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Volume 41
35 Number
Number4 4



Denta ducat
IUSD ssistant W n:



nt Stu rkshops
st Se y Club


Above photos from Haiti in May and June 2015.


Thank you so much for the continuing support of the IDDS Foundation for our
IUSD International Service Learning experiences! In 2016, we will have students
providing clinical services for underserved individuals in Ecuador, Guatemala,
Haiti, Mexico and the Sioux Nation in South Dakota. Dr. Tim Carlson

These photos are from March 2015

in Ecuador.

What can YOU do in 2-3 weeks?

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Greg OHerren - 317.558.8754 - Greg@ShamrockBuilders.com

In This Issue


Published four times a year

Indianapolis District Dental Society
8780 Purdue Road, Suite 8
Indianapolis, IN 46268-1173
Office Hours: 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. Mon-Fri
317/471-8131 or 800-358-7715
317/471-8147 Fax

Heather Maupin, D.D.S.

Jason Flannagan, D.D.S.
Matt Bojrab, D.D.S., M.S.D.
Wayne Kinney, D.D.S.
Will Hine, D.D.S.
Immediate Past President
Dave Wolf, D.D.S.
IDA Trustee
Board of Directors
Chad Bailey, D.D.S.
Zach Bozic, IUSD 4th Year
Tim Dudley, D.D.S.
Sarah Herd, D.D.S., M.S.D.
Evan Hiple, D.D.S.
John Jansen, D.D.S.
Edna Kemp, D.D.S.
John Loeffler, D.D.S.
Amanda Miller, D.D.S.
Renee Shirer, D.D.S.
Timothy Treat, IUSD 4th Year
John Williams, D.M.D., M.B.A.
P. Bruce Easter, D.D.S.
3935 Eagle Creek Parkway, Suite A
Indianapolis, IN 46254
Managing/Design Editor
Carolyn Hansen, Executive Director
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are
those of the author under whose name they appear
and are not to be regarded as representing the
views of the Indianapolis District Dental Society
unless so indicated.
DATELINE - Winter 2015

Presidents Message, Dr. Heather Maupin......................................................................3

Board of Directors Summary........................................................................................4
Spring General Membership meeting .......................................................................... 5
Winter Ethics Seminar..................................................................................................7
Dues Incentives Winners...............................................................................................8
Welcome New and Returning Members.......................................................................9
IDDS Foundation.......................................................................................................10
The Drinks Destroy Teeth App is Here! Dr. Diane Buyer............................................12
Election Results...........................................................................................................13
IDPAC, Dr. Sarah Herd..............................................................................................14
Networking Seminar...................................................................................................15
Medicare and Medicaid Part D, Dr. Jason Flannagan..................................................17
Member News.............................................................................................................18
OSHA/CPR Workshops.............................................................................................22

Presidents Message

Heather Maupin, D.D.S.

As 2015 wraps up, there is always

time to reflect on the past and plan for
the future. Many great accomplishments
this year, including several fundraisers,
as well as the 1st MOMs event took
place. Resolutions and by-law changes
occurred, which will encourage and
foster new dentists to get involved with
organized dentistry. Next year will hold
great opportunities to donate time and
treasure to worthy events.
As I hand the gavel to Jason
Flannagan, I stop and think of how
amazing it has been to serve my local,
state, and national organizations. I
recently took a trip to Walt Disney
World, and for those who have been,
you will understand what I mean about

how service oriented they are and the

Disney magic. Chick-Fil-A also provides a lasting impression with their my
pleasure experience. These organizations, and others, provide service that
reflects the standards set from those who
went before them AND continues to
resonate into the future. Many thanks to
all the wonderful past IDDS Presidents
for setting the standard of service for
IDDS, and good luck to those to come.
Watch for upcoming events:
renew your license by February 29,
2016; attend the OSHA/CPR, Ethics,
Networking and Women Dentists
continuing education seminars. It has
been my pleasure serving as your 2015
Best wishes,
Heather Maupin

Board of Directors Summary

Executive Directors Summary

Thanked Dr. Will Hine for his outstanding service to IDDS as a

Board Member and as President.

ROSTER IS READY!! As approved by the Board of Directors,

this edition, and all future editions, will no longer be available
in printed format. It will, instead, be available only online. Each
member may access it with his or her ADA member number and
the password that we will give you in the future. This saves the
Society a great deal of money, and makes this available to you
online at any time at your convenience. You can always print a
copy for your office from the online format. This Roster may not
be used for any marketing or advertising purposes.
Thank you!
Carolyn Hansen

Thanked Dr. Doug Spaulding for serving as Chairman of the

IDDS Foundation Golf Tournament.
Congratulated Dr. Karen Ellis on her election to the Board, and
to Dr. John Loeffler on his re-election to the Board.
Congratulated IUSD 3rd Year Kendall Frazier for his selection as
an IDDS Foundation Scholar, joining IUSD 4th Year Tim Treat.
Welcomed new Board membersIUSD 4th YearsZach Bozic
and Tim Treat.
Approved the 2016 Budget.
Approved the nomination of Dr. Rebecca De LaRosa to be
placed on the slate for election to the IDA for Vice-Speaker of
the House.
Approved a 2016 Component Networking Reception at the 2016
IDA Annual Session.

Subs? Associates?

