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To the Sulphur, Mercury and Salt properly mixed is called in Alchemy

"AZOTH"; This Azoth through transmutation that crystallize within us in a
Higher Octave becoming the ASTRAL
BODY. And that crystallization is performed according to the Law of Seven, or
according to the Seven Musical Notes:
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si.
A musical Eighth above will allow crystallization of the mental body and a
higher Eighth formation BODY WILL
still achieved.


The current of sound


1.- The Seven Musical Notes
2.-The man in the light of Genesis
3.- The mercury in the secret philosophy
4.- The four phases of mercury
5.- the two faces of the moon
6.- Initiation of Judas
7.- The Twelve Apostles
8.- The Apocalypse of St. John

Before all, I consider that it is necessary to change, we must

leave the state in which we are, a total transformation inside
ourselves is urgent.
Indubitably, no change processes itself without a special
shock. Obviously, the seven notes: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and
Si, are related to all events in life. Do-Re-Mi, in fact, implicates a series of events. But observe that between Mi and Fa there really exists a pause. Thus, Fa, Sol, and La are the next notes, and between Si and Do there is another pause.
If one proposes oneself to carry out a program, one must inevitably begin with the note Do, we will continue with Re and
end with Mi. Upon getting to this part one has difficulties, inconveniences, it is the pause between Mi and Fa. Then the current of sound tends to go back to the original starting point.
As a consequence or corollary, it is hardly normal that the initial effort, the project that was put to work, will fail. But if one
makes new effort to get through the pause, it is obvious,
hardly normal, that one will maintain a straight line and even
increase the impulse one initiated, and the enterprise will
Continuing, we see that notes Fa, Sol, and La come later, but,
between notes Si and Do there exists a new pause. If the initial
impulse is not reinforced, the current of sound will return to
its starting point and the enterprise, project, or business will
fail. So, this of the seven notes of the musical scale is very important, this subject of the current of sound is formidable.

We must give sound one shock between notes Mi and Fa and

another between notes Si and Do. A shock is always needed to

been invented. Obviously, this civilization will have to die because of the absence of this shock, that is clear.
Continuing, we must contemplate man in the light of the Genesis, only this way will we comprehend what kind of shock
could take us to the Inner Self-Realization of the Being. What
does the Genesis tell us? It tells us that: "In the beginning,
God created the Heavens and the Earth." The learned ignoramuses suppose that it refers exclusively to the Macrocosmic
Heavens and the merely physical Earth, the Earth in which we

permit us exist, to achieve a change, a transformation.

A boy is born, he comes to the world. The first shock he perceives is that of the first inhale he receives. As the air comes,
upon receiving it for the first time, the boy lives. Therefore, we
need this merely physical shock to exist. It is also right that if,
for example, instead of us breathing oxygen, nitrogen, etc. we
breathed carbon monoxide, the shock would be produced, but
it would not be received by the body, the body would not accept this shock and death would come.
As for our so many times bragged about modern civilization, it
happens to be that it would need a shock to not die, to not be
destroyed., This shock could only be through another civilization immensely superior to ours, only this way could this civilization not die. The type of shock to be given to this agonizing
civilization must be invented, but the type of shock needed to
permit this civilization to transform itself and exist has not yet

I do not deny that it refers to her also, among other things, but
it is specifically and concretely referring to the Microcosms
man. The Heavens are the states of consciousness in ourselves, inside man himself. Regarding to earth, it is man's physical body, the philosophical Earth cited by medieval alchemists, the Philosopher's Earth. So it is that, in the beginning,
God created the Heavens, higher conscious states of man, and
Earth, the physical body.
The Genesis adds: "The Earth was in chaos and empty,
and God's spirit moved over the waters..." What does
this allude to? Simply to the three-brained or three-centered
biped mistakenly called "man," to the "intellectual animal"
who is disordered and empty earth, he who has his mind in
the most complete disorder. He is a real chaos who only believes what his five senses inform him, who lives in the world of
animal passion, who knows nothing about what is real, about
what is esoteric, he who is absolutely ignorant, he who has ne3

