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Do you know your health and well-being status? When last did you go for a general medical
checkup? The 9‘lock ‘uster Secrets of the true essence of dietary supplementsdz is a well
elaborate encyclopedia to the nutritional values of using dietary supplements, where
treatment is not the goal but healing.

Like the old adage says; DzPrevention is better than curedz, and another goes by saying;
DzHealth is wealthdz.

Now it does not take much of the brain to understand what does two adages are referring
to, and I quote; DzAll our possessions are nothing compared to HEALTH, STRENGHT, and a
clear CONSCIENCEdzǥ..Hosea ‘allou

Hope you have gotten the big picture now? Do you comprehend?

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A diet can be defective or unbalance (a) because its total energy content is smaller or
greater than the body needs, (b) because it lacks one or more essential substance such as
proteins or vitamins, or (c) because it contains too much of certain kinds of food, e.g. sugar.

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    are often unbalanced for the following reasons:

(a)YThey contain too much yam, cassava, banana and maize. These foods are easy to
grow but deficient in protein. Rice, millet, guinea corn and beans are a far better
source of vegetable protein than cassava and yam. Maize contains some protein but
this does not provide all the amino acids needed by the body. One of the ‘ vitamins,
Nicotinic acid, cannot be adequately obtained from maize.
(b)YThey contain too little vitamin A. special care needs to be taken to include green
vegetables; or red palm oil in the diet in addition to tomatoes and other sources of
carotene. Alternatively, the vitamin A in diet may be fish-liver oil.
(c)YWhere the diet is mainly rice or maize, it could lead to a protein deficiency disease,
they have low lysine (part of the amino acid essentials for the body) and there is
likely to be a shortage of vitamins ‘ or ‘. Traditional methods of milling or
grinding rice reduce this deficiency.
A maize diet needs to be supplemented with other cereals to avoid PELLAGRA
(d)YInsufficient energy, or in other words, not enough food. About half the people in the
world have an average daily intake of less than 9000kilo joules. Even allowing for
children, whose needs may be less than this; these figures suggest that many people
have only enough to stay alive and not enough to do a good dayǯs work.
)     in the affluent societies of the U.S.A, U.S.S.R, and EUROPE, there is no
general shortage of food and most people can afford a diet with an adequate energy and
protein content. Consequently there are few people who suffer from malnutrition, but it
seems very likely that many people eat too much food of the wrong kind.
This causes illnesses in middle-age and old-age. Some nutritionists believe that the high
level of animal fats in the meat, butter and cheese of western diets contributes to the
increased frequency of heart attacks ( coronary heart disease)(vegetable oils, other than
coconut oil and palm oil may be safer in this respect).
Western also eats a great deal of refined sugar. This is the white sugar in the sugar bowl, or
the sugar added to a great many processed foods. Like animal fats, it is suspected of
contributing towards heart diseases and there is little doubt that it causes tooth decay and
fatness (obesity).
People who are overweight are more likely to suffer from heart disease, high blood
pressure and diabetes.
Western diets usually contain too little vegetable fiber and this may lead to constipation
and diverticular diseases.
There is plenty of evidence to show that a totally vegetarian diet, even one which excludes
milk, butter, cheese and eggs, can be as healthy as, if not healthier than, a diet which
contains meat.
It should be noted that meat production may involve a very inefficient se of food resources.
If cereals and beans are fed to cattle, only about 0 per cent of their energy is converted to
meat, the rest is used by the animal for its life process it is far more efficient for humans to
eat the cereal and beans themselves.

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EXERCISE AND EMOTIONAL STRESS: Some stress is normal, healthy and inevitable for
every individual. However you need to practice to learn how to handle the stress and strain
of your everyday life including examine situations.
Regular exercise relieves stress and makes you feel better emotionally as well as physically.
Internal emotional pressure builds up when you become angry or frightened. Your adrenal
gland produces adrenalin, which stimulates your heart to beat faster, your breathing rate to
increase and more energy, is liberated by respiration. You become prepared to fight or to
run away. This primitive physiological condition can be overcome by using the energy in
exercise. Physical activity can relax the body, some strong drugs have the same effect and
unfortunately many youngsters and others in the state of tension resort to these strong
medicines regularly (abuse), without thinking of their unhealthy side effects. A much
healthier and more enjoyable way to take care of the stress and strain is by taking exercise.
SLEEP, FATIGUE, REST AND RELAXATION: Sleep is part of everyoneǯs life. Scientists feel
that sleep is necessary to rest your mind and body. Even when you are in deep sleep your
circulatory, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems are at work. Recent studies using
tracings of the brain waves have shown that a four stage cycle involving deep and shallow
sleep is repeated many times.

