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Letter of Motivation

Date: 28.11.2015
Mehedi Hasan
Tujar Bhanga
House: 530, Ward: 04
Daudkandi-3516, Comilla
Phone: +8801815387125
Email: mehedirony520@gmail.com
University of Liechtenstein
Graduate School
Frst Franz Josef Strasse
9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Dear Sir/Madam,
I write to state my interest to apply for the masters program in Information Systems at the University of
Liechtenstein for the winter semester 2016/2017 academic year.
In 2012, I have completed my graduation on Business Administration, major in Human Resource
Management, from the ASA University Bangladesh. Instantaneously after the graduation, I have joined
Abdul Monem Limited, the licensed manufacturer of Coca Cola Soft Drink in Bangladesh. I have worked
there as Junior HR Executive for almost a year, and presently working at Excelsior Trading Corporation
Limited as HR Administrative Assistant. In near future, I have a plan to start up my own HR consultancy
firm in Bangladesh. My aim is to provide human resource information systems solution to the business
firms such as payroll factors, productivity improvement, and performance analysis. Besides, I also want
to provide recruitment service, HR service, placement service, staffing, and logistics service. Since my
country has a huge amount of human resource available, thus it will be a great opportunity for me to
participate in the development of this sector.
There are three forces that impel me into the field of information systems, and the first one is my
profession. Being a HR professional, I truly realize and understand the importance of information systems
in human resource management. Nowadays, almost every big company in my country has adopted the
Human Resource Information Systems, well known as HRIS. The HRIS is now widely used for planning
the HR costs more effectively, as well as to manage and control them without needing to allocate too
many resources toward them. In most situations, information systems help increasing the efficiency when
it comes to making decisions in human resource management and development.
The second one is my interest and passion for the information systems and technology. This has been
grown up while I was a university student. In my bachelors degree program, I have been exposed to an
extensive range of courses from business to technology and science. Having studied the specialized
courses, I have achieved significant skills in systematic research, critical thinking and information
evaluation. Considerably, I have been edified with insight into the business statistics, introduction to
computer, computer application in business, applied business statistics, management information system,
project management, strategic human resource management, and operations management during the

bachelors degree program. All the mentioned courses were part of my bachelors degree curricula, and
given me the clear idea that information systems constitute such vast field of study.
The third one is the future prospect and the potentiality of information systems in the human resource
sector of Bangladesh. However, the importance of information systems in human resource management is
multifaceted. It supports various human resource practices such as workforce planning, staffing,
compensation programs, salary forecasts, pay budgets and employee relations. Ever since the industries
have started using the information systems, the demand of informatics professional is getting higher
relentlessly. While there is a huge scarcity of informatics professional in my country, thus it will be a
great prospect for me to participate in the industrial development. Furthermore, the masters program in
Information Systems is not really available in my country. Most of the universities in Bangladesh either
offer masters in Computer Science and Engineering or Business Administration program major in
Management Information System, but there is no program available on Information Systems particularly.
Conversely, it is certainly the fastest changing and dynamic segment within all the business processions
as it is among the most important tools for achieving the business objectives.
The ambitions that I have just exposed to you will not be comprehended without a solid academic
background and strong real world knowledge specialized in the information systems discipline. I am
highly persuaded that studying the MSc in Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein will be
an excellent springboard for my future career, and it will equip me with the knowledge, confidence, and
contacts to comprehend my dreams. Besides, the courses and the specialization that the program
combines perfectly match my professional prospects and academic expectations.
I am highly aware of the outstanding reputation of the University of Liechtenstein. I hope you will give
me the opportunity to pursue my masters degree at your highly renowned university. Thank you so much
for considering my request. I will look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely
Mehedi Hasan