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Verbatim Report Outline Confidential

Theological Seminary Andrews University

Date of visit: 11/11/2015
Date written: 11/12/2015
Place of visit: hospital, church, etc.
Initials of counselee/patient/subject: (or family member or staff)
Gender: MALE
Religious preference: SDA
Length of visit: 1 HOUR
Diagnosis/Main Issue:
Age: 23
Cultural Background: LATIN
Background Information and Setting (Discuss issues such as :)
a. What did you know when you entered the visit?
That this individual is a student at the seminary, graduating in
December; also this person is going overseas to get married at the
end of this semester and will come back to Michigan at the beginning
of next year.
b. What did you observe when you entered the visit?
I noticed a face denoting preoccupation and uncertainty on the
possibility of being called for pastoring.
c. What did you feel when you entered the visit?
I felt curiosity
d. Spiritual Care plan for visit (based on information you had going
into the visit)
I wanted to find out whether my friend had a plan B already traced.
e. What prompted you to write up this conversation?

To be honest, nothing but the need for the verbatim due

f. What would you like your professor to look for/focus on
specifically as he reads through this?
Spiritual Care Conversation
(Code however you would like, can be initials, random letters, etc.,
just make sure to let me know who is who)
Pastor: Anibal


Client: Re.

Patient/client Assessment (Discuss issues such as:)

a. What was your spiritual care assessment of the issue of the
This individual is concerned with his situation, but he is not
desperate or hopeless
b. What were the psychological issues?
Trust in God and a positive attitude
c. What were the cultural and/or social issues?
The typical Caribbean Latin-American sort of relaxed attitude
d. What are the faith/spiritual issues?
No spiritual or faith issues were observed
Theological Reflection (Discuss issues such as :)
a. What specific theological doctrine, concept, symbol, or event
informs this visit?
None under my perception
b. What vision of the Divine/Higher Power summarizes your
spiritual care to the patient/client?

I see the person clearly facing a time of concern and uncertainty

before the future, nevertheless I can feel trust in God in both, his
words and attitudes.
c. What concept of Higher Power/Divine did you communicate in
word or other to the patient/client?
God will take care of you and your future.
Self Evaluation (Discuss issues such as:)
a. What questions were raised for you in the visit?
Is this person trusting God, or is he not? Is this attitude a signal of
being nave?
b. How did you identify with the event? Can you see similar
dynamics operative in your efforts to provide spiritual care?
Totally identified, since my graduation comes next, in only six moths
from now
c. How effective were you? Based on what evidence?
I wanted to raise questions that revealed the need for planning, but
felt that this person is not truly aware of his need of securing a
position before he goes overseas to marry.
d. What could be improved?
Maybe a little twist in the formulated questions that perhaps could
lead to the individuals better sense of awareness of the need and the
risks involved without eliciting fear or hopelessness, but an
encouragement to press harder and strategically formulating a Plan
e. What did you learn?
The formulation of the questions should not shock the person
interviewed, which ends up in an attitude of denial, but instead a
carefully formulated questions that can lead to the openness of the

person interviewed and his potential elicitation to recognition of the

need and a pertinent and plausible resolute action
f. Implications for future spiritual care ministry.
The obvious learning process of learning how to listen and how to talk
Future Spiritual Care Plan for the patient/family/team member:
a. What would be your plan if you were able to make a follow-up
I would formulate questions that strategically makes the individual
aware of the action needed without suggesting at any moment.
Anibal: How are you toto My good friend. Well, tell me about your
concerns please!
Re: Ok Anibal, Ill tell you what my problem is: My problem is that I am completing my
courses in two weeks or so, I still have no calling and I dont know what to do or where
to go.
Anibal: oh, I see that you are worried because you feel time for graduation is here and
you still have no calling from a conference
Re: Yes, that is correct
Anibal: and what do you think it will happen if you do not get hired as a pastor?
Re: Well, I will be in need of a job, and I would have to look for what whatever work
options there may be.
Anibal: have you already searched around?
Re: Yes, I have done some, and they tell me that when I come back I should apply
Anibal: So you have to basically wait for next year when you are back here, in order to
search for jobs?
Re: Exactly

Anibal: Have you given it some thought? What is your plan when you return from
Re: I will live with some friends and get any job I find
Anibal: Have you thought of the budget?
Re: Yes, I will come with $500 and hope that I will find a job really soon, although I am
waiting for this conference to answer my application submission soon.
Anibal: Why do you expect this to happen?
Re: I already received a call from them and am awaiting for my name to be passed on
during board meeting in that particular conference.
Anibal: Have you thought in getting in communication with them?
Re: Yes,
Anibal: When are you going to call them?
Re: I am going to talk to the executive secretary of this conference right after lunch today.
Anibal: Remember, God brought you safe till this moment and He will continue
providing for you.
Re: Thank you brother, I really appreciate you saying that.