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Ohlone College Fall 2015

Introduction to microeconomics BA102B-03 (62917) online course

Professor Mosleh tmosleh@ohlone.edu
Course Description:
This course introduces the basic microeconomic concepts such as; the notion of scarcity, and how it
relates to the opportunity cost, supply and demand, externalities, consumer theory, public goods,
government programs, production and cost theory, perfect completion, monopoly, and oligopoly market

Course Objectives:
1. Understand the basic terms and concepts as they pertain to economic system.
2. Examine economic models of production possibilities and the concept of scarcity.
3. Study individual and firm behavior in different form of market structure.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Define methods and principles of microeconomic theory involving opportunity costs,

incentive effects, and marginal decision-making.
Demonstrate models of demand, supply, consumption, production, and cost analyses.
Evaluate the impact of imperfect information, externalities, public goods, and public policy.

Credit: 3-units.

Prerequisite Math-153, meets GE requirements, and transfers to UC, CSU.

Required Textbook. Principles of Microeconomics. Brief Editio.McConnell/Brue/Flynn

For this course you are required to purchase your own copy of the text book, as well as the access code
to McGraw- Hills Connect. The package is available at the Ohlone bookstore, at a reduced price. The
Package includes the access code for McGraw-Hills Connect which will be required to complete the
homework Assignments.

Course requirements:

Two midterm, and a comprehensive final exam

Connect Video cases
Connect Learn Smart Assignments
Blackboard quizzes, syllabus quiz
Graph Assignment

Examination. Exams are multiple choice questions from assigned chapters. Note. Exams cannot be
accessed before or after due dates.

Learn Smart Assignments/exercises. Learn Smart assignment @ 5 points per chapter, total of
60 points. The learn smart chapter covers the concepts within the chapter. NOTE. Each assignment
has a close due date. You will see the due dates for all assignments, when you click on Connect
Assignment Do not miss a due date. There are no makeups for missed homework. Homework will
not be re-opened under any circumstances- not due to technical problems, illness, etc. NO exceptions
for missing a due date.

Blackboard quizzes. To access the blackboard quizzes, click on Chapter power point youll be
directed the blackboard quizzes. Note. The blackboard quizzes are available from August 31st to
December 7th. Only one attempt on blackboard quizzes.

Connect Graph Assignment. Under Homework in Connect there is a graph assignment that
teaches you how to use the graphing tool, complete this assignment before working on the connect

Connect Video cases. To access the video cases, click on Homework in Connect scroll down on
the connect homework page, watch the video case, and respond to the questions.

Syllabus Quiz. To access the syllabus quiz, click on Assessment/test. Note. The syllabus quiz
available only on the due date NOT before or after the due dat. NO makeup quiz allowed.

Register for Connect in Blackboard by following these steps:

1) Log in to your Blackboard course.
2) Go to Homework in Connect click on any of the Connect assignments you find there. Another
option is to click on "McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Follow the steps to register with Connect.
You only need to register with the access code one time. Once your account is set up, you can simply go
back to your Blackboard Connect Assignment and open the chapter you want to work on.

Technical issues with blackboard or Connect:

Blackboard /Connect will notify me if there is a technical issue that would prevent you from submitting
an assignment/test on time. If technical issue is the blackboard or Connect issues, you will be allowed a
time extension. There will be no time extensions if the technical problems are with your systems.

Technical Assistance with Connect

If you need technical support with My Connect, chat 24/7 with the customer support
www.mcgrawhillconnect.com/support or call at 800-331-5094

Grading Scale:
Learn smart concept Assignments
60 Points
Two Midterm@50 points
100 Points
Final Exam
100 Points
Connect Graph Assignment
15 Points
Blackboard quizzes
120 Points
Syllabus quiz
15 Points
2- Connect Video cases @5
10 points
Total possible points
420 Points
Grad breakdown: 100%-90%=A, 89%-80%=B, 79%-70=C, 69%-60=D, below 60%=F


1. Go to http://www.ohlone.edu/
2. Click on [on-line] classes http://www2.ohlone.edu/instr/onlineeducation/
3. Click on [how to login]
4. If you experienced difficulties accessing the blackboard, contact the blackboard help desk: Toll Free
Number (866) 259-6244 or email to: onlineeducation@ohlone.edu


When you access this class for the first time please do the following:
Click the Discussions tab
Click the Introductions link
Click the button, Compose Message; the compose message window will open;
In the subject line, type in your Last Name followed by the word Introduction. Introduce
yourself: tell us about yourself, work experience, academic goal when finished click the Post

Method of Communication. Use the blackboard e-mail system, and the discussion board for
class communication. To send email, click on messages to send email, or click on the Discussion for
posting messages.

