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Argument 1017

The following was presented as part of a business plan by Apex

To answer the increased demand for artisan coffee, Apex
Corporation is releasing a new line of coffee, Gourmet Select.
Apex Corporation will first introduce the coffee into major
supermarkets, where it hopes word-of-mouth advertising will
sustain sales. After a few months Apex Corp. will run an
advertising campaign aimed at television and radio while
simultaneously releasing the brand to several major chain
restaurants. Based on this strategy, Apex Corporation hopes to
make Gourmet Select one of the top sellers in the coffee
Write a response in which you examine the stated and/or
unstated assumptions of the argument. Be sure to explain how
the argument depends on these assumptions and what the
implications are for the argument if the assumptions prove
This argument might seem logically logical at first glance that
Gourmet Select could be the top sellers in the field of coffee by Apex
5Corporation. However, it such an assertion is is made based on the
unwarranted assumptions that are not warranted.
Firstly,One major flaw with this flimsy assumption is that[01]
Apex Corporation intends to starts the advertising campaign in theat major
10supermarkets in the hope of reaching to its customers through and
pursues an a supposedly[02] effective word-of-mouth advertising strategy.
However, there is nolittle[03] evidence that shows the customers/shoppers
in/at major/large-scale supermarkets are the target customersuser of
coffee. Most of the such/these customers in major supermarkets are
15housekeepers who do not need the coffee to refresh freshen up for the a
full day at work of whole day. It is also impossible to expect them to
suggestalso seems reasonable to assume that the Gourmet Select may
not be recommended by them to other people since they wont beare
never truly interested in it/this product.
20[01] The use of Firstly is too simple and colloquial.
[02] They just assume that this strategy may be useful/effective. So it is
better if you add some adverbs to make the verb (or assertion) less
definite. If you say and pursues, you are telling the reader that the
strategy is highly likely to happen, as the company hopes.
25[03] Little is too strong.
[04] This is a really weak support, even though the previous sentence
sounds OK for a rebuttal argument. You are here also making an
unwarranted assumption (and actually a very subjective assumption)
that all the customers at major supermarkets are housekeepersthere

are absolutely no other types of people who go to these places.

SecondA further loophole this argument is that, to run the an
5advertising campaign in on television and the radio might/could help the
sales to only a minimal extent/degreesuperficially[01]. The methods can
catch the eye fromlure customers to consider trying thistry Gourmet
Select coffee. However, it is remains a question that whether the
customers really make an order of the coffee just only by the image from
10the TV and radio when their they have never try tried the coffee before.
[01] What you are doing here is a direct translation of English from
[02] I dont get the sentences after However. Basically its fragmented
grammar and your constant attempt to do a direct translation that
causes difficulty in reading.
Whats What is more, releasing the brand to several restaurants
20still can notmay still not prove that customers will be familiar with this
Gourmet Selectparticular brand of coffee. Most of the customers of at
major restaurants come for their famous meals and other dishsdishes, ; in
other words, they will are not very likely to focus on other items that are
not on their lists, for example the coffee they order. AlsoFurthermore,
25some restaurants do not show the brand of the coffee to their customer as
the a marketing securityprotective tactic.[01] Based on those these
situations, the Gourmet Select coffee wont could be barely known by
the customers.
[01] What do you mean by this? In what circumstances will restaurants not
show customers their brands? I cannot imagine the picture, so you
may need to explain a bit more here.
In conclusion, this argument is based on the questionable
assumptions that can notcan rarely be proven that Apex Corporation will
35would ever make the Gourmet Select as the best sellers in the coffee


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