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What factors determine demand for toothbrushes?

How can demand be increased1. Awareness campaignsa. With IDA- provided free dental checkups, free product sampling and
instructions for oral care
b. With schools & intitutions- providing workshops there that would
educate the students and thus educate the parents.
c. With NGO- in slums since 67% in rural area
2. Advertisements-

How is Cottle doing in India?

Cottle is doing good in India with it product sales. In 2009, Cottle toothbrushes
accounted for 46% of total toothbrushes of units sold in India compared to its
competitors(SeeExhibit B
Factors determining demand for toothbrushes are:(a) Amount of disposable
income/income. (b) Oral hygiene awareness. (c) Accessibility to
qualitytoothbrushes- Distribution. (d) Frequency of brushing the teeth. (e)
products (toothbrush in thiscase). (f)Advertisements, Promotional
expenditure.Few of the above factors are influenced by economical and social
environment. Factor (a) is economical innature and factors (b),(d) and (f) are
influenced by social factors.Marketers have control on few of the factors
mentioned above such as oral hygiene awareness, distributionand advertisement
and promotion of the toothbrushes.Factors (b), (d), (f) can be influenced by
marketing programs.Cottle can develop primary market in rural areas for
toothbrushes by promoting low end toothbrushes topeople who do not brush ,
medium range toothbrushes to the people currently using low level brushes
andfinally for primary market in urban area battery operated toothbrushes
should be promoted

Cottles toothbrushes sales in the same year was $70.1 million. Also, between
2004 and 2009, Cottle sales grew by 8% annually bringing in a net income of
12% and earnings by share of 14%. So, to reiterate, Cottle is doing good in India

1. Economic- GDP growth rate, high diposable income,

2. Social Factors- NGO association, awareness campaigns with IDA
3. Company- advertisement, distribution, retail n/w, product price, promo
4. Competitors/substitutes availability
5. Consumer- perception, demographic trends, brushing freq/incidence,
changing brush freq

Has Cottle enjoyed a first-mover advantage?

How should Cottle accelerate the development to the toothbrush

market in India?

What are Cottles target market segments?

Which of these segments makes the most sense for Cottle to


Should Cottle spend advertising dollars promoting batteryoperated toothbrushes? Why or Why not?

Accelerate Dev1. Through promotions- awareness campaigns

2. Through product changes- price or feature
3. Distribution enhancement- large distributor
Target Market1. Income2. Geography3. Who- All
Which4 states tht accounted 40%
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