DREAMS: dreaming is considered an important part of a nightǯs sound sleep. Almost

everyone dreams. Dreams mat be unconscious wishes or fears. Old legends suggest
different notions among different people about dreams. Some considered that the spirit of a
sleeping man wandered and had adventures and returned in time for the man to wake up.
, + , a Viennese doctor, in his book the Dz  $    dz published
in 900, has made scientific suggestions concerning dreams. He calls dreams Dz  


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Sleeping habits and duration of sleep needed by individuals are unique for each person.
Some persons show disturbed sleep and irregularities such as insomnia (sleeplessness),
snoring, sleep walking, and talking. Sleep is the means by which the body and mind are
rested, refreshed and made ready to take part in and enjoy another dayǯs work and play.
FATIGUE: this is the common feeling of being rundown and weary. Fatigue is a common
problem. It usually results from strenuous physical and mental activities, or excitement,
lack of sleep, rapid growth or illness.

‘eing fatigued all the time can affect your behavior, your growth, your success in studies or
work and even your resistance to disease. Physical and emotional causes may result in
fatigue. Feeling fatigued after a dayǯs intense physical and intellectual work is normal and
healthy and easily overcome by rest and proper sleep.

Feeling fatigue in extreme form can make a person confused, uncertain and unable to
exercise his normal will power. Fatigue can cause temporary shortness of breath, muscular
pain and skin discomforts.

RELAXATION: it is very necessary for the body. For some people, change of work is enough

Relaxation reinvigorates a person and makes life enjoyable. Vacations are also relaxing, if
the time is spent in reading, recreation and in pleasant company.

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Most nutritional vitamins and minerals that are needed in our body are basically gotten
from plants and animals.

It is no wonder that today one fourth of the two billion prescriptions filled in the United
States contain botanical derivatives such as alkaloids, glycosides, steroids e.t.c. The total
value of drugs derived from higher plants exceeds three billion dollars a year in the U.S.A
alone. There is hardly any food, beverage or cosmetics preparation which does not contain
spices, essential oils, enzymes, vitamin, plant hydrolloids or other botanical ingredients.

We shall be discussing one of such plant, which is the worldǯs renounced ALOE VERA. This
simple plant has got the fire power of a U.S military base combine with CHINES infantries.

WHAT IS ALOE VERA? Aloe Vera usually pronounced a low veerǯa is a medicinal plant with
high nutritive values. Its botanical name is Aloe ‘arbadensis.

It is one of the most popular medicinal plants available today and it is used worldwide.

Country Aloe ‘arbadensis Name

English Aloes
Spanish Saǯvilla
Sansery Ghrita-Kumari
Malaysia Jadam
Chinese Lu-hui
Portugese Erva ‘abosa
Greek Aloe
Latin Aloe Vera
Italian Aloe
German Aloe
Russian Aloe
French Aloe
Hawaiian Aloe
Others Sabila, zabila

In Greek, Latin, Italian, German, Russian, French and Hawaiian, the plant is called Aloe with
the Dzedz being pronounced as a long Dzadz

Vera is a Latin word meaning pure or true, the word Aloe is Egyptian in origin meaning

The ancestral Aloe Vera is a plant that evolved from the lilac family, on which its curative
and regenerative properties.
Of the 200 types of Aloe Vera that exist, the one that has the greatest nutritional and
therapeutic value is the Aloe Vera ‘arbadensis.

The Aloe Vera plant contains is greatest nutritional value at 2 to  years of age.

The succulent aloe vera is obtained from within the leaves, from which it is necessary to
remove the peel or skin, leaving a slimy and sticky, gelatin-like tissue containing
tremendous medicinal properties.

The marvelous gel cannot be exposed to the elements for more than 2 hours since it tends
to oxidize easily, thus losing some of its therapeutic properties. This makes it necessary to
subject it to a stabilization process, or refrigeration to neutralize the undesirable effects of

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POLYSACCHARIDES: cellulose, glucose, L-rhamnose, aldopentose, galactose, xylose,

arabinose, acetylated mannose (Acemannan). Acemannan has received a lot of attention
from researchers as an excellent antiviral substance and a strengthening agent for the
immune system. Recent studies have focused on treatment of the AIDǯs HIV virus.