ver received a ray of light, etc. He is the common man, the

man of the market place, the man of the public square, the vulgar man of the Earth, the rude and sensual fellow. That is the
average of human life, the average of all the millions of human
or humanoids beings who live on Earth today.
But, how must we leave this state? Let us imagine for a moment that we climb a tower to see the human multitudes.
What can we do so they will leave the state they are in? There
is no doubt that each one of these people who, in general, compose the multitude, is disordered and empty earth, that is obvious. What must we do? There is need for a special shock, only this way could there be the case of a change, only this way is
the shock possible.
The Genesis says that God created light and said: "Let there
be light, and light was made," and He separated light
from darkness.
What darkness does the Genesis refer to? Thus, to the
darkness of oneself, inside the philosophical earth. But, what
kind of darkness is that? Thus, that darkness is constituted by
the inhuman psychological aggregates that personify our psychological defects: anger, greed, lust, envy, laziness, pride,
gluttony, and so on. Well, I have only cited the seven capital
sins, these multiply by another seven and some more, and more, they are a legion.
Let us think about what these psychological aggregates are.
Virgil, the poet of Mantua, had already said: "Even if we had a
thousand tongues to talk and a steel palate, we could not enu-

merate all our defects exactly." They themselves constitute

the darkness we carry inside.
To separate the dark from the darkness, that is very difficult.
Light is the Superlative Consciousness of the Being, it must be
snatched from darkness in this way, extract it from within
each inhuman psychological aggregate. In fact, it implicates
terrible super- efforts that must be accomplished in oneself,
here and now.
To snatch light from darkness, this means to destroy all those
receptacles in which the Essence is, to disintegrate those aggregates, to pulverize them so the essential light can be set free.
That is what it means to separate light from darkness. And the
Light He called Day, and the Darkness of ignorance and error,
He called Night. We must know how to comprehend. I believe
the brothers are reflecting.

Continuing, forward, with Genesis, we'll see how it separates

the Creator or ELOHIM, the "upper waters" of the "lower waters" and this already belongs to the realm of alchemy.
Obviously, in us there is AZOGUE IN THE ROUGH ie the Mineral raw. When Azogue transmutes Mineral raw or crude,
which is nothing but the EXIOHEHAI, ie, the sacred sperm,
or speaking in other words secretions of sexual endocrine
glands, then energy is achieved; Energy will amount to the brain through their respective channels who know the Occult Anatomy.

We have reached to a "monism" where energy and mass are

no longer differ, because that Creator of the Third LogosEnergy, is substance at the same time, substance that goes up
by the spermatic canals to the brain, the substance-energy, undoubtedly is the Sacred sperm metallic soul, the Exiohehai.
That Metal Soul of sacred Sperm is Energy and Substance. Like Substance, might be called the "mercury of the secret philosophy";Is not Dry Mercury like the "I's", the psychic aggregates that personify our mistakes, no! It is a Mercury Liquid,
Seeing things from that standpoint, we see how the Higher
Mercuriales Waters are detached or separated from the Lower
Waters; there is a "separation of water" ...
"And God separated the waters, Waters from the
Upper Waters of the Lower" ... that Upper Waters are the
Mercury, which has to go through several stages before it worthy to receive the Sulfur.
In principle, these Mercurial Waters are black as coal; later,
based on large sublimation, ie it refined the "Sacrament of the
Church of Rome" which is the Church of Love (because in Spanish "Roma" in reverse means "Love" ) refine this sacrament
is achieved that, this black Waters turn white and then yellow.
In Alchemy there are animals that allegorize these phases of
Mercury. It is said that in principle the Mercury is black and is
represented by the "Black Crow";then turns white and is represented by the "White Dove"; after that turns yellow and is

represented by the "yellow eagle"; and finally it is red and is

represented by the "Red Pheasant".
So Mercury has to go through four phases: first, Black; second, white; third, yellow; fourth, Red. And these stages are
made possible by the sublimation of work in THE FORGE OF
So you are understanding the Sacrament of the Church of Rome, and you already know because you are part of Third
Chamber. It is understood that the brothers who come to
Third Chamber, are prepared; who have gone through the Antechamber, first Chamber, second chamber, and are now able
to receive this type of higher education.
So they are spoken in a symbolic, allegorical form, hoping you
to be able to capture the Teaching.
When Mercury has become yellow, obviously receives the "sulfur". What is the Sulphur? It is the sacred fire, the fire has fecundate to mercury. So I mixed the Fire with the currents of
Mercury, ascends the spinal medullary canal to the brain.
We talk about the Upper Waters but where can we leave the
Lower Waters? Yes there are: Lower Waters, whether they were black or murky at first, then they have to become completely clear, crystal become like liquid glass, flexible, malleable.
This is what is called "separate the waters of the Waters for
the emergence of the dry part which is called" Earth ".