Are you thinking of adding an associate? Are you thinking of

retiring? Maybe we can help! Are you in need of someone to substitute for you when you are out of the office for vacation, or you have
had a medical emergency of some kind? Turmoil and tragedy happen
to everyone. When you are in need of someone to help you serve your
patients, IDDS has a list of associates who are willing to sub, so contact us for more information. This is a member benefit available to
members only, and is another example of your colleagues in organized
dentistry helping each other.
Contact us at 317-471-8131 or info@indydentalsociety.org

We see MORE than just


Our CPAs can meet your financial, tax and business needs with dental
consulting and advisory services finely tuned to your practice.

Provides financial and operational due diligence

for dentists who are considering an associateship,
starting or buying a practice. Once you own and
are practicing, our experienced team provides the
on-going tax, accounting and bookkeeping for
the practice and the doctor personally.
Amber C. Banks, Consultant
Mylene V. Egenolf, CPA
Wendy Day York, Accounting & Bookkeeping

Whether your practice is new or

established we will help you
SUCCEED. We can assist with:
+ Buy-ins and Buy-outs
+ Purchase or sale of practice
+ Compensation plans
+ Employment agreements
+ Employee fringe benefits
+ Profit sharing and pension
+ Accounts receivable
+ Internal controls
+ Obtaining financing
+ Training administrative and
bookkeeping staff
+ Income tax planning

3209 W. Smith Valley Road, Suite 253,

Greenwood, IN 46142
Office Phone: (317) 884-3135
Office Fax: (317) 534-3405


kevin@slatterycpa.com 317.843.5717

IndyDentalSociety.org - Winter 2015

You Are Invited. . . IDDS Spring Membership Meeting

Make your reservations for your next General Membership Meeting Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at the
Blue Heron Ballroom, Garrison Conference Center at Fort Harrison State Park Inn, 6002 N. Post Road.
Conference Center
56th St.

Guest Speaker: J. Stewart Goodwin, BRIG GEN, USAF (Ret)

Post Road

Reception....................................... 5:30 pm
Dinner........................................... 6:30 pm
IDDS Business .........Dr. Jason Flannagan, IDDS President

Hoosiers Understand Freedom

Spring General Membership Meeting

IDDS Presents

J. Stewart Goodwin

Executive Dir., Indiana War Memorials Commission

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

q YES, I will attend the IDDS Membership Meeting (Meeting is worth 1 CE credit)
Dentist Name:______________________________________________________________
Email Address ______________________________________________________________
Name of Membership Meeting Attendee(s)________________________________________
Spouses and Nonmember Dentists = $35 per person

IDDS General
Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Garrison Conference Center

IDDS: .................. Dr. Jason Flannagan,
IDDS President
Guest Speaker: ..... J Stewart Goodwin

Total amount enclosed for Membership Meeting $_________

_____I am paying by check (enclosed)
_____I am paying by credit card q Visa q MasterCard
Card #___________-____________-___________-___________

(Fax or mail this form to IDDS (471-8147) by Monday, February 22, 2016)
8780 Purdue Rd., Ste. 8, Indianapolis, IN 46268, or contact info@indydentalsocety.org
***Please Note: Since meal is catered, all reservations must be guaranteed.
Please return your registration prior to Monday, February 22, 2016.
Notice of cancellation must be received before 9 a.m. on Monday, February 22, 2016.
The courtesy of canceling your reservations in compliance with this deadline will
avoid your financial commitment.

Register: IDDS 317/471-8131 or Fax: 317/471-8147 or info@indydentalsociety.org

DATELINE - Winter 2015

Indianapolis District Dental Society

In recognition of International Womens Day on March 8,

you are cordially invited to join your female dental colleagues

IDDS Women Dentists

(a.k.a. Lady Drillers!!)

And, recognizing our

IDDS Leaders & Mentors Award Recipient:

Dr. Suzanne Germain

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tastings at The Conrad Indianapolis
50 W. Washington Street

Registration and Social Hour 5:30-6:30p.m.

Winetasting 6:30-8:30p.m.

The Beauty and Secrets of Wine

TastingsA Wine Experience

An in-depth look into the delicacies of wine and its adventure on your palette.
$50 for IDDS members. All others $75.
1 CE Credit. Please contact the Indianapolis District Dental Society
at 317/471-8131 or email info@indydentalsociety.org.
Registration is required by February 9, 2016.

We invite you to be part of this fourth year event.

Network with your peers about the unique challenges of women dentists.
Share your concerns and your ideas for success.
Blue & Co., LLC
IDA Insurance Services
MW Banks Consulting
First Merchants Bank
PNC Bank

IndyDentalSociety.org - Winter 2015


Winter Ethics Seminar
Friday, January 29, 2016
A Seminar featuring Jay Dziwlik, MBA, CAE


Assistant Executive Director, Indiana Dental Association

Ethics, Leadership,
and the Law
Learn new techniques to enhance your leadership
skills. Acquaint and update yourself with the latest
changes in the Indiana dental law. Understand how
you can be ethical and professional as you direct the
needs of your patients.
Jay Dziwlik

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hillcrest Country Club
6098 Fall Creek Road
Registration: 8:30-9 a.m.
Lecture: 9-11a.m. (2 CE)
Fulfills Ethics Requirements
$10 per Person

Ethics is required as follows:

Effective for the license period ending February 29, 2016, dentists and
dental hygienists must receive 2 continuing education credits which
shall cover each of the following subjects: 1)Ethics 2)Professional responsibility 3)Indiana statutes and Indiana administrative rules governing
the licensure and practice of dentists and dental hygienists.
q YES, I will attend the Continuing Education Seminar. Seminar is worth 2 CE credits
Dentist Name: ____________________________________________________________
Dentist Phone:__________________________ Email: ____________________________
Names of Seminar Attendee(s)________________________________________________

