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Spring 2008

Source of Light Ministries International

The Seed of the Gospel goes forth . . .

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The Reaper
Source of Light
Spring 2008
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Light are available to present the E. Brandon, Director of Human Resources 18 A Special Day In My Life by Chris Hodges
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uling. 21 Prayer & Praise
About the Front Cover Photo:
In November, 89,000 people 22 In Loving Memory
For information on any of the attended a large crusade in 23 Investing for Eternal Rewards Part 8
ministries of SLM, please contact Ethiopia; thousands prayed to
us. receive Jesus Christ (see page 19).
2 3
H ave you ever noticed how counterintuitive
God is? What do I mean by that? Recently, I had the privilege of participating
in meetings at Piedmont Baptist College
T he thing that we would intuitively assume is true is almost invariably
opposite of what God says is true. Let me show you what I mean: and Salem Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Many
missionaries reported encouraging spiritual fruit through the use of our
Paul writes, . . . for when I am weak, then am I strong (2 Corinthians
12:10). Spiritual strength comes from knowing our own weakness and Bible lessons in several languages. Retired missionary Jackson Moore
relying completely on God. So how “strong” are you? used our Portuguese lessons in Brazil. One of the missionaries told me
that he had worked with SLM’s Sika Yawo using our lessons in Togo,
A nother counterintuitive statement is: The race is not to the swift, nor
the battle to the strong (Ecclesiastes 9:11). Aesop’s Fables tells the
story of the tortoise and the hare. In it, the hare, though by far the fastest
At the 150th anniversary of the Little White Church in Conklin, New
runner, loses the race to the plodding tortoise by becoming distracted and York, many shared appreciation for how God used activities of the church to
overconfident. We smile, but how tragic if the goal is heavenly reward, form good spiritual foundations before God launched them into His service
and overconfidence deceives us into thinking we are winning when we as pastors; evangelists; missionaries; professors in Bible colleges, seminaries,
are losing (1 Corinthians 9:24). and universities; and chaplains. More than 100 of us have been in full-time
Christian service, including nineteen who have served at Source of Light.
F or whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth
himself shall be exalted (Luke 14:11). In Scripture, the way up is
always down, and the repentant publican is justified while the self-
Only eternity will reveal the lives touched. It was good to see some that
I led to Christ, and to fellowship with Dr. Hal Webb, the one who led me
to Christ as a teenager. I was reminded of John 1:40-42: Andrew, Simon
righteous Pharisee is condemned (Luke 18:10–14). So the last shall be
Peter’s brother . . . first findeth his own brother Simon . . . and he brought
first, and the first last (Matthew 20:16).
him to Jesus. Then Acts 2:14 refers to Peter standing up with the eleven,

