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Fosroc Nitocote EP403

constructive solutions

Damp-tolerant, corrosion resistant solvent free epoxy

resin coating
As a protective coating for concrete and steel. It is particularly
useful where concrete surfaces are damp and cannot be
dried out. The cured film is corrosion, chemical and abrasion
resistant and is suitable for application to:
! Sewage works
! Marine environments
! Basements

Solids Content

Pot life
Bond Strength
(ASTM D4541)
Water Absorption
(ASTM D570)
Chemical resistance
(ASTM D 1308)

@ 25C
45 mins

> 2.00 N/mm


Resistant to:
Distilled water
sea water
Sat. sodium chloride
25% sodium hydroxide
Sulphuric Acid (25%)
Hydrochloric Acid (18%)

! Tunnels
! High build application
! Suitable for use in confined areas
! Can be applied directly to steel and concrete
! Smooth, glossy, easy to clean surface
! Corrosion, chemical and abrasion resistant
! Can be applied to damp surfaces
Nitocote EP403 is a two pack, solvent free, epoxy resin
material. It is supplied in pre-measured quantities ready for
site mixing and use. The material cures to provide a smooth,
tough and resistant finish. It is available in grey.

Resistance to Fungal &

Bacterial growth
(ASTM D 3273)
Resistance to Carbondioxide
Resistance to Chloride Ion

@ 35C
25 mins

No Carbonation was

The local Fosroc office should be consulted for resistance

to specific chemicals.
Instructions for use

Corrosion and chemical resistant lining

Where shown on the contract documents the corrosion and
chemical resistant coating shall be Nitocote EP403, a solvent
free epoxy, designed for application to dry and damp surfaces,
to provide a tough, impermeable and resistant film.
Design criteria

Nitocote EP403

Nitocote EP403 is designed to be applied in two coats to

achieve a minimum total dry film thickness of 400 microns.
To achieve the correct protective properties, Nitocote EP403
must be applied on to the substrate at the coverage rates

Concrete surfaces
All surfaces must be smooth, sound and free from debris,
loose or flaking material and areas of standing water.
Surfaces must be free from contamination such as oil, grease,
dust, loose particles and organic growth. Concrete surfaces
must be fully cured, laitance free and free from any traces of
shutter release oils and curing compounds.
All surfaces should then be grit blasted to remove any foreign
matter, and provide a suitable key for Nitocote EP403.
All blow holes and imperfections should be filled with
Nitomortar FC* or Nitomortar FC(B)*. Consult the local data
sheet for pot life and overcoating time.

Fosroc Nitocote EP403

Steel surfaces

The minimum application temperature is 5C.

All surfaces should be grit blasted to meet the requirements

of BS 4232, First Quality. The lining work should be
programmed so that newly cleaned steel is coated as soon
as possible before the formation of rust or scale.

All surfaces should be treated with two coats of Nitocote EP403.

Priming is not normally required provided the substrate is
sound, untreated and good quality non porous concrete. If any
doubts exist of the quality of the concrete, or if it is porous it
should be primed with Nitoprime SP*. Contact the local Fosroc
office for advise.
Nitoprime SP should be mixed in the proportions supplied.
Add the entire contents of the hardener can into the base can.
When thoroughly mixed, preferably using a slow speed drill
and paddle, the primer should be applied in a thin continuous
film, using rollers or stiff brushes. Work the primer well into
the surface of the concrete taking care to avoid ponding or over
Ther primer should be left to achieve a tack-free condition
before applying the top coat. A second coat of primer may be
required if the substrate is excessively porous.

The contents of the base can should be stirred thoroughly to

disperse any settlement. The entire contents of the hardener
can should be added to the base container and mixed
thoroughly until a uniform consistency is obtained, taking
particular care to scrape the sides and bottom of the container.
It is recommended that mechanical mixing be employed, using
a Fosroc mixing paddle MR3 on a heavy duty, slow speed
electric drill.

