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( CPE 680 )

Assignment 3

EH221 5A
( 2013210382)



Leadership and Innovation An Ethical Perspective

From the talk by Dato Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir which also a
former of CEO PROTON, he insist that engineer nowdays must equiped themself with pure
softskill, not just mastering the enginnering principles. Leadership skills is one of the most
important skill for an engineer. It is another dimension of responsibilty. He added leadership
scope could be in work, campus or even in family members. One quality of leader needed is
knowledge. An engineer must accuire knowledge throughout his life. As a muslim, one must
set a goal to achieve highest level in accquiring knowledege because knowledge is a bridge of
success. The next quality of a leader is the commitment given in everything they would work
for. As example, punctual and prepared when working, always respecting workplace property
or attending meetings when expected shows that you can handle job obligations. It will show
your commitment by your energy and initiative to your job. The commitment will
demonstrate your leadership potential and lead to career opportunities. Beside that, Dato Seri
also emphasize the importance of effective communication between leaders and client.
Communication scope is beyond talking with people in which it involved talking and
listening skills. It can achieved by having the ability to speak clearly and fluent to deliver the
message. Leaders also must have the ability to listen towards employee opinion and listen to
what they not said to understand them better. Next is dicipline in means leaders must perform
their roles and obligation to influence the employee commitment. Punctuality and respecting
office rules shows dicipline and professionalism as a leader. Additionally, a leader always
innovative when applying an ideas are towards the company in order to further satisfy the
needs and expectations of the customers. Leaders that innovate create more efficient work
processes and have better productivity and performance. On the other hand, never give up is
one of the key for leadership skills. Most of successful leader nowdays often meet failure as
part of success. Even Dato Seri once had mad an awful mistake that effect his company and
family but he managed to overcome the failure and lead his company towards right path. He
added that every leaders must have passion and charisma personality on them. Charisma is
define by having the power to persuade others using powerful and reasoned rhetoric. It is also
personal magic of leadership using special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public leader.
In addition, leaders also must equiped with positive attitude so that the leaders are able to
inspire people all the time. It would help leaders to overcome obstacle that will hinder their
way from their goals.

Dato Seri also stated the holistik leadership skills that needed to be a successfull
leader. One of the skills is Marifah ( Knowledge).

Leaders who has not acquired true

knowledge of God Almighty cannot distinguish between the good and wrong one. The deeper
the reflection, the profounder the marifah. Niat ( Itention ) also important as it refers our
sincerity of the act. Hence the niat determines whether one receives or should be condemned
for the act. He added YaqinSabr ( Confidence ) is one component for leadership skills as it
would help leaders to restraining themself from agitation when confronted with undesirables.
Next is Fasahah ( Articulate ) which leaders must express words fluently and coherent.
Effective language is used to express the massage clearly towards audience. Furthermore,
Adil ( Just ) needed for leader as they must know to put the right thing at the right place.
Allah will granted leaders with Jannah if they were fair towards their followers. The next
leadership skills is Tadhiyyah ( Sacrifice ) which leaders should learn to giving their free time
and space in order to solve any problem regarding they followers. Effective leaders sacrifice
is an ongoing process for the good of others. Holistik leadership skills also involve Shukur
(Grateful) as every success should produce shukr and Allah will be granted the leaders
wisdom. Leaders who doesnt rely on Allah is full of ego. Beside that, a successful leader
must perform taqwa ( self-restraint ) because a leader whose heart is connected to Allah can
makes decison accordingly and pleased the people around them. The next holistic leadership
skills is Leen ( Compassion ) because it involves an honest and more outward focused
approach to leadership. Leaders must always concern about their followers problem and
misfortune. Lasty is Shura ( Consultation ) as its a crucial steps for building relationship
between leaders and followers. It act as democracy path when followers are given chance to
expose their idea and problem towards good.
In his last words, Dato Seri mentioned ten traits of innovative leaders such as display
excellent strategic vision so that leaders can speed up their perfomance to achieve their goals.
Beside that, leaders must have strong customer focus which means they must listen to their
customer needs and listen what they have to say. He added leaders must create a climate of
reciprocal trust as leaders make collaborative relationship between innovators and employee.
People will not be punished for honest mistakes. Next is display fearless loyalty to do whats
right for the organization and customer by pleasing the boss or some high level executive.
Innovative leaders also put their faith in a culture that magnified upward communication as
they believed that innovative ideas bubbled up from underneath. Dato Seri added that
innovative leaders are persuasive by present their ideas with enthusiasm and conviction.

Leader also must work harder to excel at setting streach goals. They also willing to
experiment their innovative idea to increase the study in order to emphasize speed.
Furthermore, followers always looking foward for straight answer from their leader.
Therefore, innovative leaders must candid in their communication. Meaning of work and
clear sense of purpose can be seen through inspire and motivate leaders through their action.