But Which "Dry Land"

we mean? Which "Dry
land" referred to in "Genesis"? Obviously the superior existential bodies
of the Being, that alludes
to the "Genesis".

principles that will make him a man image and likeness of

All processes that are in the Bible where reference to every
tree fruit is symbolic; obviously must give such fruit in us
"tree of knowledge", the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and
Evil ...

Obviously, this Mercury

Ascending, mixed with
the Sacred Fire and Sulfur, also carries a certain
amount of sublimated salt and crystallize within us, within
ourselves, according to the Law of Octaves.

Wisdom Seed should germinate in us, the spiritual flares

should enlighten us the Spiritual Sun should give us life; until
the end of many jobs in Alchemy, eliminating the lower psychic aggregates, taming the "animals" that we have within us
and being Kings and Lords of them until destroy them, then
appears the man made in the image and likeness of God on
the sixth day of creation.

At the Salt, Sulfur and Mercury scrambled , in Alchemy, are

called "AZOTH". Well, that Azoth generally crystallize within
us according to the Law of Octaves; in a Higher Octave will
crystallize in us becoming the ASTRAL BODY. And that crystallization also verified or performed, according to the Law of Seven, with the Law of Eternal heptaparaparshinock, according
to the Seven Musical Notes: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si.

But it is still not, for such reason, the Man Living; Sixth Day
Man is done only in the image and likeness of God, but not the
Man Living. The living Man is a Man of the seventh day; Yes
that is a Man Alive, the man who has been integrated with divinity, the Superman, the Resurrected Master, he clarified that
refers tacitly, the "Genesis".

In a second Octave come to crystallize with those same notes

of the scale Salt Sulphur and Mercury in the body of the mind.
And finally third crystallization comes to take shape in the causal body or body of Conscious Will. If someone possesses the
physical, Astral, Mental and Causalbodys, you can on that
ground receive within itself the ethical, soulish and spiritual

That way, to be able to transform ourselves into men "made in

God's image and likeness," we need a shock, that is to say, the
occult esoteric knowledge. Obviously, to convert ourselves into living men we need of a Third Special Shock. Concretizing,
for the physical man to exist, we need a physical shock, which
is the air we breathed at the moment of birth.

So the man made to the image and likeness of God can exist
another shock is needed, which is defined by those words:
"God said: 'Let there be light, and the light was made' and He separated light from darkness." The ignorant man needs of a special shock, he needs of someone to take him to knowledge, he needs of someone to take him to the
teaching, he needs the light of esotericism, this produces a special shock in him. Only this special shock can later transform
him, it can convert him, we could say, into was is called "man
made in God's image and likeness" in the Sixth Day.
In the Seventh Day, things already change. to get to be a living
man, a man of the Seventh day, one last very special shock is
needed. A man of the sixth day is a man made in God's image
and likeness, but he is not a living man, a third shock is needed to be able to convert him into a living man, he must make
himself resurrected. He could not make himself resurrected
without a special shock: he needs to descend, go down to the
infernal worlds, to the Ninth Sphere, to disintegrate the demons of the Black Moon.
I have explained many times that the Psychological Moon has
two faces, one that we can see and another we cannot. Just as
the visible moon has two faces, one which can be seen and another which is hidden, one which is in the other side, so I must
also tell you that the Psychological moon within us has two faces: one that can be seen, so to say, the defects that can be
seen with plain sight, and the one that cannot be seen, the
hidden one.

