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(Frontispiece) Ines Napoli Kees Van Dongen .


T H K I N I \ E R S I T Y THE GEORGE GREGSON A R COLLECTION I Z N A \1 L S E I Paintings. Watercolors and Sculpture \I Collected by George Gregson E A R COLLIER L/BRARY T .


THE GEORGE GREGSON COLLECTION of with the greatest sense of pride and satisfaction that the University of Arizona Museum of Art presents to the people of Arizona this exhibition painting and sculpture from the collection of George Gregson. Gregson's generosity in making his collection available for exhibition is of Arizona. lor's closely with the University of Ari- Bacheas a student in the College of Mines. he has distinguish him as a the same high measure of skill and understanding that collector and patron of the arts. In the world of real estate and finance. and continuing as a benefactor to the first and demonstrated scholarship fund. will appreciate the museum's good fortune in being offered George Gregson has long been associated zona. a characteristic example of his devoted interest in the University and collection Everyone will recognize the distinction and high quality of the this opportunity. It is Mr. and a recipient of the University's Master's degrees. .

Harvill President The University of Arizona .To Mr. Richard A. either large or small. Gregson for having loaned his collection for public showing at this particularly appropriate point in the expanding program of the University of Arizona Museum of Art. The Arizona Board join to everyone me I has had a part. of Regents and the University of Arizona in expressing Museum of Art our deep appreciation to Mr. and in the who preparation of this exhibition. wish to oflfer my heartfelt thanks. Gregson.

I acquired both abstract and figurative sculpture by contemporary Japanese artists. While on trips to Tokyo. Germain and Doucet and acquired from them a number of their paintings. Bourdelle. I've my first young girl had to own it. all Then in abstract. the purchase of a bronze by Rodin led to the acquisition of sculpture by Renoir. I acquired several bronzes and a marble by him. including Pelayo. and that just about been broke ever since. my interest then turned principally to impressionist and neo-impressionist paintings and to sculpture. It is quite appropriate that you this Renoir on the cover of the catalogue for the should decide to reproduce forthcoming exhibition. It began in Paris in 1956 at which time I purchased three paintings by contemporary French artists. became interested in sculpture when I met Antoine Poncet in Paris. 1968 Bill: You recently asked how I became infected with the art collecting bug. Corneille. He was a student of Jean Arp. I first . After acquiring a work of this quality. while in Paris I saw with a hat and was fascinated by the painting and This painting became sealed my fate. a beautiful Renoir of a knew that I important art acquisition. Yankel. Maillol and works of contemporary School of Paris sculptors. Asse.George Gregson September Dear 11. Thereafter I became personally acquainted with several young artists of the School of Paris. all abstract. Then. 1959.

Steadman. I George Gre^ Mr. Director University of Arizona Museum Tucson. able and very satisfying. William E. grow on its own with relatively modest outlays considering The experience has been deeply absorbing. most pleasur- today's art prices. am looking forward to exhibiting the works which you have selected from the collection and appreciate very much your very kind helpfulness in I arranging the facilities will hope that the exhibition in your new Museum provide enjoyment for manv... many details.I It just never at any time seemed to felt that I was putting together a collection as such.^ lovers at the University. Arizona 85721 of Art .

aesthetically rewarding.FOREWORD One of the great satisfactions of museum work is the presentation of an exhi- and bition that makes a genuine contribution to a museum's development Selections From the George is. William E. It is also the first public showing of his collection ness — a fact that and variety of the is particularly remarkable in view of the rich- collection. at the same time. Steadman Director The University of Arizona Museum of Art . Gregson Collection is such an exhibition.






French. 34 x 26 . lower right Acquired at Galerie Durand-Ruel.Albert Benjamin Andre. Inventaire Paris. 1959 Number 17042 Authentication by Charles Durand-Ruel LE PARC MONCEAU. 1922 Oil on Canvas. 1869-1954 Signed by the artist.