O ur natural inclination is to believe that those who work at being

good will be saved, but Scripture says, But to him that worketh not,
but believeth on Him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for
which included Andrew, as Peter preached to the multitude. The spiritual
tide continues to roll. I led my younger teenage brothers, Leland and
Lynn, to the Lord, and they are both in Heaven. Leland served the Lord
righteousness (Romans 4:5). All of this demonstrates the truth that, There for twenty-five years through the Little White Church radio and television
is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways ministries. Adam, one of our current SLM apprentices, was in our seminar
of death (Proverbs 14:12). on personal soul winning. Recently, he was used of God to win a sixteen-
year-old Korean student to Christ. Our other apprentice, Britney, led a
W hen Paul and his companions preached the saving message in
Thessalonica, those who heard cried, These that have turned the
world upside down have come hither also (Acts 17:6). The world was
seventeen-year-old girl from Portugal to Christ. Praise the Lord! So the
ripple effect continues to broaden as lives demonstrate 2 Timothy 2:2. And
already upside down only they had gotten used to it that way, and God’s the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same
message, which turned it right side up, was counterintuitive to them. Is it commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also. Let us
all be part of Past and Present Blessings in service for our Savior.
possible that God’s truth is counterintuitive to you?
4 5
launching an evangelistic and a sound Bible church with
outreach from our living room. indigenous leadership.
But God had other plans for us.
by Ron Furst Events moved quickly, and
I enjoyed good health in November 2003, we started
usually, but I contracted a the work of translation. At this
severe case of bronchitis. An juncture, I started to count
operation became inevitable. my many blessings. My wife,
This helped, but I still had Hildegard, is German and is
Editor’s note: In each of our This is a brief story of how infection. The doctor suggested fluent in German and English.
publications of “The Reaper,” God led us, Ron and Hildegard a second operation in Germany, She performs the lion’s share
we have been focusing on the Furst, into this ministry. and also he suggested a of the translation work. I check
Branch offices and Associate change of location to a higher the translation for theological
Discipleship Schools to give Sometimes it is hard to see correctness.
you a more comprehensive view God’s leading until we have
of this ministry. One of our passed through the experience. In translating
features today is not a Branch the courses, we have
or an Associate Discipleship Our Biblical Ministries had our work cut
School. The main work is the Worldwide Associate Director out for us. We found
translation of SLM’s Bible of European Ministries, David three proofreaders
study lessons into the German Brown, disturbed our status quo to go over our
language. by posing this piercing question: work. In January
“Have you ever considered 2007, we received
Perhaps Christians in the translating SLM courses into 4,800 copies of
United States cannot fully the German language?” the evangelistic
comprehend the importance course, Light from
of translation. Our ears are Long before this inquiry, the Gospel of
tuned to English, and for most the acronym of SLM had been John, from SLM
Americans, another language flashed upon our horizon. We Ron and Hildegard Furst headquarters.
never enters their pathway. knew several people with SLM. altitude. The Lord brought this While still in the process of
However, if you spoke only In a nutshell we replied . . . “can verse to mind: In multitude distributing the course, we thank
German, how frustrating would we place this question on the of counselors, there is safety the Lord for those who have
it be to only have a Bible lesson back burner until we have more (Proverbs 24:6). requested the course with the
in English. God is using Ron time to reflect?” “Sure,” David view of using them for one-on-
and Hildegard Furst to prepare responded. I submitted my resignation. one evangelistic encounters.
a needed translation. It is not an A few days later, David Brown
easy task. It is time consuming At that moment in time resurrected the suggestion As Hildegard and I reflect
and frustrating. Translation is we had other ideas. We had of being on loan to SLM. In upon the past four years, we can
a vital work going on all over arrived in Luxembourg in 1997 the meantime, friends found only respond with thanksgiving
the world in many languages. and had acquired a workable an apartment for us in a town for the loving leadership of our
The goal is making God’s word fluency in the language. With 1,800 feet above sea level, Lord Jesus Christ.
plain. another couple, we envisioned with a well-known lung clinic
6 7
South Zone staff has been invited of salvation. Now I am very much
by other churches to preach and encouraged.”
by Hemanth Peter teach. In the past eight months,
by day. Atrocities on Christians Mr. Basappa says, “I was addicted
Therefore, my beloved brethren, be 345 people have come to the Lord,
have been reported in increasing to drinking. For the first time,
ye steadfast, unmovable, always and we are discipling them.
numbers over the past year. Yet, the I heard about Christ from an
abounding in the work of the Lord, aroma of the Gospel is spreading The Lord also has opened the door evangelist who also introduced the
forasmuch as ye know that your across our State and our own for the preaching of the Gospel Bible lessons to me. While doing
labor is not in vain in the Lord (1 through television, and I have had the lessons, I found salvation in
Corinthians 15:58). We do rejoice the opportunity to preach both in Jesus Christ. Now I am very happy
that our labor is not in vain. Being English and Kannada. in the Lord. I study God’s word,
steadfast and unmovable in changing pray, and witness regularly.”
times, is the need of the hour. Here are some testimonies of
what God is doing. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
On January 2, 2007, I was handed because he hath anointed me to
the baton from my father to In Dharwad, a young girl, Manjula,
preach the gospel to the poor . . . to
continue the ministry of the South who lives here, came to know the
preach deliverance to the captives
Zone of India. India is such an Lord Jesus Christ. She wrote to us
(Luke 4:18). This
immense country with 1.1 billion that she was
verse is very
interested to know
relevant to us
Hemanth (right front) with zonal more about Him
as God opened
and requested
the doors of the

evangelists have shown great the Bible lessons.