Seminar Cost is $10 per person x ________ (# attending) = $________________________

Total amount enclosed for Seminar $__________
_____I am paying by check (enclosed)
_____I am paying by credit card q Visa q MasterCard
Card #___________-____________-___________-___________ Expires______/______
Name as it appears on the card________________________________________________
Please return your registration prior to Friday, January 22, 2016.
No Refunds

IDDS, 8780 Purdue Rd., 46268 317/ 471-8131 Fax 317/471-8147

DATELINE - Winter 2015

Membership Committee Thanks

Our Dues Incentives Winners!
Drs. Anthony
Imburgia, Stacy
D. Johnson,
Dave Kristoff,
David Mosser and
Chuck Sadler.
to these Dues
Incentives Prize

Anthony Imburgia

Dave Kristoff

David Mosser

Stacy D. Johnson

Chuck Sadler

Study Club Information

Southside Study Club Dr. Tim Bacsa
January 2016. Meet at Fireside Brewhouse 997 E. County Line Road, Greenwood, IN 46143. Social hour at
6pm, Dinner at 7pm. Invitations to be mailed. Reservations contact
Amber Banks at MW Banks Consulting at 317.850.5178 or amber@
Implant Restorative Study Club (IRSC) Dr. Christine Bishop
and Dr. Savi Abey
New members welcome! The IRSC provides an opportunity for
general dentists and specialists to learn about the restorative aspects
of clinical implant therapy in a friendly, informal environment. Each
meeting includes 2 hours of CE credit and dinner. Meeting times
are 6-8p.m. and dates: Mar. 3Presentation by NobelBiocare; May
12Contingency Planning; Sept. 8TBA; Nov. 10Vendors
showcase. Membership is $100 a year, and is open to all licensed
dentists. Location TBA. Contact us at prc@teethin.com or call
InDent Spear Study Club Dr. Chris Burns
Introducing 3 Study Clubs2 in Indy and 1 in Richmond.
National, local speakers, round table discussions and treatment planning sessions. InDent provides quality ce for dentists and specialists. Our Advisory Board, endodontic, orthodontic, periodontist,
oral surgeon, and lab specialists are just a phone call away from
assisting the study club members. Advisory Board: Drs. Jill Burns;
Julian Davila; Tod Morreton, and Katie Eynon-Orr. Now accepting
applications for 2016-2017. $300 discount for early enrollment on
or before May, 2016. Reasonable dues, ce credits, monthly meetings, September through May. Contact Patti at 317/823-4260 or
Gomes/Sitaram Spear Study Club Dr. Daniel Gomes and
Dr. Dipesh Sitaram
Contact 317/299-4731 for more information.

Customized solutions
for your practice
At Blue & Co., LLC, we are focused on the needs of dentists. Whether you are
looking to maximize profitability, expand or sell, streamline operations, or
prepare for your future, our team of dental experts can help. Our experience will
allow us to provide you with a plan to attain your goals.
We've helped hundreds of dental practices throughout Kentucky, Indiana and
Ohio improve their operations to make them more profitable, valuable and
competitive. Let us work with you to realize your practices potential. Call us
For more information contact:
Connie Corbin

Kam McQuay, CPA/ABV, CVA


Angela Zirkelbach, CPA


Office Managers 5 Star Study Club

Our local study club is an extension of the national association
of American Academy of Dental Office Managers (AADOM). The
goal is to provide opportunities for local networking and ce. More
info contact Kay Valentine at kay@edentist.com
Pain Management & Sedation in Dentistry Study Club
Dr. Lana Berman
Meeting Friday, Feb. 5 from 8a.m. to Noon at IUSD, Room
115. Free for all dentists and dental teams. Speakers: Ryan
Roosekrans Comprehensive Review and Updates on the Cone
Beam Computed Tomography and Dr. Dmitry Arbuck, M.D.
Pharmacological and Alternative Methods of Pain Management
in Dentistry. Conducted jointly with the IUSD CE Department
and supported by Carestream Dental and Indiana Polyclinic Pain
Center. 3 ces. RSVP by 1/22 to Sbermandds@gmail.com or
IndyDentalSociety.org - Winter 2015

IDDS Welcomes New and Returning Members

Dr. Carly Ahlbrecht
16407 South Park Dr. Ste A
Westfield, IN 46074
IUSD 2010
U of Mich. 2012

Dr. Yusuke Hamada

1121 W. Michigan St Rm 422B
Indianapolis, IN 46202
IUSD 2015
Dr. Hohete Hendrix
1815 N. Greensburg Crossing
Greensburg, IN 47240
U of Louisville 2004

Dr. Gretter Cardo

110-B N. State Rd. 267
Avon, IN 46123
IUSD 2015

Dr. Krestina Johnson

7118 N Shadeland Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46250
IUSD 2015

Dr. Patrick Gilbert

2269 Sandringham Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46214
U of Louisville 2013
IUSD 2016

Dr. Brittany Lane

115 N. Shortridge Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46219
IUSD 2014
Dr. Pamela Linder
1121 W. Michigan St
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Harvard U 2012
Dr. Matthew Mullally
7102 N Keystone Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46240
U of Detroit Mercy 2015

Dr. Veena Raj

4039 Burford Dr.
Carmel, IN 46074
U of Boston 2003
Dr. David Severe
1273 N Emerson Ave
Greenwood, IN 46143
IUSD 2014
Dr. John Weida
105 S. Raceway Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46231
IUSD 2009

Call today for a

($5,000 value)
(Since 1968)

We are pleased to announce...