Acquired from the b. ABSTRACTION Signed by the 1923 Oil artist.Genevieve Asse. 1 8 x 22 . lower right artist. Paris. French. 1961 on Canvas.

29 x 37 Signed by the Acquired at Galerie 1899 artist. Polish (Schooi of Paris).Maurice Blond. NATURE MORTE Oil on Canvas. b. left 1961 . lower Paris. Urban.

20 x 26 lower right Urban. Paris. 1879-1965 LESVOILIERS. Signed by the Acquired 1907 (Fauve Period) artist. French. at Galerie Oil on Canvas. 1965 Authentication by Andre Pacitti and by Andre Urban 20 .Charles Camoin.

Antoni Clave. Spanish Signed by the artist. (Schooi of Paris). 1913 lower right. dated 58 Edgardo Acosta 1962 Authentication by Edgardo Acosta Acquired at Gallery. LE ROI Oil on Masonite. 43 x 21 Vz . b. Beverly Hills.

1962 Authentication by the artist FEMME ASSISE.Antoni Clav^. Spanish (SdwoiofParis). lower right Acquired at Galerie Urban. Paris. h. 1947 Gouache. 1913 Signed by the artist. 9x7 .

lower left Acquired from the artist. Belgian ASMARA. Paris.Corneille (Corneille Guillaume Beverloo). Oil 1922 on Canvas. b. 15 x 24 Signed by the artist. 1958 (SchooiofPanS). 1958 .

1964 Authentication by Andre Pacitti Oil on Canvas. lower left Acquired at Galerie Urban. Paris. French. 1876-1925 CHENET DU CHARMOIS ( Fauve Period Signed by the artist. 18x20 .) Lucie Coustwier.

1856-1910 PAYSAGE DE PROVENCE Oil on Cardboard. illustrated . Paris. 8x10 lower left Galerie Urban. Signed by the Acquired at artist. 17. New York. . Hammer Galleries. 1965 Authentication by Gilbert de Knyff Exhibited: Seiiral and His Friends.Henri-Edmond Cross. No. French. 1962 Reference: Catalogue Seurat and His Friends.

1856-1910 TT^i. 11x13 Cachet. 1962 Authentication by Gilbert de Knyff 26 . French. PAYSAGE DU MIDI » .' Hemi-Edmond Cross.-<? *« • . lower right Acquired Paris. ». m WK- • ri.v.. 4 . at Galerie Urban. Aquarelle. . •»- "^^s^t^.

French. lower right Acquired at Galerie Urban. 12x8 . Paris. 1856-1910 ^ \ Cachet.Henri-Edmond Cross. 1965 Authentication by Gilbert de Knyff LA BRETONNE A LA COIFFE Aquarelle.

Versailles. 61. French. 1966 . 15'/2 x 19 (Fauve Period) artist. June Authentication by Me.Andre Derain. 1880-1954 FEMMES NUES AU-DESSOUS D'UN AIGLE ET PRES D'UN ARBUSTE Aquarelle. lower right Acquired through Galerie Urban at Auction. illustrated Signed by the 7. Georges Blache Reference: Catalogue of Versailles Auction. No. France.

upper left Galerie Urban. Paris.l914 Oil INTERIEUR on Canvas. 1959 . 18x21'/2 Signed by the Acquired at artist.Pierre Dorian. French. h.

Jacques Doucet, French,


Signed by the artist, lower right
Acquired from the artist, Paris, 1959




on Canvas, 20 x 29

Ignace-Henri-Jean-TModore Fayitin-Latour, French, 1836-1904



on Canvas, 19 x 25

Signed by the artist, lower right
Acquired through Galerie Urban at Auction, Hotel Drouot, Paris, June 23, 1967
Reference: Catalogue of Hotel Drouot Auction, No. 74. Plate II

Robert Fonta, French,



Signed by the


right center

Acquired from the
artist, Paris,



on Canvas, 26x21



Paris. upper left Acquired from the artist. 1922 JWT^^ NATURE MORTE (FRUIT) Oil on Canvas. 13x16 Signed by the artist.Robert Fonta. 1960 . French. b.

