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1. Introduction

1.1 It is recognised that starting a new job is a demanding and often

stressful experience. Apart from the obvious challenge of tackling new
tasks, there is also the need to become accustomed to a new
organisation, a new environment and new colleagues. The purpose of
Induction is to support new members of staff during this period and to
help them to become fully integrated into Ravensbourne.

1.2 These guidelines have been endorsed by Academic Board.

2. Induction checklist

2.1 As part of every Induction programme, you will be required to complete

the Induction checklist and the Health and Safety Induction Checklist.

2.2 The Induction Checklist is a very useful way of ensuring that important
information is given to new members of staff as and when they are
likely to be most receptive. It avoids overloading you with information in
during the early stages of employment, whilst ensuring that relevant
areas such as salary and working arrangements are covered

2.3 The Induction pack presented to staff on arrival contains the following:

• Human Resources Induction Checklist

• Health and Safety Induction Checklist
• Induction Feedback Form
• Full Time and Fractional Staff Structure
• LGPS / TPS Pensions documentation
• College Telephone Directory
• Useful contact numbers directory
• Annual leave card
• Self-certification information
• College Financial Regulations
• Employee Support Helpline - leaflet and card
• Application Form for funding for Professional Development activities
• College Calendar
• College Shop and Refectory Opening Hours
• College Term Dates

2.4 In addition to the above you are required to access: the Staffing
Policies and, Health and Safety policies and procedures which can be
found under http://www.rave.ac.uk/intranet/hr/ Other College policies
which can be found in the public folder on the intranet. These policies
will assist in familiarising yourself with aspects of the organisation.

September 2004
Personnel/HR Policies and Procedures/8.6 Staff Induction
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3 Induction Week

3.1 The Management Committee has approved the principle that the first
week of employment is Induction Week.

3.2 You will normally receive your Human Resources and Health and
Safety Induction on your first day of employment. During this induction
you will be given a form entitled, ‘Arrangements for Meeting Individual
Staff’, giving details about the various meetings that have been
arranged for you throughout your first week of employment. It may also
be appropriate for you to meet with other staff not contained on the list.
You will be required to complete and return the form to HR, where a
copy of the completed form will be retained on your personnel file.

4 Induction Feedback Form

4.1 The College wishes to ensure that its Induction arrangements remain
relevant and useful to new employees and to this end new employees,
having completed their Induction, are requested to complete the
Induction Feedback Form.

4.2 The information provided will enable Human Resources to monitor the
quality of the induction process and to ensure as far as possible that
the Induction Week continues to be an enjoyable and useful activity.

5 Training and Development

5.1 The College has an active Staff Development Policy and all staff are
encouraged to be proactive about their individual staff development

5.2 The funding form for training requests can be found under,
http://intranet.rave.ac.uk/admin/hr/ The completed form, together with the
event details should be given to Sarah Weekes , the HR and Training
Co-coordinator, for processing. Thus, the administration of external and
internal training requests is a centralized function and under no
circumstances should training be booked by staff since the Training
Budget is held centrally by HR.

September 2004
Personnel/HR Policies and Procedures/8.6 Staff Induction
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5.3 Full-time and fractional employees who have been employed to teach,
who are new to teaching, will be required to successfully complete the
appropriate PGCE. A list has been prepared by HR in conjunction with
Quality to enable you to decide the most appropriate course of study
with your line manager.

5.4 The College develops annually, a comprehensive programme of in-

house staff development and training events, to provide opportunities
for staff to keep abreast of developments affecting the way in which
they work.

5.5 Some of the activities are of strategic importance to the College and
these types of events will require mandatory attendance by some or all

5.6 Employees with line management responsibilities will also be required

to disseminate training to any of their sessional staff who may not have
been able to attend the pre-arranged training.

5.7 A key feature of the training and development provided will be

assessing the impact of the learning on your role and your area of
work, to enable the College to demonstrate how staff development and
training opportunities benefit the organisation in taking forward it
corporate objectives and targets.

September 2004
Personnel/HR Policies and Procedures/8.6 Staff Induction
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