David K. Harrison, D.D.S.
has aquired the practice of

Bradford H. Korn, D.D.S.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

We are pleased to have represented

both parties in this transition.
DATELINE - Winter 2015

Practice sales in excess of $2,000,000,000.


Please join IDDS Foundation for our annual golf outing on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at
Hillcrest Country Club. This golf tournament will benefit IDDS Foundation
in its efforts to improve the oral health of the community.

GOLD Sponsors
Dr. Will Hine

Annual Golf Outing


Blue & Co., LLC

CAMP Laboratory
First Merchants Bank

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Location: Hillcrest Country Club, 6098 Fall Creek Road


1:00 PM Shotgun Start


$150 per Person Includes golf cart, greens fee,

practice range & dinner
$50 Dinner Only

First Merchants Bank

Dentists OnlyA Chance to Win a Grand Prize of $1,000 CASH!!

Indiana Oral &

Maxillofacial Surgical
Stock Yards Bank &
SILVER Sponsors

PLUS all dentists playing Plinko will be entered

WIN $5,000

Dr. Sue Germain

to win a $250 CASH Prize.

Dr. Bruce Wiland

Sponsorships Available:

IDA Insurance Services

Gold: $1,000 Includes 4 paid spots, dinner, recognition on course,

and in Dateline newsletter.
Silver: $500 Includes 2 paid spots, dinner and recognition on course
Hole: $300 Includes recognition on course
(Please contact Dr. Doug Spaulding at 317/845-0583 or IDDS
317/471-8131 for more information). Please - No refunds after June 30th

Integrated Planning &

Wealth Management
MW Banks Consulting
Patterson Dental

Registration Form
Name of Contact: ___________________________________________________________________
Name of Company: __________________________________________________________________
Daytime Phone: _________________________/ E-Mail: ____________________________________
Method of Payment: q Check Enclosed (Make check payable to IDDS Foundation)
Credit Card: q

CC Number : _______________________________ Exp:__________

Names of Golfers: ___________________________


(Please print)



Please fax or mail this form to the IDDS Office: by June 30, 2016.
8780 Purdue Road, Suite 8 Indianapolis, IN 46268 Fax: 317-471-8147
email info@indydentalsociety.org

IndyDentalSociety.org - Winter 2015


the original
e-vac tiP
fits standard evacuation tubes

maximum suction
minimum tissue Plugging

Protect your Patient from Painful tissue Plugs

Protect your equiPment from costly rePairs

contact your local dental suPPly for the e-vac tiP

Packaged 100/ZiPlock Bag

e-vac inc.
email: kenevac@hotmail.com

IUSD 3rd Year Kendall Frazier with IDDS Foundation President, Dr. Dave
Wolf and IUSD 4th Year, Tim Treat. Dr. Wolf presented each of the students
with the IDDS Foundation Scholarship Award. Kendall is President of ASDA,
and Tim is 4th Year Class President. Congratulations!!

Purchased by:
general Practitioners Pediatric dentists Periodontists
Prosthodontists dental assistants hygienists
hospitals universities

made in u.s.a. - fda registered

A Vintage Evening
Saturday, April 16, 2016
7:00 pm
Indiana War Memorial
431 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis
Featuring Specialty Wines and Local Craft Beers
Hors doeuveres Accompanies with Wine Pairings
Music and Silent Action

For More Information

IDDS Foundation 8780 Purdue Road, Suite 8
Indianapolis, IN 46268
ph 317.471.8131 fax 317.471.8147

DATELINE - Winter 2015


The Drinks Destroy Teeth App is Here!

Diane Buyer, DDS

First in the Nation

Want to impress the youth

and millennials in your office?
Ask them if they have seen your
App. It is a great conversation
starter and a relevant educational tool. The Drinks Destroy
Teeth App is available on
iPhone, androids and tablets. It
is free and fun.
This App is for all ages.
Adults and teens and elementary children, even pre-schoolers,
can learn from the interactive

Scoop on Sugar. Filling the

drinks with teaspoons of sugar
is entertaining and educational. The Power of pH introduces the pH scale and asks one to
predict the acidity of various
soft drinks, sports drinks and
energy drinks as well as milk
and water.
Videos depicting the
effects of acid when poured
into Coke and Pepsi cans are
visually dramatic and educational. The Scoop on Sugar
video shows how much sugar
is consumed when someone
drinks only one can of coke for
a day, week, month and year.
It also discusses serving sizes
with normal being 12 ounces,
not 42.
The 3D Effect on Teeth
shows plaque, white spot
lesions, acid erosion, decay,
fluoride and healthy teeth. An