Unsigned Acquired at 1959 Minami Gallery. ABSTRACTION.Sam Francis. 1967 Authentication by the artist b. Tokyo. 15 x 22 . American. 1923 Gouache.

13x16 Signed by the artist. Paris. lower left Acquired from the artist. 1959 .Alexandre Garhell. b. Oil 1903 on Canvas. Latvian A L'ABATTOIR DE LA VILLETTE (Sdwoi of Pwis).

36 x 25 36 . 1957 on Canvas. lower right 1957 Oil Acquired from the artist.Jacques Germain. French. Signed by the artist.l915 ABSTRACTION. Paris. b.

1915 artist. lower right Acquired from the Paris. artist. Signed by the b. 1962 ABSTRACTION. 17 Vi x UV2 . 1962 Oil on Canvas.Jacques Germain. French.

Andr^ Lhote. 1922 Signed by the artist. Oil lower right Acquired atGalerie Urban. French. 1885-1962 VENISE. Paris. Lhote. widow of artist on Canvas. 1966 Authentication by Simone A. 14 x 26 .

Giistave Loiseau, French, 1865-1935

Signed by the




dated 1921, lower





Le Chapelin,



Authentication by





Oil on Canvas, 22 x 18

Maximilien Luce, French, 1858-1941


Maximilien Luce, French, 1858-1941



Signed by the

on Wood, 9 X 13


lower right

Authentication by Andre


at Galerie


30). daughter of Exhibited: Exposition artist Manguin (No. 1961 on Canvas. 1906 (Fauve Period) Signed by the Acquired at artist. Aix-en-Provence. 1874-1943 CASSIS. lower Galcriede Oil left Paris. French. 1963 Authentication by Lucile Manguin-Martinais. Galerie Lucien Blanc. 8'/2 x 10'/2 . July. Paris.Henri Manguin.

widow of artist at Reference: Catalogue of Versailles Auction. illustrated 43 . French. " ""'iriiiiif"'' r 1919 Oil on Canvas. June 17. Marquet. 1875-1947 *"••"' BORDS DE SEINE. No. 13 x 16Vi Cachet. Versailles. lower left Acquired through Galerie Urban Auction. 1962 Authentication by Madame M. 83. France.Albert Marquet.

Paris. 1880-1957 INTERIEUR AVEC FEMME Signed by the Acquired at artist. 1966 Authentication by Andre Urban Oil on Wood. 20 x 22 .Henri Montassier. lower right Galerie Urban. French.

1874-1946 PAYSAGE D'ETE AU BORD DE L'EAU Gouache. Paris.45 Pierre Montezin. 1962 Authentication by Andre Romanet . lower right Galerie Romanet. French. 10x13 Signed by the Acquired at artist.

lower right Edgardo Acosta Gallery. French. 1963 . 1874-1946 NATURE MORTE Signed by the artist.Pierre Montezin. Beverly Authentication by Edgardo Acosta Acquired at Gouache. 17x21 (ROSES) Hills.

1920 on Canvas. Spanish ABSTRACTION (Sdwoi of Paris). 1959 . 20 x 29 Signed by the Acquired from the artist.47 Orlando Pelayo. Paris. Oil b. lower right artist.

Paris. Acquired from the (SdwoiofPans). lower right artist. artist. Spanish ABSTRACTION Signed by the 1920 Oil on Canvas. b. 1958 20 x 26 .Orlando Pelayo.

Acquired from the (Schooi of Paris). Paris. b. 24'/2 x 14 .« Reginald Pollack.l924 lower right artist. 195^ ABSTRACTION Oil on Canvas. American Signed by the artist.

