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Gabriel Jason

UWRT 1103 006

Final Reflection
My idea changed greatly over the span of this paper. Going into my
question session I was thinking about religious extremist. In my proposal it
became about the crusaders. Finally it has shaped into pro war views on the
War on Terror. When I started I had no idea what to write. At first I was
thinking there could be something I could do about religious extremist. In my
efforts to find a topic I found an interest on the mindset of the crusaders.
After finding out that it doesnt quite fit the criteria for the project as it does
not pertain to current mindsets or issues in todays world I needed to search
for a new topic. I read a handful of articles to spark some ideas. One spoke
out to me most: pacifism. I identify as a pacifist so I decided that researching
pro war politicians and soldiers on the War of Terror would be great. So that is
what my idea finalized as.
With my research it was hard to find anything that wasnt biased.
Especially with anything that was released by civilians. That made it hard to
find any facts to support the pro war mindset. Most of these very bias results
came from searches on google where your average day joe overflows it. I
had some of my most reliable resources on databases. Where I could read
documents released by governments on the war. That is where I got the facts

but I still needed opinions so thats when the sources from the average day
joe on google was useful. So they were both beneficial but in different ways.
The databases probably provided more factual stuff because its not like
anybody can post anything on the databases. They are more used for scholar
documents, books, government documents, etc. While on google any person
in the world can post something on a blog or yahoo answers or the media,
The most surprising thing I found is that there is a lot of controversy on
human rights during the War on Terror; issues created by the United States. I
read a handful of documents talking about how the civilians of these
countries we invaded were affected by our actions. In some cases we treated
them so poorly that the civilians said they would rather have the terrorist
groups control them because they were less harmful. That was surprising.
Also, in high school to find answers I just used google to look everything up.
This time it wasnt so easy. If I relied just on google my paper would be much
different. I had to use databases to find what I was looking for which was a
new experience for me. These databases allowed me to stay focus on the
direction I wanted to go.
My writing process for this paper was a different than normal. Since
this had the basis of a research paper I needed to take notes. Normally when
I write a paper I just write because I do not need any preparation but with a
research paper I have to take notes and then figure out how to use them in
the paper so there is more pre planning. Once I gathered a large amount of

notes I read through them and decided what my main topics are. For a topic I
didnt think I had enough notes for I went back and researched more. When I
felt like I had enough notes I laid them out in the order they would be in the
paper. As I was writing my paper I just went down the line notes and as I
needed them I typed them up. For this paper there was a lot more
brainstorming, organizing, and reflection. I had to reflect on the notes I took
which was different as well. I have not written very many reflection papers in
my life.
The peer edits and question sessions definitely helped defined my
paper. From the question session I went in not knowing what my paper was
going to be about and leaving the session thinking about the crusades. I
probably would not have thought of that if somebody didnt offer the idea.
With the peer edits unfortunately for most of them I did not have my drafts
finish and even though the grammar and spelling checks would have been
nice the most beneficial thing for me is to read someone elses work. When I
read other peoples work it help me formulate what the structure and overall
goal of the paper should be. The second most beneficial thing is when they
point out and say hey expand on this or can you relate this more.
Comments like that helped me fix the holes in my paper.
This inquiry project was different because it was mixed with research,
opinions, and reflection. I have written research papers and reflection papers
but I dont think I have ever written a paper with both and thrown in peoples
opinions in it as well. All together this paper was a first. Also, for the first

time as I mentioned above I used databases for research. Now that I know
the benefits of them I am more likely to use them. This paper also had my
thinking deeper as it wasnt really a fact based research paper. That is not
something I had to do in high school.
This class has definitely changed my writing and allowed me to see it a
different way. I learned a lot about how to write, where it comes from, and
how to take it to the next level. Learning about literacy, rhetoric, and
reflection has been the most beneficial. With literacy I understand how my
writing style is the way it is. Learning rhetoric helps me write a more directed
and concise paper. Reflection taught me how to analyze work and think
about it on a deeper more critical level. Overall this class has turned my high
school writing into collegiate writing.