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Md. Ramiz Akram Khan

Contact no. +919097357057
Email Id - rameezcivil014@gmail.com

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CARRIER OBJECTIVE:
Seeking an opportunity as Engineer where my extensive work experience, educational potential
and sound communication abilities the Construction Industry that will contribute to the
organization and betterment of my career prospects
Professional with excellent analytical skills and to work in a team or individually. Interested to
take challenging work. Have an internship experience of site execution and various work
projected at site. These also improved my explanatory of execution of work. I have an internal
strength of working with high temperament and can mutually withstand in any circumstances.

Total Years of Experience : 4 Yrs (approx)
Experience in Details:
(1)National Construction Co.Pvt.
Working as Civil Engineer at High rise building project Gr+7 in
Chennai from June 2013 to till continue in service.
Worked as Civil Foreman at Housing Complex, Patna, from May 2008
to April 2010.

Job summary:

Responsible for investigation and checking of the sites for the project.
Handling the construction lay out and map designing.
Coordinating with the suppliers and dealers for the materials.
Checking of the safety of workers and others at the site.

To ensure the quality of the product used in the construction.

To make the presentations and present in front of the seniors for new
Making the estimations for the project and checking the feasibility of
the projects as per company.
Checking that all the technical equipments are in good working
Checking that all the government policies and rules are being followed.
Coordinating with the other staff as per requirement.
Maintaining the daily and monthly reports of working.
Maintain all the records of the projects


Expertise in generating Management Information Reports.

Excellent analytical and presentation skills.
Analyze historical data and compare with graphs to Detailed Work Plan and

Proven leadership ability with good interpersonal skills with the ability to

communicate effectively with Clients.

contractors, inspectors, vendors and all levels of management and staff.
Proactive, set priorities yet remain flexible and take multiple projects.
Meeting the time span requirements by management with project success strategy
A good team builder can develop and maintain excellent relationship and gain
confidence of other professional both within the company and with clients.

Internship Project Details:

Mini Project on Mix Design of Concrete explaining the key features of Concrete types and
its functions at various sites

This mixes are designed in order to achieve a defined workability.

It defines the strength and durability of concrete mixes.
These mix designs are used to improve compressive strength of structure.

Major Project on M-40 mix design of concrete with admixtures explaining the key features
of concrete adding natural admixtures and chemical admixtures

To improve the target means strength of concrete the specific admixtures such as fly ash,
rice husk and other chemical used.
The strength of concrete which is actual of M-40 improves to its higher grades.
The target mean strength norms obtained in normal 28 days is increased in such mix
design of concrete.

B-Tech in CIVIL ENGINEERING (Dr. Mgr Educational & Research

Institute) in 2014
Scored: 7.32 CGPA

(12th ) in 2008
Scored: 61%

Computer Literacy

Windows MS Office, MS Project.,Auto Cadd

Operating system

Windows 98, XP, 2007, and Windows 8

Personal Details:


: Md. Ramiz Akram Khan

Father's Name

: Md. Shamsher Yar Khan

Date of Birth
Marital Status
Languages Known
Driving License


English, Hindi & Urdu
Holding Indian Driving License

Passport Details:

Passport number
Date of Issue
Date of Expiry

: M2671045
: 10/10/2014
: 09/10/2024

I hereby declare that all the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.


Ramiz Akram