PROSTAGLANDINUS and FATTY ACIDS: Gamma-linolenic acid. Prostaglandins help to

reduce swelling, allergies and increase healing.

ENZYMES: Oxidase, amylase, catalase, lipase, alkalin phosphatase.

ANTRAQUINONES: Aloin, barbaloin, isobarbaloin, anthranol, aloetic acid, anthracene, ester

of cinnamic acid, chrysophanoic acid, ethereal oil, resistannol, emodin, aloe-emodin.

AMINO ACIDS, VITAMINS and MINERALS: (Listed in the following passages)

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PAIN INHI‘ITOR: ALOE VERA reduces pain upon application to the affected area. Unlike
the majority of other products available, it has the ability to penetrate very deeply. ALOE
VERA blocks pain in the deep layers of skin due to its active components and their power to
penetrate and ease inflammation.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY-ANTI-ALLERGENIC: ALOE works in a way similar to steroids, like

cortisone, but without the harmful side effects. Several compounds in aloe are responsible
for these actions. The most important are Glycoproteins, which inhibit and actually break
down ‘radykinin, a major mediator of pain and inflammation, and also have various
Anthraquinones, and Salicylates the same anti-inflammtory and pain killing agents found in
aspirin. Aloe is very helpful in healing skin abrasions and burns because it contains
Magnesium lactate, a substance that inhibits the histamine reactions made by the immune
system in response to irritants.

For this reason, you can use it for every type of inflammation like ‘ursitis, Arthritis, or even
insect bites. For best results, soak a cotton ball with ALOE and place it on the skin, covering
it to keep the ALOE from evaporating.

 : ALOE does not contain Cortisone, but has enzymes and other elements which work
extremely well in relieving soreness in affected areas.

HEALING ACTIONS: SAǯVILLA has very high levels of calcium and potassium and zinc, as
well as Vitamins C and E in SAǯVILLA (ALOE). These minerals promote the formation of net
fibers that trap the red corpuscle of the blood, thus speeding the healing process. Calcium is
a very important element in the proper function of the nervous system, and in the use of
muscles. It is a great catalyst in all healing.


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KERATOLIC ACTION: This is the action of removing damaged skin, replacing it with new
skin cells. It also allows the free flow of blood through the veins and arteries, clearing them
of small blood clots.


(a)YAntimicrobial activity. It has been proven to stop the destructive action of many
bacteria such as Salmonella and Staphylococcus that produce pus, also combats
Echerichiacoli, Streptococcus faicalis as well as being very effective against the
fungus Candida Albicans, etc. Aloe is excellent in eliminating bacteria, as well as
preventing infection when a greater than 75% concentration is directly applied to
the affected area.
(b)YAnti-Viral activity. Fights viruses when used in a greater than 75% concentration
and applied directly to the virus. Aloe is very effective against the vaginal tricomona
strain of virus. Acemman (acetil-manosa). This substance found in ALOE has been
very effective in combating certain virus. It is presently being injected to combat a
certain type of Leukemia and Fibrosacromas in animals and being studied as an aid
to AZT in fighting the HIV virus (AIDS).
(c)YAnti-Fungal activity. It acts as a fungicide when applied directly to the fungus.

CELL REGENERATION: ALOE possesses a hormone that accelerates the growth of new
cells, also eliminating the old ones.

Due to the presence of Calcium in ALOE, which regulates the amount of liquid in the
cells, internal and external equilibrium is maintained. This creates healthy cells in all

SKIN CANCER: ALOE will be the weapon against skin cancer in the future; it helps to
protect the skinǯs immune system from harm.

An important fact is that ALOE contains 7Amino Acid which the human body needs for
the formation of proteins and tissues (proteins are networks formed by the
combination of various amino acids). Copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, and sodium;
essential elements for metabolism and cellular operation.

ENERGIZER: ALOE helps to promote good metabolism, that is, the production of energy
which the body needs. Also, because it contains Vitamin C, it acts to stimulate and
improve circulation and the proper function of the cardiovascular system. Vitamin C is
not produced by the body and therefore we must provide it externally. This Vitamin is
very important in the strengthening of the immune system, circulatory and digestive
systems and plays a role in the prevention of a vast amount of illnesses.

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