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Chapter 1

The Problem and its Setting

The current divisive issue regarding the controversial
Reproductive Health (RH) Bill has brought the need for increate
sexual awareness among our populace. The problems on early and
unwanted pregnancy are factors taken into consideration in the
proposal of this bill.
In fact, in connection with this, there are also moves to
emphasize sexual education in our school curriculum with the end
in view the promotion of sexual awareness among our young
people, at is hoped that through increased sexual orientation,
problems like teenage pregnancies and abortion could be
minimized if not totally eradicated.
This topic has brought due to an ease in an island barangay
somewhere in Mabalacat, Pampanga where teenage mothers
abound. The blame for this rising incidence is the lack of sexual
awareness among the young girls residing this. The average year
for girls to be pregnant there is between 13-14 years old, to be
pregnant there at the age of 18 is already considered to be late.
Attributed factors to this alarming situation, aside from absence of
sexual awareness, were lack of high school establishment there;
parents sexual awareness which lead them not to educate their
children properly; lack of recreational facilities in the barangay
which pushed the young people there to engage in activities which
oftentimes lead them to sexual experimentation.
In the United States and other Western countries, sexual
awareness is high due to the peoples practice safe sex, sexual
awareness. There is already a given and accepted fact. On the other

hand, our country being a predominantly Catholic country, exhibits

a conservative approach with regards to sex. Reasons why parents
are adamant to talk with their children about sex as they are in the
opinion that doing so is awkward and taboo.
This will be the sole reason why this study is to be conducted
that is to determine the level of sexual awareness of high school
students of Balayan National High School and from the results, it
is hope that appropriate plans of action could be instituted to
address whatever problems may surface from the derived outcome
of the study.
The study is to be done at Balayan National High School
with its students as the respondents of the study.

Fig. 1 Map of School

Research Paradigm



Demographic Profile Survey

of Students of
Balayan High

Level of Sexual
Awareness of
Balayan High School


Relationship of
Respondents Profile
to their Level of

Year Level


Sexual Awareness


The study will have the demographic profile of the students,

namely age, gender, year level, socio-economic status, and
religion, as the input. This will be the independent variable of the
research. These variables are now manipulable. The processing
of the data will be through the survey questionnaire as this study
will employ the descriptive method of research. The studys
dependent variable will be the level of sexual awareness of the
The variables in this study will be studied in terms of
relationship. Thus, this will be correlation.
Statement of the Problem
The study will seek to determine the level of sexual
awareness of the students of Balayan National High School.
Specifically, it will try to answer the following questions:
1. What is the demographic profile of Balayan High School
students in terms of the following:
a. Age
b. Gender
c. Year Level
d. Socio-economic Status

e. Religion
2. What is the level of sexual awareness of the students of
3. Is there a significant relationship between the
demographic profile of BNHS students and their level of
sexual awareness?
The hypothesis of the study will be as follows:
There is no significant relationship between the
demographic profile of the students of BaHS and their level
of sexual awareness.
There is a significant relationship....
Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
Manueller (2001) stated that boys were more likely to
have sex before the age of 15 (71%) as compared to girls
(59%). He attributed these findings to the sexual
aggressiveness of boys and their limited sexual awareness as
the consequence of their actions. Furthermore, he added that
boys have that standing belief that in any sexual relations,
they have nothing to be afraid of with regards to its
consequence and it is a concrete proof of their masculinity.
While on the other side, girls appeared to be late in indulging

in sex for fear of unwanted pregnancy, loss of virginity, and

at times, to their conservative upbringing.
A study made by the US center for disease control and
prevention in 2002 revealed a finding that there was an
increase in the use of contraceptive among the age group 15
to 19 years old. This finding was said to be a result of an
increased sexual awareness among the said age group for fear
of unwanted pregnancy that could lead to abortion and fear of
sexually-transmitted diseases.
This study will rest primarily on Martha Cornags selfknowledge theory (2000) which states that ignorance is an
advantage when others have knowledge especially
knowledge misused and people who know nothing of sex can
take risks unknowingly and to be taken advantage of.
Scope and delimitation of the study
The study will be about the level of sexual awareness of
the students of BNHS. The respondents will be the students
of the said school. This will be conducted is BNHS at
Balayan City, Batangas. This 1st semester of 2011-2012.
Significance of the study
The study will benefit the following, namely:
1. Teachers
They will be informed of the level of sexual awareness of
their students. From this knowledge, they would be in the
position of determine the causes of sexual related problem
commonly face by students such as early and unwanted

abuse. Knowing these causes will eventually help them

institute remedial measures to rectify these unwanted
2. Students
Students sexual awareness is hoped to be further
heightened by this study. Achieving a high sexual
awareness among the students will be a deterrent to
problems like teenage pregnancies, abortion, sexual
abuses, and sexual harassments.
3. School administrators
Administrators, through the finding to be derived in this
study, will be able to institute and implement polices
which will be purported to address any finding of law
sexual awareness of the students. This may be in the form
using the faculty to integrate their lessons sex educations
needed to raise the students level of awareness.
4. Dep Ed
The education department, from the findings of
studies like these, will be able to determine if there is
indeed and need to revitalize our existing curriculum and
include sexual education as a subject in our schools.
5. Future researchers
Future researchers in studies related to this will fined
this a valuable source of materials needed in the conduct
of their own studies.