Finnish (Schooi of Paris). 1962 Authentication by Andre Romanet Gouache. 1894-1956 Signed by the artist. lower right Acquired at Galerie Romanet. Paris. 5x4 .Jean Pougny.

lower right Acquired at Galerie Romanet. Signed by the artist. Paris.Raoul Pradier. French. 1929 . 1965 Authentication by Andre Romanet NUE 51 b.

Signed by the Acquired b. French. LES NIDS at 1929 Oil on Canvas. Paris. lower left Galeric Romanet. 1964 Authentication by Andre Romanet 24 x 32 . artist.Raoul Pradier.

4x4 Cachet. 1965 Claude Renoir Collection Authentication by Claude Renoir. French. son of artist and by Andre Urban .Pierre Auguste Renoir. Paris. lower right Acquired through Galerie Urban. 1841-1919 UNE ROSE Oil on Canvas.

Pierre Auguste Renoir. lower left Acquired through Galerie Urban. son of artist. 1965 Claude Renoir Collection. Paris Authentication by Claude Renoir. and by Andre Urban Oil on Canvas. Paris. 5x4 54 . 1841-1919 PETE Cachet. French.

and by Andre Urban JEUNE FILLE AU CHAPEAU 55 Oil on Canvas. lower left Acquired through Galerie Urban. Paris Authentication by Claude Renoir. son of artist. 1841-1919 Cachet. Collection. French.Pierre Auguste Renoir. Ambroise Vollard Collection. IOV2 x 8V2 . from Private 1959 Paris.

Paris Anibroise Vollard Collection.Pierre Auguste Renoir. French. lower Acquired at left Galerie Urban. 1841-1919 ROSES DANS UN VASE Cachet. Paris Authentication by Claude Renoir. 9 '/2 xlVz 56 . son of artist. and by Andre Urban Oil on Canvas.

artist. left at Galerie Urban. Albert Sarraut Collection Authentication by Gilbert de Knyff DEUX FEMMES NUES 57 Aquarelle. 1840-191 Signed by the lower Acquired Paris. 1959 M. French.Auguste Rodin. 12x1 .

1875 Signed by the artist. 1959 Reference: Catalogue. Paris. 22 x 15 58 . French.Louis Sue. Louis Siie et ses Amis. Paris. b. illustrated TOILETTE Oil on Canvas. lower left Acquired at Galerie Romanet. Galerie Romanet. 1959 Authentication by Andre Romanet Exhibited: Louis Siie el ses Amis.

WO Oil on Canvas. French. Paris. 1 3 x lower : rigl Galerie Urban. NATURE MORTE (CITRONS) b.Pierre Tal-Coat. 196 Authentication by Andre Urba 59 . Signed by the Acquired at artist.

Valtat. French.Louis Valtat. 1900-1903 (Fauve Period) Oil on Canvas. of artist 60 . 1869-1952 LA TONNELLE. lower right Acquired at Galerie Urban. 17 x 22 Cachet. son of widow artist and by Madame I. Paris. 1963 Authentication by Docteur Jean Valtat.

1962 Authentication by Docteur Jean Valtat. 24 X \8V . Paris. son of and by Madame widow of I. 1869-195 Cachet.Louis Valtat. artist Valtat. 61 1916 Oil on Paper. artist LA LOGE.LeChapelin. lower right Acquired at Galerie J. French.

40 . 1869-1952 LES CHAMPS ELYSEES. 1904. French. 1962 Ambroise Vollard Collection Authentication by Docteur Jean Valtat. Le Chapelin. son of artist and by widow of artist and by Andre Pacitti Madame I.Louis Valtat. lower right Acquired at Galerie J. 32 x Signed by the artist. Valtat. Paris. (Fauve Period) Oil on Canvas.

Authentication by Docteur Jean Valtat. widow of artist . left 1962 and by Paris. French. lower Acquired at Galerie J. Valtat. Le Chapelin. 10 x lU Cachet. artist.Louis Valtat. 1869-1952 PETITE PLAGE Oil on Canvas. son of Madame I.