prison to the
courage in serving the Lord. They Now her entire
Bible lessons.
are using the Bible lessons in their family knows
The Bangalore
churches to disciple their flocks. Christ.
Central Prison,
This has helped them to cling to the In Tumkur, which holds
truth. In the last nine months, there Mr. Shivanna around 5,000
were seventy-two baptisms in three writes, “I have inmates, has a
Hemanth Peter preaching
different places. Of these, ninety completed the chapel. Every
percent were from non-Christian New Life in Christ, course 1 lessons Saturday our church evangelist
Hemanth Peter (center back) and backgrounds. Presently, there are in Kannada and have received the visits the prison. These prisoners
family; His father, Solomon Peter thirty-one churches and fifty-two certificate. Now I would like to are lonely, depressed, and forsaken.
(center front) Bible fellowship groups in the reach more people in my village They hear the word of God with
people. Source of Light has divided South Zone. It is mostly one-on- with Bible lessons.” joy. The message of forgiveness
the country into several zones. one sharing that has borne fruit. brings them healing and hope. Here
Bangalore is the headquarters for A person from Bangalore writes:
The ills of modernization have they get an opportunity to share
the South Zone where I serve. “I work as an assistant in a private
begun to show their ugly heads. their heart and request personal
Pramod Das works mostly in the hospital. I was very depressed and
Today many families are under prayer. Many of the prisoners have
East around Cuttack, and Sanjeeb disappointed because of problems
various stresses. Children are enrolled in the Bible lessons.
Sahu is in the north around Delhi. in my life. I was then introduced
bearing the brunt of this situation. to these lessons. While doing the Pray with us that the Aroma of the
The number of attacks on God has helped us to counsel seventh lesson of New Life in Gospel will continue to work in the
evangelists is increasing day many families and teenagers. The Christ 1, God led me into the path lives and hearts of the people of India.
8 9
by Ben Watson
Have you known people courses behaved better than
who just fairly bubble over with other children. Virgie was asked
enthusiasm? Do you know anyone by the head of the Department of
who explodes with it? This is Education in Mindanao to teach
Virgie Espinas. I met Virgie on our courses to the children.
a trip to the Philippines in 2005 Since she was only one, and
there were many children in many Nothing reveals who God is and His
schools to teach, Virgie decided care for us more than a study of His
to train the teachers in how to names as recorded in Scripture – and
teach the courses. She set to work no one is more qualified to teach
making lesson plans for one course
this subject
and then another. Then, she held a
seminar to instruct the teachers in than Dr.
how to teach the courses for release Hap Struthers. Dr. Struthers
time, religious instruction classes. has been presenting “The
About twice a year, she holds one Names of God” series for
Virgie teaching of these seminars as she finishes over 20 years to audiences
the plans for another course. all over the world, and the
to help celebrate PhilSOL’s 25th Attendance at these seminars
anniversary. Who is this lady and effect has been truly life-
averages 300 teachers.
why should we know her and her changing. Now SLM is
ministry? making this tremendous
She and her husband, Fastino, series, filmed before
minister to the southernmost a live
part of the Philippine Island of audience, available on
Mindanao, where Fastino pastors a DVD. Over eight hours of
church, and where Virgie ministers
thrilling exposition. You
among a group of people usually
hostile to the Gospel. And yet, Virgie can own the entire set
Espinas uses our SLM Bible courses The Espinas Family for just $49.00. Order
to teach children in predominately Rejoice with us in one of the
your set on the order
Muslim public schools. unique ways God is using our form on page 13.
A few years ago, the school courses. Pray that God will greatly
authorities began to notice that expand this ministry.
students who studied the Bible
10 11
Order/Information Request Form
o Please send CrossWalk 220 $10.00 per course
o Please send CrossWalk CMF $10.00 per course
o Please send CrossWalk IPR $10.00 per course
The Crosswalk courses are spiral- o Please send Biblical Prophecy $49.00 for 10 CDs
bound (8 1/2” x 11”) and each o Please send Names of God $49.00 for 4 DVDs
book is 100-123 pages in length. o Please send the Literature Information Packet o Tract Samples - $3.00
These courses, costing $10 each, o Please send information about WWBI o WW LIT and The Ezra Institute
are fantastic for interactive small-
group study. Preferred minimum order is $10. Please add 30% for Shipping & Handling.

