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MGA 1013
(Datuk Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad Badawi)



MATRIC CARD : 1142147


: TMA 4







Success story









64 years ago, a baby was born in Penang and was given the name by his
parents as Ibrahim bin Ahmad Badawi. Surely almost all Malaysians are familiar
with the brand Brahim's. The manufacturer of Brahim's products, Dewina Food
Industries Sdn Bhd (DFI) was founded in 1986 by Datuk Ibrahim Hj Ahmad and
now he is the Executive Chairman of Dewina Holdings Sdn Bhd. He also a former
lecturer and a founding member of the Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology,
University Putra Malaysia and specialist in food and agricultural consultancy and
research. He holds a Masters degree in Food Technology (1974) and a Diploma in
Agriculture (1969). He is also the brother of the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdullah
bin Haji Ahmad Badawi.

He also holds a Bachelor of Science from Louisiana State University, who is also a lecturer in the
field of food technology at a university. Then he became a specialist consultancy based on agriculture
and food research together with entrepreneur and nutritionist from Japan, Mr. Tatsunobu Abe.

Subsequently in 1986 Brahim's brand was established and in 1988 the brand was officially introduced.


At the beginning of the establishment of the company, it is known as halal food supplier to the
military in Malaysia and also the regional military in Asian countries. Brahim's brand has supplied food
to the military forces of the United States and the United Nations Organization. The main reason
Brahim's brand of choice is because of its high-tech packaging for food products produced by his
company. Brahim's then gradually strengthen their products in the market around 1990s to ensure










Datuk Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad Badawi not only an icon of open food products in the country.
He also holds important positions in reputed organization. Among the positions he held was the
Representatives of the state for UNESCO Regional Network for Basic Sciences, The SecretaryGeneral of ASEAN Federation of Food Processing Industries, The Board of Directors SIRIM and
Members of the Board of Directors of the Association Council Microbiology Malaysia and the
Malaysian Institute of Food Technology.

Datuk Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad Badawi never felt comfortable with the position and the
success enjoyed by him. He is always looking for the latest technology to ensure the quality of the taste
and texture of food produced by Brahim's guaranteed every time. It is recognized by Datuk Haji

Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad Badawi that continued research and development is among the 'recipes'
Brahims brand success since 26 years ago until now.
The success of his company that could preserve traditional foods without preservatives and does
not change the texture is because of Brahim's needs through research and development process in detail.
The process has been initiated since 2004. But he stressed that the process is not as easy as it looks.
Thanks to the efforts and patience Datuk Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, it has triggered a factory
and specialized laboratory with a variety of high-tech equipment for testing purposes to produce real

Product Excellence Award recipient from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
also ensure that products are produced from Brahim's brand is 100 percent natural. Datuk Haji Ibrahim
bin Haji Ahmad Badawi also not stingy to spend a considerable sum for the development of products
that will be commercialized. A food product that will be commercialized, it is necessary to go through
the process and tests carried out in the factory located in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.


Datuk Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, the brother of the former Prime Minister, Tun
Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi and also the Executive Chairman and majority shareholder of
Brahims Holding Bhd have said: We want to work with MAS. Brahims Holding has substantial
interest in LSG Skychef Brahims Sdn Bhd (LSG Skychef Brahim), formerly known as MAS Catering
Sdn Bhd. Brahims Holdings Bhds core business currently is airline catering.
It is one of the main catering vendors to Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) through Brahims Airline
Catering Sdn Bhd, which was formerly known as LSG SkyChefs-Brahims Sdn Bhd. LSG SkyChefs
was the catering arm of the German carrier Lufthansa. Majority owned by Brahims Airline Catering
Holdings Sdn Bhd (70%) and the balance 30% owned by MAS. It is located at the catering building at
the MAS Complex.
In 2003, Brahims Airline Catering Sdn Bhd won the exclusive rights to supply and provide inflight catering and cabin handling services to MAS at both the KLIA and Penang Airport. The long-term
contract was for 25 years until 2028.
Among the main strategy put forward by Datuk Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad Badawi is definitely
promote products and palatability guaranteed. Accordingly, Brahim's risking some traditional local

recipes such as curry chicken, stew, chili stir fry until the rice like some kind of biryani rice and fried
rice. Brahim's brand now as local food can be enjoyed by all Malaysians who traveled the world.

Brahim's has launched its new product in the last May 27, 2011 at Putra World Trade Centre
(PWTC). Brahim's has issued a total of five new instant sauce Nasi Tomato Paste, Percik Sauces, Tiga
Rasa Sauces, and Tandoori Chicken Briyani Paste through the Buy Malaysian Campaign. With the
release of the sauce, it thus completing the existing products Brahim's to the 43 types of sauces on the



Datuk Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad Badawi announced that Brahim's products have been
successfully recognized around the world that it is easy to reach. It is a journey that takes a long time
through the power of the mind and spirit, patience, innovation and does not know the meaning of losing.
He is very grateful to Allah SWT for Brahim's products are Malaysian food with international quality
has been successful on the world stage has also been enjoyed by most Malaysian pilgrims for its
standards of halal standards. Brahim's products also represent the diversity of color and taste of
Malaysian society and this uniqueness Brahim's products that fulfill the spirit of 1Malaysia.


Datuk Haji Ibrahim always looking for a profitable alternative for his company. However,
Brahims fowl move to boost earnings. Shareholders reject Brahim's RM95 millions proposed takeover
of Burger King. Recently, after failing to buy Burger King, Brahims is rumoured to be in talks to buy
The Chicken Rice Shop. Shareholders voted against the proposed takeover of Burger King franchise by
Brahims Holdings Bhd from Ekuiti Nasional Bhd at an extraordinary general meeting.
"At the end of the voting, 90% voted against the resolution," said Brahim's executive chairman
Datuk Seri Ibrahim Ahmad Badawi, who chaired the meeting.
After news of a possible acquisition of The Chicken Rice Shop, Brahims share price has
plummeted approximately 63%. Recent payment cuts and billing discounts by its main client MAS
(which will be undertaking deep cost cutting as part of its restructuring plan) will not be good news to
shareholders and investors.
Although it is trying to expand its earnings base beyond the national carrier through mergers and
acquisitions of other F&B businesses, it is still to early to say how this will affect Brahims future
growth. Brahims shareholders rejection of the Burger King acquisition was a major setback to its
diversification plans.


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