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Political environment conducive to production and sale of point of use

Taking in view the Swach Bharat Abhiyaan by GOI which focuses on clean
India to help improve health indicators, this product is in the sweet spot
and has the potential to become the most successful HUL brand.
HUL Pure it is exported to Mexico and Indonesia. India has good relations
with these countries which is conducive for product.


Pureit is widely availble in the market and one of the products with a high
market share.
It uses the retailer based product delivery model, and costs between INR
Lower cost model has high acceptance among lower strata.
Its replaceble parts cost less than INR 500. Although its a bit expensive,
Pureit has been able to successfully penetrate the BoP market using
strategic tie-ups with microfinance companies such as Spandana through
which it has been able to bundle its product with loans as clean water is a
pre-requisite for good health and prosperity
At the higher end of price, many competitors are present.

Social factors that affect the sales of pure it include the following:

Scarcity of portable drinking water makes it necessary for people to go for point of use
water purifiers.
With two-third of population living in rural areas having limited access to electricity, no
electricity water purifier makes it a valuable proposition for consumer.
High instances of water-related diseases make it value adding proposition to society.
Low societal awareness about importance of safe drinking water is a factor to be worked


While other products in the market have mostly 1-2 levels of filtration,
Pureit has 3 (microfibre mesh, carbon trap, Germkill processor).
The filtration rate is on the lower side of 1.8 litres per hour compared to
say TATA swatch ( 4 L/hr) or Aquaguard infinity ( 120L/hr).
Pureit adresses the maximum number of contaminants. The working life of
the product is 1000-2250 Litres which is acceptable in its category of nonelectrical water purifires.
Also the nano-silver technology being used by other competitors has come
under question from various faction.


HUL provides very insightful and detailed product literature concerning all
the major issues.
The product has an end of life LED indicator and instructions that require
its disposal in dry waste.
Zero water wasted in purification process.
Saves energy(electricity), giving it an edge over other UV and RO purifiers.


Till recently there were no laws or standard, governing the water purifier
Under the auspices of the Water Quality Association (WQA), India chapter
the big water purifier manufacturers hope to educate the masses about
sub standard products thronging the market and persuade industry
players to follow minimum standards for pure and healthy drinking water
to customers.
Similar steps have been taken under the auspices of NSF, India Chapter
Now BIS is providing ISI mark certifications for UV disinfection purifiers.
Bu still no laws/standardizations exist for the category of purifiers in which
HUL Pure it plays. (Except Marvella)