Name _____________________________________ Phone _____________

CrossWalk 220 (CW-220) is a discipleship course of 13 lessons, to Address ______________________________________________________
ground the believer in the Christian life. City _______________________________ State ______ Zip ____________

CrossWalk Christian Marriage & Family (CW-CMF) has 14 lessons

and is designed to teach Biblical values for the family.
CrossWalk Interpersonal Relationships (CW-IPR), a 15-lesson Emerson Brandon
course, shows Biblical principles for handling everyday problems as we March 3 - 6 – Luther Rice University, Lithonia,
relate to others. Georgia
May 2 - 4 – East Putnam Community Church,
Putnam, Connecticut
Glenn Dix
April 10 - 11 – Biblical Ministries Worldwide,
An entire audio course on biblical prophecy, covering Lawrenceville, Georgia
the foundations of prophetic interpretation, and mov- Dave Keener
ing on through fulfilled prophecy to future prophecy April 10 - 11 – Biblical Ministries Worldwide, Lawrenceville, Georgia
from now till eternity. Each lecture (with questions to
stimulate learning) lasts approximately thirty minutes. Bill Shade
Your faith will grow and your heart will burn as you March 3 - 4 – SLM Board of Directors, Madison, Georgia
listen to this set of twenty lectures by the Director of
March 28 - April 4 – Faith Baptist Church, Altoona, Pennsylvania
April 6 – Grace Bible Church, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
SLM International, Dr. Bill Shade. A set includes 10
April 9 - 11 – ANAM Executive Forum, Dallas Ministry Center, Dallas,
CDs, each containing two full lectures.
Price: $49.00
12 13
by Rosina Brandon