Getting paid
shouldnt be
like pulling

informational button on the 3D

mouth causes an explosion box
with a clinical picture of the
condition and description to
appear. New words are underlined and linked to a pictorial
glossary which explains scientific and health terms increasing
vocabulary and knowledge of
acid and oral health.
The Drinks Destroy Teeth
App concludes with a simple
quiz intended for 5th graders. It can be fun to see if you
and your patients are smarter
than a fifth grader, like the
quiz show. As a grassroots
project, the post card can be
reproduced and distributed
at the office. Please download
the App, have your dental staff
download the App and help
spread the word. This App is
2758 Service_BW_3.5x4.125
for everyone: children, teens,
college age, young adults, par-

ents, grandparents, teachers,

nurses, and physicians.
Go to the App Store for
iPhone or the Play Store for
Android devices and type
Drinksdestroyteeth, then install.
You will need your Apple or
Google ID. Also, it is best to be
on Wi-Fi when downloading.
This project is a collaboration of the IDA, Franklin
College, GlaxcoSmithKlein
and numerous professional and
honorary dental organizations.
The IDA Foundation for Dental
Health accepts donations for the
continued upkeep of this App.
The first page of the App links
to Tooth Defenders those who
have contributed to the creation
of the first public dental health
App by a dental component.
Thanks to all of the contributors
9/18/06 9:37 AM Page 1
and promoters. You are all Tooth

of personal service



Professional debt
Delinquent accounts
Bad checks
Unpaid invoices


Law Firm, LLc

(317) 842-8283 | www.GarrisonLegal.com

2006 The National Bank of Indianapolis www.nbofi.com Member FDIC Equal Opportunity Lender

IndyDentalSociety.org - Winter 2015

Indianapolis District Dental Society 2016 Election Results

Meet your 2016 IDDS Officers and Board members, and your Delegates and Alternates to the IDA Annual Session May 18-21, 2016.
We thank these individuals for volunteering to serve, and you, the members, for electing them to represent you in organized dentistry for

IDDS Officers

IDDS Board Members

Dr. Jason Flannagan, President

Dr. Matt Bojrab, President-Elect

Dr. Wayne Kinney, Vice-President

Dr. Sarah Herd, Treasurer

Dr. Heather Maupin, Immediate Past President

Dr. Dave Wolf, IDA Trustee

Dr. Chad Bailey

Mr. Zach Bozic
Dr. Tim Dudley
Dr. Karen Ellis
Dr. Evan Hiple
Dr. John Jansen
Dr. Edna Kemp
Dr. John Loeffler
Dr. Amanda Miller
Dr. Renee Shirer
Mr. Tim Treat
Dr. John Williams, Dean, IU School of Dentistry `
Dr. Bruce Easter, Dateline Editor

2016 IDA House of Delegates

20 Delegates
(3 year term)

Term Expires 2016

Term Expires 2017
Dr. Rebecca De LaRosa
Dr. Tom Barrick
Dr. Sue Germain
Dr. Matt Bojrab
Dr. Sarah Herd
Dr. Jason Flannagan
Dr. Paul Jansen
Dr. Edna Kemp
Dr. Wayne Kinney
Dr. John Loeffler
Dr. Heather Maupin
Dr. Kevin Ward
Dr. Bruce Wiland

Term Expires 2018

Dr. Jeff Dean
Dr. Will Hine
Dr. John Jansen
Dr. Vanchit John
Dr. Amanda Miller
Dr. Jim Oldham
Dr. Steve Towns

20 Alternate Delegates
(One year term)

1. Dr. Chad Bailey

2. Dr. Nia Bigby
3. Dr. Gabrielle Caron
4. Dr. Tim Dudley
5. Dr. Karen Ellis
6. Dr. Ralph Everly
7. Dr. Kevin Flannagan
8. Dr. Don Hanson
9. Dr. Evan Hiple
10. Dr. John Jansen

11. Dr. Megan Keck

12. Dr. Michele Kirkup
13. Dr. Chris Kumfer
14. Dr. Jeanette Lawson
15. Dr. Mandy Miller
16. Dr. Anand Patel
17. Dr. Lindsey Pollock
18. Dr. Lynna Scott
19. Dr. Renee Shirer
20. Dr. Stephanie White

IDDS Trustee to the IDA: Dr. David Wolf

DATELINE - Winter 2015


Outrageous Politicking and what we can do! IDPAC

Sarah Herd, DDS, MSD

I generally abhor politics.

I get so frustrated even just
watching House of Cards that I
will stop watching it for awhile,
after any particularly scandalous
episode. I continue to work my
way through it, but only just
finished the second season after
six months, much to the dismay
of my boyfriend! All the back
room deals and shady exchanges
make me angry and sad. Can
this really be what happens?
I would like to believe that
our true to life Indiana politics


25-General-OUTPUT.indd 2

arent so outrageousbut they

increase the cap on our malpracare. I consider myself to be
tice insurance from $1,250,000
pretty involved in the IDA and
to $1,650,000. This change,
IDDS specifically, but I am
in malpractice caps, would
only just learning what IDPAC
effectively raised our insurance
the Indiana Dental Political
premiums. Did you know that
Action Committee does for
the meager dollars the IDPAC
me. Why does this matter?
has to play with saved us from
IDPAC needs
having to pay
members/donamore for our
Our state
tions. But I pay
legislators are not insurance? The
my dues, isnt
this enough?
dentists. They likely amount they
No, our dues
worked to save
cannot be used
you costs less
to make conabout dentistry. than a membertributions to
ship in IDPAC!
political candidates, so the dues
Do you think this battle is over?
we pay do not go to IDPAC.
Who wins if those premiums are
Our state legislators are not
increased? Not the dentist, not
dentists. They likely dont know the patientthe trial lawyer.
anything about dentistry. This
This issue will be revisited, most
past legislative session, a bill
likely this year, with increased
was put forth by the Indiana
vigor. Dental health policy is
Trial Lawyers Association to
being established by politicians,
without dentist involvement!
We need to be able to advocate
for our profession, educate our
legislators, and be involved in
these discussions. It costs money
to sit at the table. We need to
buy our invitations.
The next major topic on
the horizon is the inconceivably unjust RAC audits. RACs
(Recovery Audit Contractors)
were created to identify and
recover overpayments and
underpayments made on behalf
of the Medicare program
and expanded to Medicaid
by the Affordable Care Act.
RAC audits allow an auditor to evaluate a certain time
period of records for those of
our colleagues who participate
in Medicaid. The auditors are
incentivized to look hard for
ambiguity and unclear language
in existing policy in state
Medicaid provider manuals,
so they can run multiple algorithms and identify potential