1965 Collection Madame C. Paris. lower center Inscribed "Ines Napoli" on the stretcher. Dutch (SchooiofPans). Acquired through Galerie Urban. Authentication by the artist INES NAPOLI. 32 x 2 and by Andre Pacitti . 1877-1968 Signed by the artist. 1908 Oil on Canvas.Kees Van Dongen. 1920. (Paul- Boncourt Loraine. Initial acquisition from artist. daughter of former Prime ) Minister of France.

widow of artist and by Andre Urban . 1961 Rysselberghe. 18x22 Unsigned Acquired Authentication by Elizabeth Van at Galerie Urban. 1862-1926 PAYSAGE DE SAINT CLAIR Oil on Canvas. Paris.Theo Van Rysselberghe. Belgian.

Paris. Paris Authentication by Jacques Salomon NATURE MORTE (FLEURS) Oil on Cardboard. lower right Acquired at Galerie Urban. French.Edouard Vuillard. 1868-1940 Cachet. 12x 10 . 1959 Hessel Collection.

1961. 10 Authentication by Andre Pacitti and by Jacques Salomo Reference: Catalogue of Palais Galliera Auction. French. Plate No. 7 x Signed by the Acquired artist. 196 Palais Galliera Auction.Edouard JEUNE FILLE AU BUSTE NUE. 1868-194 1908 Oil on Cardboard. 3 67 . at Galerie lower 1 rigl de Paris. June 21. Item No. Vuillard.

Paris. 1868-1940 Cachet. 1967 Authentication by Antoine Salomon and by Jacques Salomon FEMME Pastel. 121/2 X91/2 . French.Edouard Vuillard. lower right Acquired from a private collection.

Paris. 22 X 13 '/a .Jacques Yankel. 1921 right artist. LE GRAND CANAL Oil on Canvas. French. 1960 VENISE. Signed by the artist. Acquired from the upper b.




73 INDEX ARTIST PAINTING Le Pare Monceau Abstraction Nature Morte Le Roi Femme Assise Asmara Chenet du Charmois Paysage de Provence Paysage du Midi La Bretonne a la Coiflfe Femmes Nues Au-Dessous Interieur Abstraction Baigneuses Dans un Paysage Dans Vase Bleu Nature Morte (Fruit) Abstraction A r Abattoir de la Villette Abstraction Abstraction Venise Maison Paysage Paysage Cassis 17 Genevieve Asse 18 Maurice Blond 19 se Refletant Camoin Dans I'Eau 20 Antoni Clave 21 Antoni Clave 22 Corneille (Guillaume Beverloo) 23 Lucie Cousturier 24 Henri-Edmond Cross 25 Henri-Edmond Cross 26 Henri-Edmond Cross 27 Andre Derain 28 Pierre Dorian 29 Jacques Doucet 30 Ignace-Henri-Jean Theodore Fantin-Latour 31 Robert Fonta 32 Robert Fonta 33 Sam 34 d'un Aigle et Pres d'un Arbuste Fleurs Albert Benjamin Andre Charles Les Voiliers PAGE Francis Alexandre Garbell 35 Jacques Germain 36 Jacques Germain 37 Andre Lhote 38 Gustave Loiseau 39 Maximilien Luce 40 Maximilian Luce 41 Henri Manguin 42 .






Bronze (5/10).Jean Arp. 1959 Authentication by the artist . Paris. 3" high 1958 Acquired at Galerie Iris Clert. French. 1887-1967 NOEUD DE MEUDON.

Italian (Schooi of Pans).Andr^Belo. 18" high artist . 1908 Acquired at Galerie Katia Granoff. 1963 Authentication by the LA PRETENTIEUSE Bronze (unique). b. Paris.