Many saints who progressed very much, bogged down believing they had eliminated the ego. Yes, they had destroyed many inhuman elements from the visible part of the Psychological Moon, but they had not disintegrated the inhuman elements of the hidden side of the Psychological Moon. They absorbed themselves in the Nirvana or in the Maha-Para-Nirvana convinced that the undesirable elements had been disintegrated from their psyche, that they had been pulverized. Later, they found out they had not arrived to the finish line, there were still many undesirable elements in the hidden part of
the Psychological Moon.

So, my dear friends, is good to understand that while you have not eliminated the undesirable elements of their psyche obviously goes wrong; those who believe that progress can be made without removing the undesirable elements of their psyche,
they are wrong, totally wrong.
The man made in the image and likeness of the Eternal Living
God, who created heaven and the things in it, the Earth and
everything that exists, is bound to receive special shock if we
truly want to become a Man Living .
And that shock would not be feasible if it does not come down
to the Ninth Sphere, there is possible that shock; only there
you can get that special shock, and once received, there would
be feasible only disintegrate the undesirable elements that are

That kind of work related to the Black Moon is called in Esoteric "the initiation of Judas", ie the Passion of the Lord.
Rare are humans who have come to this point, however, I fulfill show you the way which leads to the Final Liberation.
This path is not for the lukewarm, not for the people who are
bottled up between moral codes written by many "intellectuals
humanoid" it is a difficult road; this road is called "THE WAY
STARRY". It is called so because it is symbolized with eight
stars in the sky.
A road full of unexpected dangers, a path of anguish and pain.
That way he walked Nicolas Flamel, the famous medieval alchemist. It is the road that leads to Compostela ...
You have to understand what the word -in Spanish-: "Compostela": "Compo" means "receiving"; "Stela" means "Stella" or
"Star", "receive the star." To become a Living Man must receive the Star of six points, ie, Solomon's seal; and this is further
substantiated by the tomb of the initiate, which must shine.
Do not you forget that the DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI is
raising the Sepulchres of Initiates; when I say "Sepulchre of
Initiates" I am not referring to physical graves but Graves Psychological, which must be deposited the remains of the dead
When Sepulchre shines, has no ego is not one in the Grave;
then Shining Star; you have to know to understand ...

As the pilgrim who goes to Compostela, Nicolas FLAMEL,

among other things symbolizes mercury of the secret philosophy or the apostle SANTIAGO, Major.
Obviously, the twelve apostles which the Bible speaks, are not
purely historical twelve Apostles as the learned ignoramuses
suppose, no! Those twelve powers are within one's Self, is twelve autonomous parts and auto conscious , Auto independent
and even our own Being Single, Private.
Of those twelve apostles the most interesting, no doubt, is the
Saint James the Greater; because James represents the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy, and Mercury is the foundation
of the Great Work. Santiago is, we said, blessed patron of the
Great Work.
The Twelve Apostles existed historically, do not deny it, but
they allegorize or symbolize the twelve Apostles that each of
us carries within.
Not that everyone here already have embodied the twelve
Apostles, do not want to exaggerate the note; to embody the
twelve, one needs inevitably have died in themselves, have destroyed the animal Ego.
The Twelve Powers obviously were deposited by the Savior in
the belly of the Divine Mother Kundalini; there arise the rally,
come and go in our physical body.
Will not be mistaken at twelve Powers with the twelve faculties; certainly have twelve faculties, ie five ordinary senses and

the seven churches of "Revelation" of San Juan. Those twelve

faculties are not the twelve powers, but they are related, in
one or another form, with the twelve Powers.
So, my dear brothers, Santiago for example, represents the
Great Work and Teachings related to the Great Work from the
Father of all Lights and reach the Mind by James the Apostle.
But do not think of the Santiago Historic, I repeat, I am speaking of Santiago Particular of each us.