Number of coats
: 2
Theoretical application
rate per coat
: 0.2 litres per m2
Theoretical wet film
thickness per coat
: 200 microns
Tack free time
: 2-3 hrs @ 20C
ASTM D1640
1-1hrs @ 35C
Overcoating times ASTM 1640
@ 20C
: 6-12 hours
@ 35C
: 2-4hours
Fully cured ASTM D1640
@ 20C
: 5 days
@ 35C
: 3 days

The first coat must be firmly applied and be well scrubbed into
the surface, ensuring a uniform coating with a wet film
thickness not less than 200 microns. The first coat should be
allowed to dry for not less than 2 hours and not more than 16
hours at 35C.
The second coat should be applied exactly as above, again
achieving a wet film thickness not less than 200 microns.
For cold weather working, it is recommended that Nitocote
EP403 be stored in a heated building and removed
immediately before use, as workability deteriorates and curing
times increase at lower temperatures.
Nitocote EP403 should be removed from tools and equipment
with Fosroc Solvent 102 immediately after use. Cured material
can only be removed mechanically.



The thoroughly mixed material should be applied with a

suitable brush, roller or spray equipment.

Nitocote EP403 should not be applied over existing


Nitocote EP403 is not suitable for use in marine

environments that are subject to adherent organic growth.

Application should not be undertaken if the temperature is

below 5C, or is 5C and falling, nor when the prevailing
relative humidity exceeds 90%.

In conditions of high relative humidity i.e. 85-90% good

ventilation conditions are essential. Substrate temperature
should be at least 3C above dew point.

Although Nitocote EP403 may be applied to damp concrete,

there must be no standing or running water.

Nitocote EP403 is not colour stable when exposed to direct

sunlight or when in contact with some chemicals.
Dekguard PU* or Dekguard PU100* may be used to
provide colour stability.

On curing Nitocote EP403, the final colour can vary with

curing conditions, and in adverse conditions such as low
temperature and/or high humidity, a white bloom may
appear on the surface. However, this does not affect the
performance of the coating.

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Fosroc Nitocote EP403

Technical support


Fosroc offers a comprehensive technical support service to

specifiers, end users and contractors. It is also able to offer onsite technical assistance, an AutoCAD facility and dedicated
specification assistance in locations all over the world.

Health and safety

Nitocote EP403
Nitoprime SP
Fosroc Solvent 102


4 litre packs
4 litre packs
5 litre cans

Nitocote EP403

Nitoprime SP

5.0 m2/litre
@ 200 microns wft per coat

Note: The coverage figure is theoretical due to wastage

factors and the variety and nature of substrates, practical
coverage figures may be substantially reduced.

Nitocote EP403, Nitoprime SP and Fosroc Solvent 102 should not come
in contact with the skin and eyes, or be swallowed. When using Fosroc
Solvent 102 ensure adequate ventilation and avoid inhalation of vapour.
Some people are sensitive to resins, hardeners and solvent.
Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection. The use of
barrier creams provides additional skin protection. In case of contact
with the skin, rinse with plenty of clean water, then cleanse with soap
and water. Do not use solvent.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean
water and seek medical advice. If swallowed, seek medical attention
immediately do not induce vomiting.
Nitocote EP403 is non-flammable.
Nitoprime SP and Fosroc Solvent 102 are flammable. Keep away from
sources of ignition. No smoking. In the event of fire, extinguish with CO2
or foam. Do not use a water jet.
Flash point

When stored in dry air conditioned stores at temperatures

between 5C and 30C in the original, unopened containers all
products have a shelf life of 12 months.
If stored at high temperatures the shelf life will be reduced. Air
conditioned storage at high ambient temperatures is

Fosroc Solvent 102

Nitoprime SP



For further information, refer to the Product Material Safety Data Sheet.

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Fosroc Nitocote EP403

Additional Information
Fosroc manufactures a wide range of complementary
products which include :
! waterproofing membranes & waterstops
! joint sealants & filler boards
! cementitious & epoxy grouts
! specialised flooring materials
Fosroc additionally offers a comprehensive package of
products specifically designed for the repair and
refurbishment of damaged concrete. Fosrocs Systematic
Approach to concrete repair features the following :
! hand-placed repair mortars
! spray grade repair mortars
! fluid micro-concretes
! chemically resistant epoxy mortars
! anti-carbonation/anti-chloride protective coatings
! chemical and abrasion resistant coatings
For further information on any of the above, please consult
your local Fosroc office - as below.

* Denotes the trademark of Fosroc International Limited

See separate data sheet

Important note
Fosroc products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and are sold subject to its standard Conditions for
the Supply of Goods and Service. All Fosroc datasheets are updated on a regular basis. It is the users responsibility to
obtain the latest version.

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