Paris. Musee Bourdelle. Madame C. Paris and by Claude Bernard-Haim ADAM. 1967 Authentication by Conservateur. 1861-192i Susse. French. Bourdelle.Emile-Antoine Bourdelle. Fondeur Acquired at Galerie Claude Bernard. 1888-89 Bronze (4/10) 26" high .

Paris and by Claude Bernard-Haim Exhibited: Boivdelle. 1967 Reference: Catalogue oj Bourdelle Exhibition. French.1861-1929 EmUe-Antoine Bourdelle. Bourdelle. Musee Bourdelle. 14" high . Galerie Claude Bernard. illustrated MAIN DE GUERRIER MOURANT Bronze (8/10). 1967 Authentication by Madame C. Paris. Valsuani. Conservateur. Paris. Fondeur Acquired at Galerie Claude Bernard.

192 Galerie Paris. Cuban Acquired at du Dragon. h.Augustin Cardenas. 1964 83 White Marble. (Schooi of Pans). 30" hi| . 1965 Reference: Catalogue of the exhibition No. 14 Authentication by the artist CHRISTINA.

b. 10" high at Galerie a a a. Paris. 1927 Acquired FORME White Marble.Augustin Cardenas. 1960 Authentication by the artist . Cuban (Schooi of Pans).

29" h . '3» '^ h.Shin Hongo. 190. Japanese. 1962 NUDE STANDING 85 Bronze. V* i3f?:->' Acquired at Galerie Nichido. -Jl ^''d. Tokyo.

Shin Hongo. 1961 b. 10" high . Tokyo. NUDE SEATED Acquired at Galerie Nichido. Japanese. 1905 Bronze.

6 '/i" high ABSTRACTION Acquired Reference: Japan's Ten at Galerie Nichido. 53 . Japan.1901 Bronze. Tokyo. Japanese. 1959. 1961 Sculptors. h. p. illustrated.Sueo Kasagi.

Japanese. 1 l"high . Tokyo. ABSTRACTION Acquired at Minanii Gallery. 1959 h. 1928 Black Granite.Kentaro Kimura.

Kentaro Kimura. Japanese. b. Tokyo. 1961 . 1928 Black Granite. 13" high ABSTRACTION Acquired at Minami Gallery.

Gallery. 27" high ABSTRACTION Acquired h. Japanese. 1961 . Tokyo. at Minami 1928 Black Granite.Kentaro Kimura.

1925 (Etude pour I'Ue de France) Bronze (4/6). Paris. Executrix of Maillol Estate Authentication by Madame Dina Vierny and by Klaus G. French. New York. 1968 Through Madame Dina Vierny. c. 1861-1944 Alexis Rudier. 271/2" high . Fondeur Acquired at Perls Galleries. Perls MARIE.Aristide Maillol.

1888 Signed by the artist. Paris. 1963 Exhibited: Galerie Katia Granoff. Ukmnian (Sciwoi of Pans). Paris. 1962 Reference: Catalogue for the exhibition at Galerie Katia Granoff. right of base Acquired at Galerie Katia Granoff. illustrated RUTH ET NOEMI. 1928 Bronze (1/4). 33. December 7. No. b.Ghana Orloff. 24" high on cover .

1966 Authentication by the artist Exhibited: Galerie Marbach. 1928 sr>S55W^i!S?S5sTii?SreSS!!S!S8KSi»S5SfiS5?SS!BtS!^^ IP Acquired at Galerie Marbach. Paris. Paris. 1966 Reference: Catalogue of the exhibition. French. illustrated FINETAILLE.Antoine Poncet. 52" high . b. 1965 Portuguese Rosa Aurora Marble.

Antoine Poncet. 12" high 1959 artist 1960 . Authentication by the Bronze (5/5). French. Acquired from the artist. h. Paris. 1928 \^ FORME SANS NOM.

Authentication by the b. 1959 Bronze (1/6). Acquired from the artist.Antoine Poncet. French. 1928 1960 artist L'ARBRE A REFLETS. Paris. 16" high .

artist . MONOCLE. 1959 Authentication by the b. Paris. 6" high 1958 Galerie Loeb. French.Antoine Poncet. Acquired at 1928 Bronze (1/6).