Within us, there are twelve powers, there are twenty four wise
men, there are the four elements, and so on. The Being of each
one os us seem like an army of innocent children, of infants.
Each of the parts of the Being has its autonomy, its self-consciousness and self- independence.
That we need to perfection each one of the parts of the Being,
that is right and of all truth. But this is only possible by eliminating the subjective elements of perceptions.
Perfecting the higher parts of the Being, that is very difficult.
He who achieves the perfecting of the higher part of his own
Being receives the rank of Ismesh. Few are those who get so
We must begin now by creating the man made to the image
and likeness of the Creator within ourselves. This man could
not arise to existence without a special shock. This shock is
that of GNOSIS, it is that of the Light which will take him out

of his chaotic state and will convert him into a self-realized

But, if we just stay there, we would go badly, we need to create, make the living man of the Seventh Day arise within us.
For this we also need a special shock which the learned ignoramuses do not understand. When an initiate, who is a man made in the image and likeness of the Creator, tries to convert
himself into a living man, he is not understood. Now you can
explain yourself why the twelve apostles were calumniated.
They were calumniated by the "virtuous ones," they were calumniated by the priests of the temple, and they were calumniated by the "wise men." Who are the "virtuous ones"? Who
are the " priests of the temple"? Who are the "wise men"? This
is worth explaining.
The "scribes," the intellectuals, those who are tied to so many
rancid and putrid codes, those are the false virtuous ones who
condemn the initiates. Who are these "wise men" really? They
are simply people, very full of experience, very judicious indeed, but they never understand the initiates. At last, who are
the priests? The people of each cult, of all religions.
So the twelve saints, the twelve powers, the twelve apostles,
are usually calumniated, but they march firmly to where they
must march.

James the Greater, the Blessed Patron of the Great Work, firm
goes down the road that leads to Compostela.
I'm talking in a language Esoteric, Superior, for those in Third
Chamber, because I understand that will not admit none here
who is not prepared, right? Here I am talking about because I
think they are ready, you are already in Third chamber.
So, my dear brothers, it is important that you understand that
these shock received are needed for processing, are vital ...
There is a book that can guide us all; It is very wise but nobody understands. Any of you can buy on the market, sold in droves, but no one, holding it in his hand, no one is able to understand the full significance. Who is worthy to open the
scroll and break its seals?

Recall that, precisely in the Middle Ages, many Mystics have

Holy Water in a pumpkin, Holy Water, that is, the Mercury of
the Secret Philosophy.
The "Revelation" can guide us if we receive teachings of the
Father of all Lights; but can not receive them via Santiago.
Santiago symbolizes the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy,
and Mercury must be prepared in the Forge of the Cyclops, in
the Laboratorium Oratorium of the Third Logos, thus the Mercury with which we must work prepares ... we need a "sulfur
mercury ".... the Mercury and Sulphur properly mixed with Sublimated salt.

None could, nor in heaven or on earth, no one who could open

the book and break its seals; I mean the " the Book of Revelation" of San Juan; this book does not understand anyone,
thanks to that I have not committed adultery, but at this time
and would be a corpse; but nobody understands what they have left for peace.In the "Revelation" of San Juan is the whole
science of the Great Work; there it is!
Santiago, appears in the "Revelation" in his hand; carries a
stick, in his hat a seashell; he relies on his crozier (the stick),
with the other hand holds the "Revelation" and wears his hat
shell; hat he is very curious, is made as rare, with a pumpkin.

Returning to the Genesis, we will say that it is a work we also

do not understand. The Bible begins with the Genesis and concludes with the Apocalypse. Who understands the Genesis?
Who understands the Apocalypse? Nobody. There are authors
who suppose that all the Genesis is related exclusively to man.


Let us not exaggerate, let us not exaggerate the thing, it is also

related to the Universe.


When someone is creating the man made to God's image and

likeness within himself, he is obviously working with the same
force with which God created the world. It is like a small plot
of land in the world in which creation must be made. this is
how one comes to know how God created the world. Thus, the
Genesis is applicable to that which is Macrocosmic, but in symbolic form, in allegoric form.

So, my dear
friends, here is the
talk of tonight.

Nobody could understand the Genesis if he was not an alchemist. The alchemists know this is so. For example, to be able
to create man made to God's image and likeness, we forcibly
need the salt, sulphur, and mercury, and this take place up in
the Macrocosms.
From the endless space arises the Archeus composed of salt,
sulphur, and mercury, and it is of this Archeus that a new cosmic unity, a new solar system arises. Down here we must create an Archeus within ourselves with salt, sulphur. and mecury,
so that from that Archeus there sprouts, not a new cosmic
unity, but a man made to the image and likeness of the Creator.

