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Heroes of Normandie Rules Summary

Steven McDougall 9th June 2014


Set Up

Determine Initiative (randomly, unless scenario dictates otherwise)

Set up units as per Scenario Booklet (units summarised on Recruitment Tiles )

Initiative player deploys first

some scenarios allow a player to build an army using a certain

number of army points

spend these freely, although options can only be chosen

if they fit into a valid Recruitment tile slot
(exception Heroes)
(an option must match at least one of the coloured edges of the slot)
(Order tiles can only be bought if force has an Officer present)
(Equipment tiles allocated to an Officer are available to all units)

note that many units possess special abilities as shown by icons

on RH side of counter (see P16-18 of Rulebook for details)

units with Scout ability can be set-up 3 spaces from allocated

deployment zones
Each player takes a number of Order markers = total # stars on
Recruitment tiles, certain units, and options (10 numbered tokens max)

also, each player takes one blank bluff marker

Remove cards from player deck as directed by scenario

erratum: Make it or Break It actually refers to Dont Stop

some scenarios allow a player to build a custom deck

(of at least 40 cards. cannot include Artillery/Aviation cards if player does not have
that option as part of his force)

Place Turn Marker, End marker, and Event markers on Turn Track
Each player draws 4 cards from their deck

these can be played freely during the phase indicated on them

note that there is no limit to the number of Action cards that

can be played during a turn or action
Terrain details can be found on P11-12 of Rulebook V1.1
Recruitment Options can be found on P13-16 of Rulebook V1.1
Special Abilities can be found on P16-18 of Rulebook V1.1



Turn Summary
Phase 1 Orders

Players allocate their available Order markers secretly to units

Initiative player allocates 1st (players allocate simultaneously if preferred)

bluff marker is assigned to represent Fog of War

only one marker per unit

any assigned Special Order marker will essentially act as an

Order 0 (i.e. this unit will act first)
Phase 2 Activation: Players activate units alternately until all Orders have been completed

Initiative player activates his Order 1 unit first (or Special Order if allocated)

turn Order marker face-up

note that some cards allow units to act out of sequence: these
units are marked with an Activated token and lose any
assigned Order

Non-Initiative player then activates his first unit

Alternate until all orders have been completed

bluff Orders are not carried out they are simply decoys

Available Actions: a unit performs ONE of the following:


Movement Points (MPs) shown in blue arrow (at bottom of tile)

-2MP for each suppressed marker on unit

it costs 1MP to move 1 space

diagonal moves are allowed

Infantry can pass through other friendly Infantry units but

cannot end stacked together

Enemy Zone of Control (EZOC): the spaces surrounding an

enemy Infantry unit
(note that some terrain blocks this EZOC effect; suppressed units exert no ZOC)

if an Infantry unit enters an EZOC, it can only continue its

move via a non-EZOC space (i.e. a unit cannot move through EZOCs)
terrain can affect movement

see Vehicle shields and blue arrow on terrain feature

an X means that a unit must stop immediately on entry

means no entry for that unit type



count spaces from the front of a Vehicle if moving it


count spaces from the back of a Vehicle if moving it


can rotate Vehicle by 45 after each space entered

can rotate Vehicle in place: cost is 1MP per 45 rotated

Vehicle can pass through or end its move on a space

occupied by Infantry (friendly or enemy)

owner must move Infantry to an adjacent space

if it finds itself stacked with a Vehicle

eliminate if no space available or unit has 0 MPs

if Vehicle is positioned diagonally, it is assumed to only

occupy those two diagonal spaces

Vehicles exert no ZOC and are not affected by EZOCs

Vehicles can pass diagonally through or straddle two

normally inaccessible spaces

Assault (only if unit possesses the Assault ability: bayonet symbol)

use Movement Points (MPs) to Move (as per Move action above)
and then partially enter an enemy-occupied space
(must have sufficient MPs remaining to enter that space; adjacent EZOC does not
stop the final assault into the enemy space)

a unit can assault any enemy Infantry or Vehicle unit so long as

the assaulting unit does not have an X in the corresponding
doorway symbol (top, L, and R of combat motif at bottom of counter)

if assaulted unit is assaulted from outwith its firing arc,

assign it a suppressed token before continuing with the
assault (all units have a 360 firing arc unless stated otherwise)

attacker rolls 2d6 and chooses the higher die

Attack Value = (roll + its combat bonus)

(see motif at bottom of counter)

+ any other bonuses (cards, etc)

-2 penalty for each suppressed token it possesses

defender rolls 1d6 (2d6 if it has the Assault ability, choose higher)
Defence Value = (roll + its combat bonus)
(see motif at bottom of counter)

Heavy Vehicle uses its yellow-outlined bonus

+ terrain defence bonus if applicable

+ any other bonuses (cards, etc)

-2 penalty for each suppressed token it possesses

if AV > DV defender is Hit

flip/eliminate enemy unit (depending on skull symbol)

a Light Vehicle is flipped to its wreck

side and becomes a terrain overlay

a Heavy Vehicle sustains damage

roll 1d6 and assign corresponding

damage token (see P9 of Rulebook)

flip to wreck side if it sustains its

second marker of the same type



if not eliminated, enemy unit must retreat into

one of the three spaces away from the attacker

eliminated if unable to retreat

attacker must advance after combat if

enemy retreated

Heavy Vehicles never retreat

if AV < DV attacker is Hit

attacking unit is hit (proceed as above)

if not eliminated, it remains in the space

adjacent to the defending unit
if AV = DV no effect

units remain on their respective spaces

a unit can fire at any enemy Infantry or Vehicle unit so long as

the firing unit does not have an X in the corresponding
doorway symbol (top, L and R of combat motif at bottom of counter)
Vehicles have several weapons and can fire each of the
independently at the same or different targets

some vehicles can fire on the move (see Abilities P16-18)

note that some units have a firing arc < 360
firing unit requires Line of Sight (LOS) to target space

trace line from centre of firing space to centre of target

space (Vehicles can fire from/be targeted at either front or rear space)

LOS blocked by intervening Infantry units and blocking

terrain (red triangle with white X)

intervening Infantry do not block LOS if firing

unit or target is a Vehicle (fire is above their heads)

interfering intervening terrain (red triangle with white number)

can reduce attack value

these are cumulative as shot crosses each space


attacker rolls 1d6

Attack Value = (roll + its combat bonus)

(see motif at bottom of counter)

+ any other bonuses (cards, etc)

-2 penalty if range > 7 spaces

-2 penalty for each suppressed token it possesses

Defence Value = (its defence bonus)
(shield at bottom centre of marker)

+ terrain defence bonus if applicable

+ any other bonuses (cards, etc)

-2 penalty for each suppressed token it possesses

if AV DV 1 Hit

proceed as per assault (no retreats)

if AV 2 x DV kill shot

target is immediately eliminated

(including Heavy Vehicles)

if AV < DV no effect

Phase 3 Supply

Initiative player activates all units that did not receive an Order or
activation token earlier (including the bluff unit)

these units can move normally but cannot assault or fire

non-Initiative player then does likewise

All suppressed units lose one suppressed marker each

Resolve any applicable card events/actions

Each player then discards any number of cards and draws back to hand
limit (normally 4)

Check Victory Conditions of scenario

Initiative switches sides at the end of this phase and each player takes a
number or Order tokens equal to his current star entitlement
(as shown on Recruitment card and Options

Victory Determination

Generally scenario-specific

note that, if units are eliminated, they are placed below their
corresponding Recruitment tile or Option tile

preferentially below Option tile if there is a choice

when tile reaches its breaking point (= number of red squares),

then flip it (opponent gains that many VPs)