billing inconsistencies and

ask dentists for repayment.
The most outrageous component of these audits is that if
they find errors, maybe 1%
in one year, they are allowed
to expand the fine to include
the time the dentist has been
a provider, so expand out 1%
times 25 years. They only have
to look at a specific time frame
but the potential fine is much
larger. Medicaid RAC audits are
increasing around the country
and already have affected our
colleagues around the state!
Unfortunately, many wellmeaning dentists are receiving
significant and sometimes arbitrary fines for unintentional and
often minor infractions, when
there was never any intent to
defraud the government.
I urge each and every one
of you to consider a donation
to the IDPAC. The membership for IDPAC is only 21% of
active IDA members! Just think
what we could do with more!
Advocacy for our profession
works to pass legislation that
improves the oral health of our
patients or improves the conditions in which we practice.This
year, IDPAC worked to secure
funding for the Donated
Dental Services for the next
two years! IDPAC also helped
clarify Prescription Supervision.
Advocacy also works to prevent
passage of bills which may
adversely alter the conditions in
which we practice, such as the
malpractice issue and upcoming
RAC audits. We need to stockpile reserves so we can be prepared at any time. The lawyers
are plotting as I type this. Please
become a member of IDPAC,
participate in the silent auction
at the Annual Session in June,
and consider attending Dental
Day in January.
IndyDentalSociety.org - Winter 2015

6/9/2010 5:25:08 PM

The Indianapolis District Dental Society cordially invites our members to the sixth


Saturday, February 13, 2016
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Indiana Convention Center Wabash Ballroom
100 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN
The goal of this event is to provide an environment for Indiana dentists and dental students
to meet and exchange information with an emphasis on career and business possibilities.
This seminar is meant to be especially beneficial to all our members:
New dentists and current dental students who are looking to join or buy dental
practices in the area
IDA & IDDS members looking for part-time or full-time associates, partners, or
potential buyers.
**A dedicated space will be provided specifically for dentists to meet each other
and socialize in a friendly atmosphere**
A large exhibit area will be open to advertising by a variety of dental supply, financial, and
business management companies. We encourage you to ask questions of these experts so
that they may help you in your practice.

Current Premiere Sponsors include:

Blue & Co.

First Merchants Bank
Hurlow Wealth Management
IDA Insurance Services

MW Banks Consulting
Patterson Dental
PNC Bank
Stock Yards Bank & Trust

Refreshments will be served. There is no charge for this Seminar, but registration is required.
To register, please contact the Indianapolis District Dental Society at 317/471-8131 or
email info@indydentalsociety.org by January 29, 2016.
Hosted by the New Dentist Committee of the Indianapolis District Dental Society
Drs. Kara Czarkowski and John Jansen, Co-Chairs

Dr. Sarah Herd

Dr. Anand Patel

Dr. Scott Hill

Dr. Stacey Rochman

Dr. Jillian Hodge

Dr. Julia Santi

Dr. Mandy Miller

Dr. Jessica Nowak

DATELINE - Winter 2015

Dr. Beau Taylor

Dr. Sanabel Younes


Feel confident about

how you will be treated.
Every day you are in controlof pain, of options, of caring treatment.
DentistCare is about you and treating you fairly when it comes to professional liability protection:
Enhanced Coverage Choicesoccurrence or claims-made plus
PracticeGuardhelps protect your practice if a covered dentist becomes disabled
(Available for groups of ten or fewer dentists or specialists.)

Innovative Risk Resource Servicestap into our experienced advisors and helpful resources
Find out how DentistCare can help you reduce risk, keep from getting pulled in the wrong direction,
and maintain the control you wantcall us today at 800.625.7814.

Professional Liability Insurance

& Risk Resource Services
ProAssurance Group is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best.
ProAssurance.com 800.625.7814


IndyDentalSociety.org - Winter 2015

Medicare and Medicaid Part D Enrollment

fying information regarding the
enrollment process. The enforcement date is June 1, 2016.
In order to ensure your
application is processed in a
timely fashion, CMS is urging
prescribers of Part D drugs,
including dentists, to submit
Dr. Jason Flannagan
their Medicare enrollment appliMust I tell them I want to cations or opt-out affidavits to
opt out? What happens if I do
their Medicare Administrative
Contractors (MACs) by January
On October 20, the Centers 1, 2016, so that Medicare Part
for Medicare and Medicaid
D prescriptions are coverable on
Services (CMS) issued a bulor after June 1, 2016.
letin outlining changes to, and
As a reminder, in order for
the delayed enforcement of, the Medicare to pay for prescripPart D prescriber enrollment
tions under Medicare Part D,
requirement and to provide clari- a dentist must do one of the

Dr. Mike Deldar is seeking 2-4 part-time

or full-time dentists for state-of-the-art
mobile dental office in Indianapolis and
surrounding counties.
Please provide CV's to info@smiles-express.com or contact
Dr. Deldar or Gabriel Harden (317) 759-1020 ext. 2.