Living Man carries six tridents in the Horns; It is clear, reminds us of the Seal of Solomon, the six-pointed Star, the Star
should have the Six Tridents at the Horns, then it itself is an
self realized Man, is a man who can be firmly established in


Q: Master, for a man to become trident, trident in
Man, do you need to be already higher?
Samael Aun Weor: That a man becomes trident? No it is
not. Tridents make exactly the degree of perfection achieved
by the objective reason; if a man has only five Tridents, corresponds to that has been made in the image and likeness of
the Lord; if you appear in their horns on the forehead five
Tridents, obviously it is a man made in the image and likeness of the Creator, but not of a Living Man. A Living Man,
I repeat, it takes six Tridents on the horns.
We know very well what a "Trident", ie, the fork of three
peaks; Rather, the Horns have them LUCIFER, the Interior
Lucifer leads each of us carries; is a reflection of the Logos.
In principle, that Lucifer is the devil, black as coal. When
you destroy the Ego, that Lucifer is the Archangel of Light,
and to integrate with us becomes Archangels, also retain
their horns Plata, on the Horns Silver Hierophants the number of Trident indicates the degree of progress.

Q: Master, we have learned that there are teachers

who undertake the Way of the Absolute, has also
told us that the angels who did not fall and merged
into the Absolute is beyond all possible understanding, what kind of exaltation may be within the bosom of the Absolute?.
Well, but then there are Masters who have reached
the Precious Gem and thrown overboard once, twice, three times. What purposes pursue these Masters? Is not it enough to say exaltations subsequently reached within the Absolute, or what other
kind of exaltation or Wisdom seeks this Master ...?
Samael Aun Weor: Well, in India it is known that the Initiate or Yogi pursued precisely the union with God himself,
once he does, nothing more to look as it already found God,
but if you want to progress a little further, delving more
within God, if you want to deepen more in God, because
God is not a person, God is Divinal, need for retrograde
down again, should retry spice up the Philosopher's Stone
and rise again.

Obviously, if someone does so, penetrates deeper, because

that is allegorized with the famous bird FENIX: A bird flying
and flying around, and had a gold crown ineffable, its legs
were of gold, its blue plumage, lived thousands and thou12

sands of years; and finally tired of living, says the mythology

that made a nest consisting of frankincense, myrrh, aloes,
sandalwood, etc., and there was incinerated. The whole nature is filled with sadness at seeing turning to ashes the phoenix, but at last she raised from its own ashes, more powerful
than before, more majestic, deeper, the whole nature feared
him and worshiped him ...
So who kicks the Philosopher's Stone water looking for something, looking to resurrect
his own stone a little later,
and that it costs a lot of
pain, many sacrifices, many
sufferings; as a result they
will give life to a more powerful, more divine, the most extraordinary Virtues Stone,
Stone more imponderable.

Path of Sex, no other Way; who is immersed within the Cosmic Common Eternal Father does not return again to sex
ever; but it is very difficult to be absorbed within the bosom
of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, rare are those who
succeed; not impossible, but very difficult.
Only those who are immersed within the Cosmic Common
Eternal Father are those that have struck in the Door 13, in
Ain, in the SAT unmanifested, only those can afford to think
beyond sex ...

Q: Master, but was told

that there are Masters
who have gone beyond
sex, which therefore have no sex. Can we not think that within the bosom
of the Absolute exists another kind of exaltation?
Samael Aun Weor: Unquestionably, the path leading to
the bosom of the Cosmic Common Eternal Father, is the