Examination policies and requirements:

Exams are multiple choice questions from assigned chapters.

There are 50 multiple choice questions for midterm, and final exam.
To access to exams, click on the Test /Assessment [TAB] on blackboard, click on the test
take the test, save, and submit before your time expires.
Exams are NOT available before or after due dates they will be available only on the due date
from 8:00 am till 11:59 p.m. 2- Hours to complete the test. Note. The correct answers on the
test revealed after the availability of the test ends. NO makeup test allowed under any
circumstance! If you missed a test youll get zero for the test.

Course Policies:
1) Students are expected to log in to the course 3-4 times per week.
2) NO Makeup Exam policy. If you missed the exam/quiz/assignment youll receive zero.
3) Netiquette. Students must follow the etiquette of online courses. I expect all online participations
and discussion postings to be constructive and respectful. Instigating other students, posting
inappropriate language/comments to the professor or to a classmate, non-collegial behavior on the
discussion board will not be tolerated, and you will be removed from the course immediately.
4) Academic dishonesty policy. This course will strictly adhere to the academic honor code set forth by
the college. Any student caught violating the academic honor code will receive disciplinary action up to
and including expulsion from the college. Please see:
5) College tuition Policy: Students who have not paid by the census date will be dropped for nonpayment, and cannot receive a grade for the course.
6) Dropping Policy. If you are enrolled in this class all admissions matters including dropping, adding
are your responsibility. Failure to notify admissions of your decision means you risk receiving F on
the causes. Refer to Ohlone Class Schedule on last day to drop the course with or without W.
7) Course management. This course thought in blackboard which is the online management software
that can be accessed by any computer that has Internet access, and a browser. If you need technical
support, please contact the online education onlineeducation@ohlone.edu

8) Possible extra credit. You may earn up to 15 points on extra credit (Logic case in Connect). See the
due date on the course syllabus. NO makeup on extra credit assignment.


Student Commitment: You should budget adequate time for the required assessment. Students are
responsible to follow the course requirements as stated in this course syllabus.
Instructor Commitment: I will follow the course outline as detailed in this syllabus, and should any
changes be required will announce them in advance to give you time to adjust. Note. I am not available
on weekends or holidays. Please note. The instructor reserves the right to make changes to the syllabus
Due Date

Chapter Reading

August 31

Review the syllabus, print a copy, and place it in your binder.

September 2
September 7
September 9

Limits, Alternatives, and Choices ch.1. Appendix: Ch.1

Labor Day Holiday
The Market System and Circular Flow. Ch.2.

September 14
June 22 16
June 24 21
June 26 23
September 28

Demand and Supply Ch.3

Elasticity of Demand and Supply Ch.4
Work on the graphs
Review for test #1
Test #1 covers Ch. 1-4
Market Failure, public goods, Externalities Ch.5

October 5
July 1 7
October 12
July 614
July 8 19
July 1021
October 26
October 29
November 2
July 13 4

Continue reading market Failure, public goods, Externalities

Ch.5 Costs Ch.6
Business and Their
Pure Competition. Ch.7
Pure Monopoly. Ch.8
Video cases
Review test #2
Test #2 covers Ch. 5-8
Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly. Ch. 9
Wage Determination. Ch.10
Income inequality and poverty. Ch.11

November 9
November 11
November 16
November 18
November 23
November 25
November 30

Continue reading income inequality

Veterans Day Holiday
Public Finance. Ch.12
Continue reading public finance Ch.12
Extra Credit=logic case
Read Environmental Economics Appendix
Read Environmental Economics Appendix

December 2

Review Final exam

December 7

Complete blackboard quizzes

December 9
December 14

Review Final exam

Final exam ch.1-12

Post a short biography
-------No instructions
Learn smart ch.1. syllabus quiz

Learn smart ch.2

Learn smart ch.3
Learn smart ch.4
Graph Assignment in Connect

Take Test #1
---------Learn smart ch.5
Learn smart ch.6
Learn smart ch.7
Learn smart ch.8. video in Connect

Take Test #2
Learn smart ch.9
Learn smart ch.10
Learn smart ch.11
No instructions
Learn smart Ch. 12

Submit logic case in Connect

--------------Submit blackboard quizzes

--------Take the final exam