by Ray Walker “Apples, pears!” the leader hollered out. Individuals with those titles hastily
exchanged seats. Other fruit names were shouted, as the game went on. We
Brother Charles was ushered into
sat on the edge of our seats, not knowing when we would hear “Upset the Fruit
the courts of the Great King in Basket!” Then everyone scrambled to reach their destination. No one wanted to
Heaven on October 30, 2007, be left standing with no place to sit. What fond memories of days gone by!
where his beloved wife, Bette, had
Walking through our Madison Discipleship
preceded him by a few months. School (MDS) one day, I noticed new desk chairs
This was a blessed release, as he in various stages of assembly. Offices were being
had suffered a stroke some time changed around; everything was in disarray.
ago and had other problems. Someone had “upset the fruit basket!”
I saw him outside a cubicle down near the floor,
The Lord used Charles, along with with a tape measure in his hand. It was the new
Ed Steele, Cam Thompson, and others in the founding of director for MDS, Robert (Bob) Hearing. He and
Source of Light Ministries which had its beginnings back in his wife, Wanda, came to us from Warrenton,
1952. The Lord brought these three men together for a Gospel Missouri. Something good is about to happen in
that department!
Distribution, with a follow-up program, which resulted in
the founding of Source of Light. Charles and Ed prepared Bob was saved at the age of twelve and understood,
a salvation study on the Gospel of John which was to be through 2 Timothy 2:15, the importance of
distributed on the island of Jamaica in the West Indies. They studying God’s Word. He was faithful in church
and Bible study, and later attended Philadelphia
later prepared a doctrinal series, Basic Bible Truths, which Bible Institute, graduating in 1953. He went on
we use today. The initial response from the distribution of to Bryan College where he earned a BA degree in
the Gospels, which included an enrollment coupon, brought Christian Education. He comes to us with expertise
overwhelming response. The early years of the ministry were in working with adults and children alike.
a struggle for Charles and Ed and their families, as they Understanding a child’s heart comes from Wanda’s own personal experience,
resigned their pastorates in the area to develop the follow-up for she realized, when but a little girl, her need to be saved.
lessons promised with the first lesson. Their trust was in God
We are thankful for God’s direction in leading Bob and Wanda here. They have
to provide for this fledgling ministry. The vast ministry of SLM, worked with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) for many years; the last eight
which reaches around the world, began with their vision. years, Bob served as Director of the CEF Mailbox Club. Their experience in
ministry will be an asset to SLM International.
Charles will be greatly missed by family and friends. He was
The Lord has required us to bear much fruit. May He enable the Madison
loved and honored far and wide for his service for our Lord. Discipleship School to “fill a basket,” full to overflowing!
14 15
Adam Oakley, also of A mentor program also helps the
by Judy A. Strausbaugh Pennsylvania, spends his after- students grow in grace and character
noons in the IT Department. A as they apply Biblical truth to their
sees an average of 27,000 self-proclaimed computer geek, lives in a loving and encourag-
people a year give their hearts Adam, 18, has a fresh vision for ing home environment. Judy A.
to Jesus Christ. the technological direction SLM Strausbaugh, 52, is coordinator of
Britney Cross was 17 when she Extreme Assignment is the brain- can go in distributing Bible lessons Extreme Assignment. A newspaper
first learned of Source of Light child of Dr. Shade, Director of SLM, and God’s Word around the world. journalist in Pennsylvania for 25
Ministries International’s new who has a background in founding He and his twin brother, Jeff, were years, Judy answered God’s call to
apprenticeship program, Extreme Christian outreach programs for actively involved in their high begin work at SLM soon after the
Assignment. teens and young adults. SLM school’s multi-media programs. death of her husband, Jeff. She has
headquarters in Madison, Already, SLM staff has come to four grown children, and she and
Georgia, is the perfect place for depend on him to solve random her husband were host parents and
a mission-focused apprentice technological glitches that might mentors to a number of international
program. Dr. Shade said, “Our hinder their mission. exchange students over the past 15
staff at SLM represents many years. Judy has continued in the
years of dedicated service on foreign-exchange program with
many continents. The combined ASSE International, and SLM’s
experience they represent is student home hosts Seung Hun
staggering, and it is their joy to Jeon, 16, of South Korea, and Ana
share that wisdom and experience R. Costa, 17, of Portugal.
with those who are stepping The foreign roommates expose
forward to take up the torch.” the SLM apprentices to cross-
Immediately, she heard God Through hands-on application, the cultural living in preparation for
calling. “As soon as Dr. (Bill) Shade apprentices are taught practical skills in life as a missionary.
told me about it, I was committed,” alternative media, pre-press, printing Extreme Assignment begins
she said. and bindery, computer technology, its 2008-09 year in September.
After graduating from high operations management, discipleship The top priority with Extreme A program application is available
school, the Pennsylvania native training, and cross-cultural living. The Assignment is the study of God’s to anyone who is serious about his
headed south to enroll in the year- students also participate in a missions Word. The apprentice digs into walk with God, and who is ready to
long program, Extreme Assignment, trip to a foreign country. This spring, course study where he can grow be challenged and stretched in new
to learn what it takes to fulfill the the 2008 class will spend time in in Biblical knowledge and show ways.
Great Commission, Go ye into all Jamaica, where they will serve God himself approved unto God, a
workman that needeth not to be To learn ways to support this
the world, and preach the gospel to alongside the nationals. faith initiative, or to request an
every creature. ashamed, rightly dividing the word
Britney feels the Lord’s call to of truth. Because of the fast-track Extreme Assignment information
Britney and the other young work with children. The oldest of nature of Extreme Assignment, each and application packet, call
apprentice have taken a radical step four siblings, Britney has a desire student is given the opportunity SLM at 800-776-1207, or e-mail
to be part of a team that produces and to serve wherever the Lord calls. to receive an associates degree in apprentice@sourcelight.org. For
distributes more than eight million Currently, she is fulfilling her Christian ministry and earn other information on SLM’s mission,
Bible lessons a year, disciples more vocational training in SLM’s Order college-level credits in just one vision, and statement of faith, visit
than a million new believers, and Department. year. www.sourcelight.org.
16 17
life. I have served as Minister of the seed money to make this God-
Pastoral Care with Dr. Adrian given dream come true! That started
Rogers at the 29,000-member something we will never forget!
Bellevue Baptist Church; and I
by Rev. Chris S. Hodges founded Abiding Above Ministries Haile and I met together and he
President, Abiding Above Ministries where I serve today, sharing the asked me to pray about holding a
It was a special day in my life. Little When He Gospel of Jesus Christ with every crusade in Ethiopia. God put it on
did I know what it would lead to as was crucified, person, encouraging spiritual our hearts to follow through and