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Also expressed as "Devi Kundalini Shakti" or Divine Mother Kundalini.
In the context of Hinduism, the Sanskrit word Shakti means energy or active power of
a DEVA (male god), personified as his wife.
Originally, all female deity of Hinduism has been called DEVI and has been associated
with fertility, then every Devi and power has been understood as shakti. In the context
of Hinduism, kundalini is an unseen energy represented by a serpent sleeping coiled in
the Muladhara (first chakra, which is located in the area of the coccyx).
For a long time related to the Kundalini, as power was a reserved or secret knowledge,
but all traditions and religions refer to it with some symbolism. But the birthplace of
the concept of Kundalini in Hinduism is the personified as a female goddess or Shakti
immaculate, energetic power of our Spirit. She is depicted as a serpent sleeping coiled
three and a half times, which gives it its Sanskrit name.
Yogis say: "His own Kundalini is nothing but his own SPIRITUAL MOTHER. You're
her only child. She can not hurt or harm but devote little by little, to cure your own
physical body and repair your chakras .... "When the Initiate invokes the Divine Mother Kundalini, to help, she appears as a Virgin Purisima, as a Mother of all worship. In
it are represented all our Mothers of all our incarnations.
Mother Kundalini is the serpent of fire that rises through the medullar canal. The Mayans and Toltecs produced a whole cosmogony around her.
Among the Egyptians the Virgin is Isis. Among the KALI Hindustani in its positive aspect. Among the Aztecs is TONANTZIN. She is REA, CIBELES, MARIA, Adonia.
Diana among the Greeks and the Virgin Mary in Christianity have also been ways to represent it.
In all cultures and in all ancient religions there is always a Spiritual Mother.

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Gnosticism includes several philosophical and religious currents that formed a syncretic blend with Christianity in the first three centuries of our era, nevertheless it was
eventually declared heretical by the Catholic Church, although it had caused a great influence until then. Scholars mention a pagan Gnosticism and Christian Gnosticism, although the most significant Gnostic thought was reached as a heterodox branch of early Christianity.
The term comes from the Greek (gnosis), 'knowledge'.
Despite of the great diversity of currents or Gnostic ideas, it is possible to identify some
common elements especially its secret or initiatic character.
Also its dual meaning by which it is stated a difference between the spirit and the matter. Evil and perversion are associated to the matter whereas divinity and salvation belong to the spirit. Human beings can only access salvation through a little spark of divinity which is the spirit that dwells within us. It is where earthly life is necessary to attain it.
This empirical experimentation of the divinity is gnosis, an inner experience of the spirit in the flesh. All this is part of something which was known as The Gnostic Myth.
The Gnostic Myth is composed by:
1 - The existence of a supreme divine being
2 - Lighting and fall pleromatic
3 - The Demiurge architect as creator
4 - The becoming of the Pneuma in the world
5 - The dualism of existence
6.-The role of savior Christ
7 - The cyclical return of souls to matter through reincarnation.
The modern Gnosticism was founded by Samael Aun Weor.

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Nicolas Flamel (1330-1418) was a French bookseller public and fourteenth-century
rabbi, scribe; which legends describe it as alchemist enough skill to run the two most
complex works of the alchemical art: the transmutation of base metals into gold
through the development of the philosopher's stone, and immortality.

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Maithuna is a Sanskrit term used in Hindu tantra to denote sexual union in a ritual context. Sahaja is a similar term used in Yoga. In both cases reference to the transmutation of sexual energy is done by specific techniques.
Although there are multiple interpretations of how to do the different translations of
the word maithuna clearly shows that refers to male-female couples and their union in
the physical-sexual sense, and is synonymous with "nishpatti kriya" (mature cleansing)
As the spirit without matter is not effective by itself, both elements work together to
achieve harmony only when the union has been consecrated when considering that reaches maithuna correctly. The couple is then divine: she is Shakti and he is Shiva.
Tantric literature usually makes numerous references to the need for control to achieve ejaculation or perform maithuna sacred sex.
The Maithuna based on sexual union of man and woman, without loss of sexual energy
for spiritual purposes. Which include Kundalini awakening and removing impurities of
the soul.

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In Greek mythology, the ancient cyclops were eternal, usually represented by three beings with only one eye, who lived in Tartarus (hell), were engaged in casting and forging of metals and were beings wiser world, were manufacturers of all weapons of the
gods in general. They were under the supervision of Hephaestus.

The terms "work in the forge of the Cyclops", the "descent to the Ninth Sphere" and the
expression "work in the Flaming Forge of Vulcan" are different forms used in esoteric
symbolism to refer to the transmutation of sexual energies, ie the practice of tantra yoga is whose base maithuna.

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