1928 Galerie Loeb. Acquired at h. 1959 Authentication by the artist ABSTRACTION. 6" high .Antoine Poncet. Paris. French. 1958 Bronze (3/6).

24 x 17 . French. 1964 Authentication by Andre Urban DANSEUSE AU TAMBOURIN Bronze Plaque ( 15/20). Fondeur Acquired at Galerie Urban. 1841-1919 Valsuani.Pierre Auguste Renoir. Paris.

Pierre Auguste Renoir. 1841-1919 Valsuani. No. at auction. Hotel Drouot Auction. Paris. Hotel Drouot. 1968 Authentication by Maitre Guy Loudmer Reference: Catalogue. Fondeur Acquired through Galerie Urban. 57. French. illustrated LE JOUEUR DE FLOTE Bronze Plaque (17/20). March 25. 24 x 17 .

Conservateur. 1961 Cecile Goldscheider. Paris . Beverly Inventaire No. Fondeur Acquired at Edgardo Acosta Gallery. 1840-1917 Bronze (6/12).Augusts Rodin. 9" high LES NEREIDES Georges Rudier. Musee Rodin. Musee Rodin. 1 140. Paris Authentication by Madame Hills. French.

- ETUDE D'HOMME AU BRAS REPLIE 101 Bronze (unique). 7" higl .Auguste Rodin. 1840-1911 Acquired at Galerie Urban. French. ( 1962 Demotte Collection Authentication by Gilbert de Knyff '.* ^. Paris.

Japanese. Tokyo. 16" high .Takashi Shimizu. 1897 Acquired at Minami Gallery. b. 1963 NUDE SEATED Bronze.

Epreuve d'atelier Acquired at Galerie Katia Granoff. Italian (Sciwoi of Pans). 14" high 190i . 1962 Authentication by the artist Exhibited: Galerie Katia GranofT.Antoniucci Volti. 1962 LES TROIS GRACES 103 Bronze. Paris. Paris. h.

Paris. ANITA Acquired 1905 Bronze (2/6). 1964 Authentication by the artist . 20" high at Galerie Katia Granoff.Antoniucci Volti. Italian (Schooi of Paris). b.





INDEX ARTIST Noeud de Meudon Jean Arp 79 La Andre Belo 80 Adam Emile-Antoine Bourdelle 81 Main de Guerrier Mourant Emile-Antoine Bourdelle 82 Christina Augustin Cardenas 83 Forme Augustin Cardenas 84 Nude Standing Shin Hongo 85 Nude Seated Shin Hongo 86 Abstraction Sueo Kasagi 87 Abstraction Kentaro Kimura 88 Abstraction Kentaro Kimura 89 Abstraction Kentaro Kimura 90 Marie Aristide Maillol 91 Ghana 92 Pretentieuse Ruth et Noemi Orloff Antoine Poncet 93 Nom Antoine Poncet 94 L'Arbre a Reflets Antoine Poncet 95 Monocle Antoine Poncet 96 Abstraction Antoine Poncet 97 Danseuse au Tambourin Pierre Auguste Renoir 98 Le Joueur de Flute Pierre Auguste Renoir 99 Les Nereides Auguste Rodin 100 Auguste Rodin 101 Nude Seated Takashi Shimizu 102 Les Trois Graces Antoniucci Volti 103 Anita Antoniucci Volti 104 Finetaille Forme Sans fitude 109 PAGE SCULPTURE d'Homme au Bras Replie .


in GG .

Arizona All photographs and transparencies were completed by Balestrero-Western Ways Tucson.Two •THE thousand copies of GEORGE GREGSON COLLECTION" prepared by William E. Steadman were printed in December 1968 by Walker Lithocraft Printing Company at their press in Tucson. Arizona .