped object, vessel collision, etc.) when required.

Maintain working knowledge of BP and industry codes, standards and regulations relevant to process
systems and process safety.

Participate in investigation of facility Lost Of Primary Containment (LOPC).

Provide guidance to operations and maintenance on the application of Inherently Safer Design (ISD).

Identify deviations from design intent and operating envelop and initiate necessary action, including
determining if the deviation is acceptable or not, or what action is required to recover performance.

From time to time, act as an engineering lead for site based AEST engineers.

Actively participate in BP technical networks & communities of practice, maintaining a strong awareness of
technical learning and have close links with specialists and engineers of all disciplines, both within UEC and
across other parts of BP.

Provide process safety engineering support for activity planning including plant modifications, major projects,
turnarounds, and other relevant activities.

Demonstrate strong health, safety, environmental and regulatory compliance in all activities carried out

Perform process design and design evaluations, specify design specification and standards to be applied for
new and replacement equipment. Process Safety Information (PSI)

Verify that process safety information is available and current. Develop plans to bring PSI up to date, as

Provide oversight to ensure that the following process safety related procedures/systems are being applied
rigorously and effectively by the line onsite in a sustainable way.

Champion, capture and communicate process safety lessons learned, continuous improvement and best

Verify that safety system bypasses, defeats, and positions (e.g. lock open, lock closed) are managed
consistent with the design intent and that and that appropriate interim risk reduction measures are
implemented as required.

Develop and deliver on site process safety training and workshops

Implement and track a robust set of process safety leading and lagging metrics which can effectively
indicate plant status from a process safety standpoint. Safe Operating Limits (SOL)

Verify that the operating procedures are up to date, followed and that any change to operating procedure is
carried out in accordance with a robust Management of Change.

Verify that Safe Operating Limits are defined, being adhered to, and deviations are appropriately

The candidate should have a working knowledge of industry and BP ETPs and/or Oman government

Familiarity with API 520, API 521(American Petroleum Industry).

Working knowledge of several computer software applications including Microsoft Suite.

Familiarity with BP Capital Value Processes.

Demonstrated ability to work in a large operation within multi-discipline teams and in multi-cultural

Effective communication skills will be required to work with multiple assets.

Established networks within BP (EPT, CoPs, etc.); and ability to develop connections across the different

IT literate, Cultural Awareness, Diversity and Inclusion.

This posting is only open to Omani nationals

4 years experience in similar engineering position supporting the integrity of oil / gas processing facilities.

Practical operational and commissioning experience in a Hydrocarbon processing onshore plant or platform.

In depth knowledge of design, selection and application of process and conditioning equipments

Experience working process safety issues in a regulatory regime (e.g. PSM, SEMS, UK Safety Case, etc.).

Working knowledge and application of process hazard analysis and risk assessment processes.

Experience in performance managing (HAZOP, HAZID, QRA, What if, etc.).

Personal commitment to hands-on HSE leadership in all aspects of role. Good knowledge and practical
experience of industry and BP maintenance practices with the ability to positively converse in them with all
field departments, external contractors and equipment vendors

Team player and strong leadership skills with experience in engineering, operational support or maintenance