DATELINE - Winter 2015

Enroll as a Medicare
Enroll as an ordering/
referring provider; or
Opt out of the Medicare

Go to this link for

more information:-

Q. What happens if I choose
not to do any of the above?
A. As of June 1, 2016, this is
what will happen if you choose

not to do any of the above:

The first time you write a
prescription for a patient with
a Medicare Part D drug plan,
the plan will give the patient a
provisional supply of the drug
and a letter stating that because
of your Medicare enrollment
status, the drug will not be
covered after the first three
months. The Part D plan must
also make reasonable efforts
to notify you. At the end of
the three-month period, if you
still have not done any of the
above, the plan will deny coverage for any prescription that
you give that patient for that

Do You Have News?

Anything that interests our members is of interest to IDDS.
Call 317/471-8131 to let us know!
Also: In order to assist you, please report any changes in
your address, phone, or e-mail to IDDS.
We need to keep your information current!


Member News
Congratulations to
Dr. Andrew
Alexander, The
event was the
Ironman Muskoka
in Canada on
August 30th. It is a
full distance triathlon which consists
of a 2.4-mile swim,
a 112-mile bike and
a 26.2-mile run.
This was my third Ironman. I did my first
one in Wisconsin in 2012 expecting it to
be a one and done thing. I enjoyed the
experience so much that I did Louisville in
2013. While the clock time at Muskoka was
my slowest time at this distance, I was comfortable the entire way. When asked if I will
do another, I say that I am open to the idea.

Dr. Kevin
Flannagan, who
married Katie
Garvey on October

Dr. Jason
Flannagan and
his wife, Jaime,
who had their 4th
daughter, Brynn,
November 21.

In Memoriam:

Thank you to:

Dr. Tim Dudley, who along with
Mr. Ryan Greulich, Sales Representative,
and Mr. Pat Crowley, Branch Manager of
Patterson Dental, supplied over 850 toothbrushes and toothpaste to the Indiana Lions
for their Mission trip to Mexico to provide
eyeglasses to those in need.
Thank you also to these IDDS members who donated dozens and dozens of
boxes of toothpaste and of toothbrushes
directly from their offices: Drs. Mark
Bohnert, Cami Hovda, Jason Flannagan,
Heather Ireland, Angelo Julovich, John
Loeffler, Katy Patton, Chris Romas and
Dave Wolf.


Dr. Sue Germain, whose Mother, Ethel

Schultz, passed away on September 9.
Dr. Floyd Hale,
who passed away
on Sept. 3 at age
93. Dr. Hale was
a 60 year member
of IDDS, and was
one of its IDDS
Honor Dentists.
Dr. Frank Harper,
who passed away
on April 4 at age
93. Dr. Harper
was a 64 year
member of IDDS.

Dr. Chris Shorey organized a free

dental event, known as Dentistry From The
Heart, at his office on August 29th. Drs.
Jay Cowan and Charles Hine were instrumental in caring for patients that day. We
treated 27 people and donated just under
$9000 worth of dental care. Our numbers
were a little low this year compared to the
past 5 years but still a good day to give back!

Retirement best wishes to:

Dr. Karl
Gossweiler, who is
a 54 year member
of IDDS. He was
IDDS President in

IDDS sends its condolences to the

families of:

Dr. Joel
Sagalowsky, who is
a 24 year member of
IDDS. (no picture)
Dr. Joe Sigg,
who is a 47 year
member of IDDS.
(pictured left)

Dr. Tom Pauszek,

who passed away
on Sept. 10 at age
89. Dr. Pauszek
was a 58 year
member of IDDS.

Dr. Charles
Redish, who
passed away on
Nov. 21 at age 89.
Dr. Redish was a
64 year member
of IDDS and its
President in 1980.
Dr. Larry Vancil, who passed away on
Oct. 29 at age 71. Dr. Vancil was a 45
year member of IDDS. (no picture)
IndyDentalSociety.org - Winter 2015

Indianapolis District Dental Society Fall GMM

Congratulations 10 Year Members

Drs. Matthew Moll, Kelli Dewell, Kevin Beadle, Chris Kirkup,

Michele Kirkup, Jeremiah Frasier

Dr. Joe Heidelman with State Senator Pat Miller and

Dr. Ken Miller

Welcome New Members

Drs. Bogun Lee, Jody Wilson, Robert Lambert, Krestina Johnson, Scott Hill,
Kara Czarkowski, Ross Bowen
DATELINE - Winter 2015


A Dental Professionals Role in Tobacco Cessation

Submitted by: Christine Todd
Communications Coordinator
Tobacco Prevention and Cessation
Indiana State Department of Health

Tobacco use causes harm to

almost every organ and area in
the body including the mouth,
gums and teeth. While organs
such as the lungs and heart
can begin to repair themselves
after about one year, a recent
study published in the Journal
of Dental Research suggests that
it may take up to 20 years for
smokers to reach the same level
of tooth health as someone who
has never smoked. [1]
Patients look to their dentists for expert advice specific
to their health needs. Some
patients may have never been
encouraged by a health care
professional to quit smoking. In
other instances, dentists could
reaffirm what patients have
already heard from their primary

care physicians.
However, many health
professionals, including dentists,
are missing an opportunity to
start the conversation about
quitting with their patients.
One study reported that while
only 51 percent of smokers who
saw a doctor were counseled to
quit smoking, the percentage
of smokers advised to quit by a
dentist was much smaller less
than 12 percent. Cited reasons
for this disparity included a
lack of confidence or resources
when discussing this topic with
patients. [2]
Dental professionals can
play an important role in helping a person to quit smoking.
In Indiana, there are several
resources available to dentists
to help their patients quit. The
most comprehensive resource for
dentists is the Quit Now Indiana
Preferred Provider Network,
developed by the Tobacco

