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Angela Stark
http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/39904 David Clarence Schroll (?)
This call is 6 hours 37 minutes long. [additional comments/questions in brackets]
59:xx Took the word 'the' out from in front of the all capital letter, or however it appears on the birth certificate, name
because 'the' does not appear on the birth certificate
The word 'of' creates a legal fiction; NATION OREGON, not NATION OF OREGON.
The estate exists with (location) the file number.
Take the number and mail box off your house, don't have mail delivered to you house, no welcome mat or you invite
jurisdiction. Authorities have no authority there anymore.
01:14 There will not be any detriment to doing this, I give you my personal guarantee (using the address on the letter,
which takes one out of the public (Postal Service) and into the private (Post Office). If you can, use it on your driver license,
registration, mortgage papers, etc.
The all caps name is a dead thing, its an estate and its a fiction. Its not a live being. Its just not a corporation, if its anything
its a company.
Must use the certified mail sticker on doc, then notarize it and notary records it in their register, now you have a certified
registered document. And the United States Postal Service record. Its recorded 3 times. The Executor office certifies it.
Always send letter to a living being, the office of the Director/Administrator, not to the office itself. List 'office' before job
Send to the highest office right under the supreme court justices of the state and I don't mean the clerk.
Do not file into court. Send to administration which is private side and controls court.
We are dealing now with a judge that has ignored out letter so we are going after his bond, the court's bond, the state
administrator's bond
01:26 don't send it (traffic ticket, maybe summons) to court state court administrator
if you filed bankruptcy as an incompetent individual, a citizen, a tax payer, slave, legal fiction entity. Now you're going to
do something in your De Jure capacity for the first time in your life and function in that Executor Office, as the
representative of the estate... You want to deal with IRS, local tax, real state, whatever it is, you're going to send the
Executor letter to the chief counsel of the highest office in the state.
For local taxes I would go to the chief counsel for the state treasurer cause they're ultimately the ones collecting the taxes or
your state department of revenue, to the chief counsel. Its an administrative matter, its not a court action. They're serving
you the tax notices, its an administrative procedure as you know. So you have to deal with it administratively and the
Executor Office always deals with the administrator function of the government because the Executor Office is in fact, the
court. Its an administrative office but its a judicial office also.
Always go to the lawyer at the top of the food chain if its not a court issue. And the administrative office for the state courts
or the office for the court administrator for the united states is a lawyer.
01:35 certify your letter with the certified mail sticker right on the letter. You hold the highest office so you certify it
yourself and you do that by using the Post Office. That correspondence has been certified by the united States Postal Service
for your general Post Office. Locks all that in, the Post Office and the Post Master's position of the Executor.
Attention to the occupant of the office that you're sending it to. Chief Counsel. If you're dealing with a bank foreclosure and
its still threatening and it hasn't gone into a court case yet, you send the Executor letter to the chief financial officer of the
bank or Financial Institution. They'll dal with it. It will scare them to death because it brings all their mortgage fraud or their
car loan fraud, their credit card fraud, it drags it all out into the public and exposes that and they can't let that happen. It
terrifies them. They deal with it. And they've been dealing with it. Foreclosures have been going away.
put USA on envelope and their zip in brackets.
Office to office letter, not to some authority. Executor has the higher office and all the authority. Its not your estate
its the grantors estate who is liable, do not describe yourself as grantor or that its your trust, its the grantors trust.

The occupant of the executor's office has all the immunity, they're liable for nothing, unless you commit a fraud or harm
Its regarding the unauthorized administration of the estate name. What's the unauthorized administration? Anything. Any of
their paperwork. Doesn't matter what it is. Bill, tax matter, summons, warrant. Because the Executor's Office has not
delegated in writing to that entity to have any business relationship to the estate and the Executor CAN'T do that, cannot
authorize any administrative duties over the estate. They're in the dark. The estate is in the light.
If it's not on the certificate of birth don't use it (junior, the third etc.)
02:11 Seminars are over. We don't need Tim Turner or Tony Fisher King anymore.
That is one thing we have not been able to stop is IRS garnishments.
02:42 next caller
you're not filing anything into court. You're sending to the court administrator's office. Not to the court clerk. Not to a judge.
You write to the highest lawyer and they know all about the bonding.
In the first paragraph; ...which appears to erroneously allege that [attorney at law, name of attorney, or police officer, his
name and badge number if you have it, or zoning officer and his name (if he's worried about your grass not being cut)]
02:51 third caller
live birth record from hospital had your foot prints, one sent to state, one sent to census bureau.
what about all the accepted for value?
All those things have been done as an incompetent. [so how do the bills get discharged?]
Do not sign ANYTHING as executor, except this letter.
03:09 Story about guy that changed address at post office
don't have to have mail sent to post office to pick up. You can change address and change your home into the post office.
Don't haul a flag up a pole. Get a civil flag and hang it from its field edge.
03:12 next caller; in WA state employees pay a portion of their insurance. Had a shoulder injury, everything was find until I
moved home (Oklahoma) he said I'm going to have to get you a new agent who said I don't like the guy, I'm disavowing
everything. As of last week its going to court. I got a court document. The insurance company filed the court case. It says;
please take notice the dept of labor & industries appears in action by and through McKenna the attorney general.
DC; that's wonderful, its his responsibility to protect the estate.
I'll be sending that claim to my attorney general (in OK).
DC; you'll send to both and the original one goes to that AG.
that insurance claim in its full amount is property of the estate, and that claim number is property of the estate.
Just reference that the property is the claim number. You're gonna get the full amount. You could even get the private side
bonding out of that.
03:22 I was denied social security disability
DC (laughs) [write to] Chief counsel social security administration. That Executor of office is over those trustees. Order
them to issue the disability.
Caller; I'm not going to specify that, I/m just going to send the letter correct?
Nope. You're going to order them to issue that disability.
And that would be within that document?
Yes and this is what you're going to say; You're going to reference the claim number. And you're going to tell them; You are
hereby warranted and directed to issue, uhm, approve, whatever the terminology is, approve and issue the disability claim in
full. This matter is hereby adjourned.
Version 6 is at Angela's web site privateaudio.homestead.com
David's email; countynotary@gmail.com
office of chief counsel dept of revenue for the state. If its a local tax issue that attorney is over all of that. 03:33