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Upgrade oracle to 11.2.0.

Software information
Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition
Oracle Server - Standard Edition
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Platform IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit)
7.3 GB
Download software

from oracle support


Oracle Database Software Installation

Navigate to directory where database software was unzipped
As root user, run rootpre.sh
As Oracle user, ensure all ORCALE* and TNS* variables are unset
Create required install directory
Ensure Xwindows settings are correct
Run the OUI, ./runInstaller
Leave blank and click next. This will cause a new error dialogue box
to appear, click yes to continue
Select skip software updates and click next.
10. Select install database software only and click next. (Upgrade to
database will be a manual process covered in the next section)
11. Ensure English is selected and click next
12. Select Enterprise edition and click next
13. Specify Install location for new database OHOME and click next
14. Click next. The installer will now perform some pre requisite checks.
If server has been configured correctly there should be no
failures/warnings reported
15. Check summary screen and click install
16. Once the software has installed ok, you will be asked to run a script as
the root user, 11g-OHOME/root.sh.
17. Oracle Database Software Installation completed
check the last night backup of the database and archive logs
Run dbupgdiag.sql script and follow and recomendations e.g. Pre process
audit records via Audit_Pre_Process.sql
SQL> EXECUTE dbms_stats.gather_dictionary_stats
SQL> @$11g_ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlrp
Login to sqlplus as sys and create a spool file
SQL> @$11g_ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlu112i.sql
Spool off and check output file for any issues, fix issues and run suggest
"startup database in mount mode, Create restore point:
SQL> create restore point BEFORE_UPGRADE guarantee flashback database;
Start db upgrade assistant @$11g_ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbua

Confirm no warning are displayed from pre-check script, act on any

select database to be upgraded
select degree of parallelism for recompile
select upgrade Timezone version and Timestamp with Time Zone data
Accept and proceed with upgrade
Monitor upgrade process for any run time errors, validate completion
SQL> drop restore point BEFORE_UPGRADE
set compatible parameter to
Analyze all schemas - Objects analyzed with 100% Sample set and system
stats removed
You need to perform an out of place upgrade.
1. Install on a different home
2. run the pre-upgrade tool on the existing database
3. peform the pre-requisities mentioned
4. Bring down the database from and start the database in upgrade
mode from home by copying the pfile/spfile of database
to $ path
5. startup upgrade and run the catupgrd.sql
Make sure you look out for the invalid objects.
Refer *Complete checklist for out-of-place manual upgrade from previous
11.2.0.N version to the latest 11.2.0.N patchset. [ID 1276368.1]
Database Upgrade Path Reference List(Doc ID 730365.1)
. Install rdbms software patch set is a full release. There is no need to install
See Note 1189783.1 Important Changes to Oracle Database Patch Sets
Starting With
Beginning with the release patch set, you have two ways to apply
a patch set :
- Out-of-place upgrade (Recommended)
- In-place upgrade
See Note 1276368.1 : Complete checklist for out-of-place manual upgrade
from previous 11.2.0.N version to the latest 11.2.0.N patchset
The software can be downloaded from My Oracle support: Patch:13390677

Please select your platform before downloading (Click on "Platform or

Language" drop down menu)
if the platform name contains (32-bit) then it's 32-bit client
To install, you must download both
and p13390677_112040_<platform>_2of7.zip
<platform> = your platform( ie for linux x86, download
p13390677_112040_LINUX_1of7.zip and
p13390677_112040_LINUX_2of7.zip )
Note 1194734.1 : Where do I find that on My Oracle Support (MOS) [Video]
Note 549617.1 : How To Verify The Integrity Of A Patch/Software Download?
Note 169706.1 : Oracle Database Installation and Configuration
Requirements Quick Reference (8.0.5 to 11.2)
Note 551141.1 : Database Server Upgrade/Downgrade Compatibility Matrix

2. Finish the post installation steps as per the patchset README


REFERENCE: Patch Set - Availability and Known Issues Note:1562139.1 Patch Set - List of Bug Fixes by Problem TypeNote 1562142.1
Actions For DST Updates When Upgrading To Or Applying The
Patchset Note 1579838.1