Prevention and Cessation

Commission at the Indiana State
Department of Health (TPC).
Health care professionals can
enroll as Preferred Providers easily and at no cost. Participating
dental health professionals will
receive tobacco cessation services
and materials, including:
Fax Referral Privileges to
the Indiana Tobacco Quitline,
which offers specially trained
Quit Coaches to develop
individualized quit plans for
people who are ready to quit.
Referral Kit and education
materials for helping their
Status reports on fax referred
patients, letting dentists know
whether or not their patient was
reached, enrolled in services and
planned a quit date
Immediate access to
professional evidence-based
Communication on the

latest research, tobacco news in

Indiana and resources available
to Preferred Providers
Direct access to TPCs
cessation specialists for additional
advice and consultation
Patients have a better
chance at quitting when their
health care providers advise and
counsel them to quit. Interested
dental health professionals can
visit in.gov/quitline to become
a Quit Now Indiana Preferred
Provider and to access the free
resources, including information
about the Indiana Quitline.

Dietrich, T., Walter, C.,

Oluwagbemigun, K., Bergmann, M.,
Pischon, T., Pischon, N., & Boeing, H.
(2015). Smoking, Smoking Cessation,
and Risk of Tooth Loss: The EPICPotsdam Study. Journal of Dental
Research, 1369-1375.
Danesh, D., Paskett, E., & Ferketich,
A. (2014). Disparities in Receipt of
Advice to Quit Smoking From Health
Care Providers: 2010 National Health
Interview Survey. Preventing Chronic
Disease Prev. Chronic Dis.

We can help you position

your practice for success!
100% Practice Financing
Commercial Real Estate Financing
Competitive Fixed Rates
Depository and Merchant Services
World Class Customer Service

Mark Engle
Senior Vice President
513.794.7457 | Phone

experienced | knowledgable | committed


IndyDentalSociety.org - Winter 2015


DATELINE - Winter 2015


IDDS & IDA Present:

OSHA Compliance Training &

CPR Recertification Course
January 22, March 11, July 15, 2016

at Hillcrest Country Club, 6098 Fall Creek Road

OSHA Compliance Issues 2 CE Credits

Check-in 8:30-9a.m. Course from 9-11a.m.
Instructor: Kay Maddox, R.N.
This OSHA review focuses on record keeping requirements,
training, exposure control, hazard communication, emergency action,
and general duty safety. Fee: $75


And Get
Back to

CPR Recertification 5 CE Credits

(Note: Indiana law limits hygienists to 2 CE credits for CPR

training and 5 CE for dentists.)
Check-in 11:15a.m. Course from 11:30-2p.m. approx.
Instructor: Kay Maddox, R.N.

This course, designed by the American Heart Association for health

care workers, includes two-person rescue adult CPR, child and infant
CPR, foreign body airway obstruction removal instruction and
Automated External Defibrillation instruction. Written and
practical tests will be administered. Fee: $75
To Register Contact www.INDental.org/oc
317/634-2610 or Heather@INDental.org


Superior Dental Care (SDC) is the largest network in

the region, with over 10,000 participating locations
throughout Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Joining SDCs
network saves you and your office time and effort, so
you can get back to what matters most!

Contact SDC today to request your application packet!

dentistservices@superiordental.com | (800) 762-3159
www.superiordental.com |

IndyDentalSociety.org - Winter 2015

DATELINE - Winter 2015


Nonprofit Org
US Postage
Indianapolis IN Permit 1324

IDDS Upcoming Events

January 2016
Jan. 13
Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m. LePeep
January 14
Leadership Reception 6:30p.m., Skyline
January 20
January 20
Peer Review Mtg., 7p.m.
January 21
4th Year Transitions Workshop

February 9
Membership Comm. Mtg., 6:30p.m.
February 10
Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m.
February 13
Networking Seminar,
10a.m.-1p.m.,Indy Convention Ctr
February 17
Peer Review Committee, 7p.m.
February 18
Women Dentists Seminar

March 2016

January 22
OSHA/CPR, Hillcrest CC

March 9
Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m.

January 25
Officers Meeting, 6:30p.m.

March 9
Spring GMM at The Garrison
Conference Center

January 29
Ethics Seminar, 9a.m., HCC

February 2016
February 2
New Dentists Committee Meeting,
February 5
Give Kids A Smile Day
February 8
IDDS Board Meeting, 6:30p.m.


March 11
March 16
Peer Review Committee, 7p.m.
March 18
IDA Peer Review Workshop
March 21
Officers Meeting 6:30p.m.
March 22
IDDS Foundation Board Mtg.,

April 2016
April 11
IDDS Board Meeting, 6:30p.m.
April 13
Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m.
April 16
Foundation Wine and Beer Tasting
April 20
Peer Review Committee, 7p.m.
April 29
Dateline Deadline for Summer Edition

May 2016
May 9
IDDS Caucus, MCL Cafeteria, 6p.m.
May 10
Dental Asst Workshop
May 11
Retiree Breakfast, 9a.m.
May 11
Peer Review Committee, 7p.m.
May 18-21
IDA Annual Session, Indy Marriott
May 30

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