I walked to my mailbox, looked we were growth in every believer by the as a result, we had 89,000 attend
in, and found a simple Bible study crucified power of the Holy Spirit and to the our first crusade with thousands
lesson written by Mr. George Eager. with Him; glory of God. praying to receive Jesus Christ!
I was in seminary and living above when He Haile, with a limited budget and
the study of a great preacher of the died, we died My good friend, George Eager, volunteers, did a wonderful job
gospel, Dr. Stephen F. Olford. But, with Him, Chris Hodges preaching introduced me to Jack Stiles, an organizing the entire crusade.
what I was to discover in this Bible- and when Associate Missionary with Source
study series would transform the He rose again, we rose again with of Light Ministries. Jack and I have I have shared my story with you,
way I viewed God and how He views Him. The Apostle Paul said, I am ministered together in Kenya, Africa, hoping it will inspire you to enroll
me. I turned the page one day in the crucified with Christ. What was preaching in high schools, conducting in the Bible lessons with Source of
lesson booklet and saw a picture of true of the Apostle Paul is also true a large youth rally, and holding a Light. I promise if you will read
two crosses. One cross had Jesus on of us as Christians. Christ died for Pastor’s Con- the lessons,
it that said, “Christ Died for Us.” us, and we died with Him.” ference. We along with
The other cross showed a young have enjoyed your Bible,
man hanging on it with Jesus. It was When I began to see myself the great success and apply each
then I learned that we, as Christians, way God sees me, perfect in Christ, together in new principle
have been crucified with Christ my mind began to be renewed, ministry. One you learn, you
(Galatians 2:20). which affected my actions and morning at will begin to
my feelings. This caused my breakfast, Jack live the best
I did not read the lesson when I first personality to change. Instead of told me about life, now!
saw the picture. I somehow knew looking to people for approval and an Ethiopian
I was about to learn something my social status for significance, bu s i n e s s m a n I also want
very special. So, I left my desk, I found that I was approved and in Atlanta, to thank all
Georgia, named Chris Hodges and Haileselassie Tefera during of you who
stretched out on the floor, and accepted by God, and there lies
Haileselassie the camplaign support Source
started weeping with tears of joy, my significance.
thanking God for what He was Tefera. God had put it on his heart of Light! My story is just one of
about to show me. My friend, if you are a child of to sell all that he had and go back hundreds that can be shared of
God, this is true of you even if it is to his country and share Jesus with what God is doing all over the
I went back to my desk and my hard for you to believe. Remember, them. Later, Haile shared his vision world as a result of your prayers
eyes fell upon these words in the For as he thinketh in his heart, so with me, to build a Christian school and financial support. May God
lesson, “When God saved us, He is he (Proverbs 23:7). and a Christian training center. The bless you and make you a blessing
put us in Christ on the cross. What So many things could be shared President of Ethiopia has made land as you continue to walk along with
happened to Christ happened also with you as a result of the available for this and Source of Light Him Who is your Life!
to us because we were in Christ. transforming work of God in my Ministries has graciously given
18 19
* As the Lord met and join the ministry full-time. More
by Billie Will provides funds and work teams, applicants are needed to fill the shoes
renovations of the Headquarters of some of our aging staff members.
I have a little flower pot on God led her through twenty- building will be done. This includes
my desk that says “The Lord Will five years as a newspaper writer. construction of offices upstairs and * The Lord directed
Provide.” We have a new staff She and her husband, Jeff, Bob and Wanda Hearing to come here
renovating the offices downstairs.
besides raising their four children, to serve in our Madison Discipleship
looked beyond themselves and Much wisdom is needed to keep the
work functioning as this all takes place. School. Bob’s leadership is resulting
agreed to take on more than in increased enrollment. Joe and Nita
twelve exchange students from * After a period of deputation in the Certain have also come to minister in
around the world over a thirteen- U. S., Pablo and Dalila Correa are back
year period. Most came for a that department where Joe counsels
in their homeland of Peru, excitedly with many of the thousands of inmates.
year. Several left as born again
working there with plans to expand the
Christians. This past July, God * Praise the Lord that each of
saw fit to take Jeff home. In her ministry. Additional financial support is
needed, so pray that God will provide our Apprentices had cross cultural
hours of sorrow and grief, God opportunities to witness at the Dix
was preparing and providing the as they minister in this needy country.
Lodge where they are living. Two foreign
perfect place for Judy. * Competent readers and funds exchange students have joined them
An e-mail “just happened” to are needed for the Mega Voice project. there, and Adam led Seung Hun, from
cross her desk, expressing a need These are inexpensive, small devices Korea, and Britney led Ana, from Portugal,
member, Judy Strausbaugh, and for a mature Christian woman to
there is no doubt the Lord has
capable of holding 80-160 hours of to the Lord. What great opportunities they
serve as a house mother for the material that cannot be changed. Our
provided in her life and in the life Extreme Assignment of SLM. The are now having to disciple them.
of SLM through her. lessons can be recorded in the various
prerequisite for the job fit Judy * PhilSOL, Philippine Source of
languages, along with Scripture, to be
Judy is a vivacious extrovert exactly. In complete faith, Judy Light directed by Dr. Lucy Nacionales,
who has come to be “MOM” came to Madison to check out distributed in Third World countries,
that will reach those who do not have was given a commendation by the
to the Extreme Assignment this possibility. Her thoughts of Bureau of Corrections Superintendent
students in their year of study her ability to do the task required the Bible in their language, or are
unable to read it for themselves. for the change he has seen in the moral
here in Madison. was negative . . . until she saw
the house for the Extreme and spiritual lives of inmates since they
Judy came to us with excellent * Pray for the young people God have had PhilSOL ministry in the prison.
qualifications to do the job. Assignment students. When she
will send us in the summer as Interns
She loves teens . . . and is not walked through the front door, * Cristian Oprea, Director of SLM-
she knew she was home.
and in the fall as Apprentices. This
intimidated by them. God has led Extreme Assignment program gives Romania, is grateful for an increased
her through some deep waters in We here at SLM have no young people hands-on missionary enrollment in the courses and for
recent days that will only cement doubt that the Lord has provided a number of salvation decisions.
experience in addition to studying the
and forge the things she wants the right person for this task. Angel Gragu is a new worker in that
to teach these young people as She has become “MOM” again to Word of God at the same time.
department. Additional translations are
they live together. more teens. We are so thankful * Continue to pray for those in Pre- being done and God’s Great Salvation
for God’s provision. Field ministry to soon have their needs in Romanian is ready to print.
20 21
Part 8

Gifts received in memory of:

Stewart Anderson by Mrs. Dorothy M. Anderson A LESSON FROM OL’ RIP 5. Have I acquired any new
Vernon Babb by Mrs. Melissa Babb Washington Irving’s famous tale, of property or possessions that
David Bunt by Mr. & Mrs. Joe Jenkins the man that slept for twenty years should be included in my Will?
and found the world quite different 6. Are there any changes in the
Jackie Estes by Ms. Ella Margaret Estes
when he awoke, ought to remind us witnesses to my Will? (Have
Robert C. Herrington — Mrs. Marjorie I. Hall
that things change drastically in a they moved out of state, or are
Norman Hirschy by Mrs. Berdine B. Hirschy
relatively short time. they deceased?)
Alfa & Fannie Ingalsbe by Mrs. Melissa Babb 7. What is the present status
Mary Isbill by Mrs. Mary Esther Messmore So decisions made twenty years, and value of my life insurance,
Mrs. Estelle B. Slaughter or even ten years ago, are often investments, business, etc.?
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Ward, Jr.
not the decisions we would make
Sarah Moorhead — Anonymous Gift today. That can particularly be true If any of the above describe your
John Ourednik — Mrs. Patricia A. Ourednik in regard to your Will. situation, it’s time to review your
Helen Peaco by Mr. & Mrs Harry W. Bennett Will. One final question: Will your
Child Protection Agency SHOULD YOU REVIEW YOUR Will accomplish what you want it to
Miss Florence Houck PRESENT WILL? for the Kingdom of God? Or to ask it
Mr. Charles A. Hutchinson Listed below are several questions that will another way, Is your Will according
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Will enable you to detect a need for a change.
Mr. Michael Will to His will?
Mary Samson — Mr. Douglas R. Samson 1. Have those receiving outright A Will protects you! As a responsible
Bill & Julia Scifres by Mrs. Carole Schwab gifts in my Will shown steward of what God has given
Charles Taylor by Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Sansom themselves to be unable or you, I want to urge you to take this
Edith Treat by Mr. & Mrs. William E. Treat
unstable to manage those step immediately. If you have not
gifts, or should I consider the reviewed your Will in the past five
George Webster by Mr. & Mrs. Larry P. Leutzinger
protection of a trust? years, I would urge you to do so now.
Gifts received in honor of: 2. Should the amounts of any You can also learn creative ways
Justin Dick by Mrs. Annette Dick gifts be increased or reduced of saving money while providing
Ron & Sherry Dick by Mrs. Annette Dick because of changes of the for God’s work by calling 1-800-
Stan & Joni Fast by Mrs. Annette Dick needs in any designated 776-1207, or e-mailing rwalker@
Andrew & Heather Gosen by Mrs. Annette Dick beneficiaries? sourcelight.org. Don’t wait – contact
Julia Gosen by Mrs. Annette Dick 3. Has any article mentioned in us today. We will gladly answer your
Leroy & Marlene Harder by Mrs. Annette Dick my Will been disposed of? questions without cost or obligation
Andrew and Jessica Wehrli by Mrs. Annette Dick 4. Does my Will take full advantage and all information will be kept in
of tax savings? strictest confidence.
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